What Makes You A Fiery Vixen: Pros & Cons of Overbust Corset

Brief Introduction of Overbust Corsets

A corset is a garment which is structured in a solid form and creates desired curves by fitting tightly through laces that control reshaping and compression of the torso. There are two types of corsets available in the market underbust and overbust corsets. An underbust corset stops beneath the bra level whereas the overbust covers your bust. Therefore, it does not require to wear a separate bra. An overbust corset shapes and supports the breasts while the underbust corsets do not provide any support. Underbust corsets are versatile, and you can easily wear them under clothing without being conspicuous.

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An overbust type of corset is a one which covers the entire upper part of your body starting from the bust ending towards the hips. These corsets come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, colors, and designs. They range from fashion garments to practical, supportive ones. An overbust corset helps women to change her entire shape and also helps in waist trimming. Steel boned corsets provide additional support to the women with large busts to make them feel comfortable. You should ideally match your size while buying a corset so that it is comfortable and attractive.

A corset comprises of parts such as busks and bones which are made up of metal. A busk forms the front closure of the corset while bones are present within the corset’s body. It also consists of waist tape or waist stay which is a sturdy ribbon and helps in minimizing the waist stretching. Corsets are usually composed of two layers the external fabric layer and the internal strength layer.

Why Most of The Beginner’s Choose Underbust Corsets Instead of Overbust

There are multiple reasons due to which beginners should choose underbust corsets instead of overbust especially if they are planning on waist training. Now we will discuss some top reasons, and these are:

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1. Reduced Mobility

Overbust corsets are comparatively more prolonged than the underbust corsets and cover up entirely on the torso. They do not only include the lower ribcage region instead extend on the whole chest area. They also wrap the back and include the wing bones. As the overbust corsets include large body area, they reduce the mobility including the difficulty in bending or reaching different things. You also need to make few adjustments while moving naturally. If you have a hard job and it requires a lot of movement, then cinchers or underbust corsets are better options. However, overbust corsets may be useful for people who have hyperextension disorders to prevent flexibility or over-extension related injuries.

2. Reduced Full Lung Capacity

Corsets do not possess any elasticity as bras do. Your lungs quickly contract and expand while wearing bras while its opposite during corset is wearing because they are fixed to your rib cage. Corsets create resistance if you try to inhale deeply and achieve your full lung capacity. Your rib cage might feel loose when you exhale completely, and you might feel that your corset does not support you. If you think you have breathing issues while wearing an overbust corset, you should switch to an underbust corset which ends little on your rib cage.

3. More Conspicuous Under Clothing

When you wear underbust corsets, you will feel more natural under clothing. Overbust corsets support the breasts because they do not have individual cups. Overbust corsets create a more cleavage than the bras as they lift the breasts higher up when compared to the bra. If you feel conspicuous while wearing an overbust corset under clothing, it is better to wear an underbust corset which won’t be that prominent.

4. More Complicated to Fit Correctly

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Underbust corsets are available in a variety of body shapes which fit without any trouble when compared to overbust corsets. There are multiple types of underbust corsets available instead of which people need custom fit ones. Whereas, overbust corsets are available in standard sizes which adapt to a smaller range of wearers. To find out the best suited overbust corset, you need to prefer a fully-custom or semi-custom design that adapts correctly to your body. The bust should be adequately created neither too big nor too small; the fabric type should be such that it covers the whole chest area till the wearer prefers. The bust should be free of any spills at the cups, back or armpit area. Achieving a perfect fitting of an overbust corset is a challenging job.

5. More Expensive

If you have a limited budget and do not fit in a standard or moderate size, and your size is not available in the market, you should opt for an underbust corset which is more affording than the overbust corsets. Overbust corsets use longer bones and more extended busks due to which they require substantial fabric with extra time for sewing, so the standard overbust corsets are also expensive. If you want to save money and don’t want to spend extra money on overbust corsets, you should buy an underbust corset which will also work best for you.

Although They Have Some Redeeming Qualities

1. Better Posture Support

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Overbust corsets provide you a better posture support than the underbust corsets. They completely cover the rib cage sometimes higher up the shoulder blades which leads to the impossibility to round or hunch your shoulders or lean over them. Underbust corsets support your lumbar area, but still, you can move your shoulders. Corsets prevent the risk of rounded or forward shoulders and less forward head postures if your corset is halfway or higher up the thoracic vertebrae.

2. Possible Upper Back Pain Management

Spine misalignment for example in scoliosis or upper back pain can be supported by wearing an overbust corset. Some corset makers may develop corrective corsets if they have performed their training with an orthopedic technician or has an experience in making medical prosthesis which, may help the scoliosis patient. A supportive overbust corset is effective for women with curvature, either in the thoracic or upper spine.

3. Support For Large or Heavy Breasts

Heavy or large breasts lead to worsening of spinal curvature, inflammation along with snapping of surrounding tendons and scalene muscles. Massive breasts may result in severe medical conditions which can be supported by overbust corsets. Overbust corsets help in supporting the breasts due to the non-rigid fabric and hard bones without causing any pressure on the shoulders or over the breast. The bust distributes the weight throughout the corset to eliminate any strain or pressure points in a fitted corset. Overbust corsets provide the support from below which is a huge benefit as it avoids the risk of falling.

4. Prevention or Management of Shoulder Injuries or Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Massive breasts lead to tendon injuries, and muscle strain may also result in Thoracic outlet syndrome. The brachial plexus nerves which run from clavicle and neck region into the arms, hands, and shoulders. It is a part of the thoracic outlet where the blood vessels and nerves come together. This area gets stressed or compressed due to the massive breasts, previous neck or shoulder injury, or due to the repetitive motions of playing instruments such as violin, drums or guitar. These factors are the leading cause of nerve compression which results in symptoms of numbness, tingling, circulation and swelling issues, pain, and numbness in hands. The symptoms may resemble that of the carpal tunnel syndrome or cubital tunnel syndrome and limit the strength or use of hands. Other complications such as blood clots may occur due to the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome may be corrected in following ways depending upon the severity: By physical therapy, botox or steroid injections, surgical removal of first ribs in the association of collarbone or surgical removal of scalene muscles. Moreover, in some situations, if Thoracic Outlet Syndrome has occurred due to the massive breasts, you can utilize overbust corsets which help in healing and prevention of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome by reduced compression and tension over the delicate neck and shoulder area.

5. Shrink Your Waistline

One of the reasons many women start waist training is that it can give you an hourglass figure by accentuating the curves of your sexy bustline and hips. Therefore, your waist size will be significantly reduced. But the results also depend on many factors because the waist trainer is just a supplement of weight loss. To achieve the desired results, you need to combine a healthy diet with proper exercise habits while wearing a waist trainer.

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6. Limit Your Food Consumption

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If you wear a waist trainer at mealtimes, you will find that you can’t eat a lot of food because your waist training corset is compressing your stomach. It also means that wearing a waist trainer won’t melt your body fat; they just help limit your food consumption and give you a temporary slimming effect.

7. Get Your Pre-body Back

Many women said they could return to their natural waistline by wearing an overbust corset after having a baby. One woman even claimed that waist training helped her successfully fight postpartum depression.

8. Fashion Statement

The use of overbust corset as fashionable clothing accessories has become a trend. You can match the overbust corsets with jeans, long skirts, short skirts, and shorts. They are suitable for any occasion.


Overbust corsets provide full coverage from breasts to hips. They are available in different neckline styles. These corsets also offer you an excellent back support and help in improving posture. Overbust corsets assist in lifting the breasts higher up and form a cleavage. These corsets are more restrictive and reduce mobility when compared to the underbust corsets. They work well for both small and large breast women. Overbust corsets help in relieving the thoracic outlet syndrome. They support the huge busts along with improvement in upper back pain. If you do not want waist compression or waist training, then avoid tightening up the corset so that you can enjoy the benefits. You may find problematic fitting in these corsets, and they are expensive as compared to the underbust corsets.

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