How To Clean & Care A Waist Trainer

Shapewear garments can change your body shape, improve your posture, and provide the back support over time. And you’ll want to be sure they can be used as long as possible. So the essential part is taking care of them. If you skip this process then, you will notice that they will start losing their shape and effectiveness. Thus if you want a satisfying experience of using your waist trainer and reach the best result, then it is important to keep them clean.

By wearing your waist trainer, a lot of toxins you will sweat out which means that if you do not clean or wash them, then it will start smelling. People usually don’t know how to clean waist trainer. For practical use of your waist trainer for a longer time, you need to take care of it properly. There are few tips which will really help you how to take care of your quality shape wears and use it for a longer time with effectiveness.

Few Key Things to Remember

1. Never Place Your Waist Trainer in a Washing Machine or Dryer

First and the most important thing you should know before cleaning your waist trainer is that don’t put it into the washing machine or even drier. As you know, most of the part of waist trainer is made of 100% natural latex. Unlike cotton clothes, materials such as polyester, spandex, and latex will literally melt or shrink in a washing machine and dryer. So you don’t need to wash your waist trainer vigorously, as heavy soaking and violently cleaning can easily discolor your waist trainer and rupture the fabric, as well as damage the steel bones used in many waist trainers.

2. Dry For 2 – 4 Hourslittle clips hanging on outside

After washing your product, be sure to dry it thoroughly before storing or wearing it because latex is a natural material that can quickly rot with a little moisture. In addition, if the waist trainer is not well dried, it will discolor or even damaged. Just make sure it can be appropriately dried naturally for at least 2-4 hours to maintain its shape before storage or usage, also, if your trainer is made of leather, cotton, denim, satin, or PVC, a professional dry cleaner is the best helper.

3. Never Use a Sponge to Clean

It has been suggested that you should not use any hard material or sponge on your waist trainer. Use something soft to clean it which will also not destroy its latex which will be helpful for maintaining its durability and quality.

How to Clean Your Waist Trainer Efficiently

There is a fast and easy process which will really work:

  • Prepare a soft cloth, body soap or mild shampoo and a bowl of warm water for cleaning.
  • Wash the towel with soap or shampoo and water, then rub it on your waist trainer till then you will able to remove residue and odor.
  • After washing it properly, hang it up and let it become dry (don’t wring). If it gets more exposure to air, then it will dry fast in a short period of time.
  • Remember, too much soap, water and scrubbing is the poison of your waist trainer. Before wearing it don’t forget to dry it fully.

Important Notes

As your material is made of latex so, keep it away from direct contact with sunlight for protecting it. When your waist trainer is exposed to direct sunlight for a longer time, then it may start losing its color and does not look good as before. So it is important to keep it away from direct contact with sunshine which will help you to keep your waist trainer durable for a longer time. Hang it in a dark place when drying if you can.

Extend Your Shaper’s Life by Carefully Maintaining it

care a shapewear

1. Wear a Layer Underneath

By wearing a layer underneath your trainer can create a barrier between your body and the trainer, preventing natural oils and sweat from breaking the fibers of your waist trainer.

2. Wash Regularly

It is important to note that, you should not wear your waist trainer twice a day without washing it. Your shapewear should be cleaned daily for best results.

Make sure to wash it softly so that latex will not get damaged of your shapewear. You must always wash it in a bucket by adding mild or baby shampoo in it with warm water. Rinse it well and air-dry it. Once it becomes dry, then store it in a darker place.

3. Use Special Detergent

It is also essential to use the right type of detergent for washing. Any detergent which consists fragrances, dyes, alcohol, bleachers and softeners may damage your waist trainer. Use detergents which are specially formed for washing of these shape wears. You can also make use of baby shampoo or mild shampoo for all the garments which contain latex.

For Other Garments

Garments with the non-latex material can be washed in a washing machine by using cold water. It is important to check whether your product consists latex or not. If it does not contain latex then, you can easily wash it with cold water and washing machine. Excessive use of hot water and agitation may damage the material so make sure to use warm water. Keep your waist trainer in a neat and clean bag so that it will be protected from dust or anything.

4. Alternate Waist Trainer

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If you have some trainers you like to wear every day, do you aware that latex needs a break to maintain its function? So we recommend you buy at least two high-quality waist trainers and alternate them, so every trainer doesn’t wear out too fast.

5. Storage it Properly

Once you ‘ve taken off your trainer, place it flat in a chair, drawer or closet so won’t be exposed to light. You can also hang it on a lingerie hanger. Remember, to maintain its shape, never roll up your waist trainer!

At last…

By taking good care of your shape wears and follow the above simple washing tips, you can use them for a longer time with increased performance and comfort level. You should also go through all manufacturers’ instructions before starting using it. Contact us for more details about how to properly take care of shape wears.

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