Belly Bandit Before and After

Belly Bandits are made up of a thick elastic material. These belly bandits are post-pregnancy instruments. Doctors, nurses, and physicians recommend the belly bandits as they are a safer way for new moms to get back into shape. These belly bandits will never disappoint you with their results. This is the reason that the use of the postpartum girdles has been increased tremendously in recent times. British woman started the trend of wearing the girdles, but now it has become the essential need of woman as a woman cannot go with the belly fat. All they always need is more toned, curvy and sexy body back. These belly bandits are worn against your midsection and give you a fantastic result by reducing far at a surprisingly fast pace. The bandits will remove excess, and stubborn fats moreover provide you support and relief against back and legs pain.

Features of Belly Bandit

  • Specially made for compressing the belly after pregnancy.
  • Available in 5 different sizes for customers to choose.
  • Tighten your tummy.
  • It Relieves back pain.
  • It comes in different colors.

Pic 1 (left: 33 weeks pregnancy, right: 1-month post pregnancy)

Postpartum girdles are doing a magnificent job for new mummies. Left picture is of a 33-week pregnant woman while the Right one is after one-month post pregnancy picture. Weight gain during pregnancy: 55 lbs. The mother corset was an amazing product for more than thousands of woman. As this product efficiently sucks the extra fat and brings the woman like me back into their post-pregnancy shape. The material of the mother Tucker corset is breathable to give a new mummy more comfortable feel. There are also certain hooks in the corset to allow more significant adjustability option. The comfortable design of these corsets enables you to wear it all day and night without any discomfort. Your belly gets slim, and the favorite outfits are now still wearable with the same fitting. If a new mom loses her confidence in the pregnancy, this can help bring back her confidence.

Isabel Plasencia is the woman who used the Mother Tucker corset and is highly satisfied with the product and recommends it to all the women due to its effectiveness and long-term results. According to her using the mother sucker of postpartum girdle was one of the best things that she had. It was her second pregnancy, and she gained 55lbs. According to her proper diet plan and exercise with the corset enabled her to get back to her initial shape with a slimmer waist and adequate figuration. She said she was not going anywhere and dying to put her bikini back. However, all this happened with the great help of the Mother Tucker corset that made my waist smaller, and I got my lost confidence. If a new mom loses her confidence in the pregnancy, this can help recover it.

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Pic 2 (left: 37 weeks pregnancy, right: 5 weeks post baby)

The left picture is of a 37-week pregnant woman. She gets back what she lost which is her pre-pregnancy body. The weight gain during pregnancy is 45 lbs. Woman are always searching the more reliable and better partner in the post-pregnancy items. Woman of modern times cannot rely on their fat tummy and swelled body. The new and best partner for these mummies is specially designed belly bandit named as BFF. That honestly acts like your BFF and make you feel happier by letting you have the more demanding, curvy and slimmer waist with no any extra effort. The BFF bandit has many comfortable options for the adjustability. The product has done an excellent job for many women and helped them to gain the lost confidence after using it. BFF is easy to use and super friendly and highly reliable product for the new mummies. It will never disappoint you with the result moreover provide you with back support and give core strengths to your muscles.

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There were many users like Nikole B. that has amazed her family and friends after using the postpartum girdle. According to her, she was very conscious about her toned body shape. Losing her figure was the most fearful thing for her after her childbirth. All she wanted to have her pre-pregnancy body back. So she asked her husband to take her BFF postpartum to the hospital and started using it after some hours of her delivery. According to her, it helped her abs to come back very quickly, and now she got whatever she wanted. Doctors recommend it to all the new mummies, her friends, and family. It is safer and more reliable product for the new mummies and highly possessive about their body shape.



Pic 3 (left: 39 weeks pregnant, right: 3 weeks postpartum)

The left picture was a woman who was 39-weeks pregnant while the right image is of the woman after using postpartum girdles for three weeks. The weight gain during pregnancy is 48 lbs. It is clear to see it has reduced the weight as well as stretch marks to a reasonably high level. The role of post-pregnancy items are phenomenal for most of the woman, and they are giving satisfying reviews of their journey and encouraging the other frustrated woman to use the product and get back the skinny belly back without any pain and hurdle.

Bamboo corsets are a great and remarkable product in the market that has even stunned women with its fabulous design and more luxurious material. All of this is more comfortable to use and provide even higher supports to the woman. The bamboo corsets are made up of the microfibers and provide you with more mobility as well as lower the fat up to a high level. They are capable of lowering weight to a higher level that is 10 to 20 pounds immediate after its proper usage. It gives you buttock and leg shape and provides you relief from back pain as it is a great tool for the back support as well.

The journey is of Melissa Flack who used the postpartum girdles and fastens her journey of attaining her pre-body shape back. According to her at her first son. She did not use any post-pregnancy stuff. It took her almost nine months in having her pre-body shape back. At her second baby, she said I asked my husband to bring the belly ballet at the hospital, and I started using at the hospitals. Moreover, results were phenomenal. It gave me extra care in the form of back support and reduced the period, and I got even a better shape after 4 to 8 months usage of the bamboo corset. It effectively eliminated all the unwanted in even shorter duration. Moreover, reduce all the swelling and made my birthmarks lighter and gave core strengths to my muscles.



Pic 4 (left: 38 weeks pregnant, right: 24 days after delivery)

The left picture was a woman who was 38 weeks pregnant, and the right image was of a woman after 24 days of her delivery. The weight gain during pregnancy: 39 lbs. Most of the women do not use any postpartum product right after their childbirth. As they are not in right position to tie any extra thing to their body and try to take some rest. Their uterus is now empty, so they feel exhausted and painful that time. Hence some original bandit styles are used for them. Therefore, this Is very simple and gives you natural or real feelings after the use. Thus, this is latex free and has uncovered design. To provide you extra support and slims your waist up to a higher level. As due to its natural and smooth fitting it is straightforward and offers mummies for a newborn child with greater comfort. The product has a relaxing material in it, which acts as a healing agent for the woman and enables to get back to the woman to their pre-pregnancy body shape. Help to reduce stretch marks, and it shrinks the belly, waist, and legs. Not to mention it enables you to have a well-toned body.

Like the millions of users of belly bandit, Theresa was one of them. She said that she did not know much about the belly bandit. All she knew was that no one could have its pre-pregnancy figuration back. Using postpartum and corset and reducing all the fat is nothing than a myth. She never thought of buying any corset after the delivery, but her mother recommended it and bought it for her 48 hours after childbirth. She insisted for her to wear it and after just one week of wearing it she was stunned with the results. She says that it was not less than a magic and has turned her life back on the track. Now she recommends it to every new mom who just cannot wait a lot to have the pre-body shape again. These corsets work and never dissatisfy you with the results.

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Tips to Clean Your Belly Bandit

Hand washes!

  • Wash it in cold water and air or hang it to dry.
  • It takes 12 hours to dry it thoroughly.
  • Do not wring your belly bandit as this can damage the strength of the piece. Also, washing in hot water or drying with electric dryer can also destroy the product and cause shrinkage.
  • As you should wear it continuously to achieve the best slimming result, we recommend you purchase two.


Belly bandit before and after

The postpartum products are not anything less than miracles. This belly wraps speed up the process of healing after pregnancy. These products lower the bloating, swelling and most importantly extra and stubborn fat from the body which has built during the pregnancy. There are different styles of postpartum products in the market with different features and adjustability options but with the same aim of lowering the fat of new mummies. The belly bandit has various types, like the bamboo style, BFF style, original style, or zipper corsets and much more. The woman needs to pick the one which is more suitable for her body structure and position and also more comfortable and reliable while wearing. If you had a cesarean section, we recommend you to buy bamboo belly bandit because it is very flat and has impressive anti-bacterial qualities that can help your hormones return to normal. The result of postpartum for a different woman may deviate as some may conceive things very easily and get back to their body with minimal effort. Some women need to be patient and have to work even harder to attain their pre-body shape back. Journeys of different successful woman have encouraged the new mummies to use the postpartum products and get phenomenal results with more ease.

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