How to Care & Maintain a Waist Trainer: 7 Secrets to Making them Last

Looking good is vital for any individual especially woman. Being a woman if you want to enjoy all that life has to offer then you have to feel confident about yourself. When you know, you will be able to achieve anything and most importantly enjoy while doing it. Looking good is always important, and for this, you do not want your flabbiness to be on display. Therefore, most of the women like to start workout before the summer so that they can be in their dream shape before the bikini time starts. If you are planning to have your bikini time the coming summer, then you need to have a good quality waist trainer. You cannot use it for the whole year, of course, if you are slim and fit. So, you must be able to store it so that you can turn towards it in a time of need and when you have met the target you can safely store it back until next time. Even if you are looking to lose a good amount of fat and are a regular user even then, you need to keep it clean for hygiene purposes.

Due to rigorous workouts, routines and rough usage waist trainers do tend to lose their shape at times. It can be very frustrating because now you are used to the purple colored corset that suits your body type, and now it is all ruined due to ill-maintenance. Now you cannot find the same comfort level in your new piece. You have invested money and time to find the ideal piece for yourself. Too much is at risk so why don’t you take care of your beloved waist trainer so that it keeps serving you like it meant to be. It is very discomforting, therefore; you need to make sure that you take proper care of your waist trainers. You waist trainer makes you look great. Therefore, it deserves a special treatment from you. Taking care of your waist trainer is pretty much like any other garment care, but in this case, it is much simpler. You do not have to use any expensive chemicals. You can just use a baby shampoo and stretch out the trainer for drying, and that is it. However, you need to do it on a regular basis because of its daily use. Regular cleaning is essential for hygiene purposes and convenience.

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How to Clean a Waist Trainer?

As you know the importance of taking proper care of your waist trainer, you need to make sure that you follow these simple steps. These steps will allow you to clean your waist trainer and make it last a lifetime.

1. Never Put your Waist Trainer within a Washing Machine

Washing machine in laundromat

Your waste trainer is not made from ordinary fabric. It is made from neoprene which is designed not to absorb the sweat. It also generates a lot of heat in the midsection area which boosts the fat burning process. Therefore, you must not wash your waist trainer like any other fabric and don’t put it in the washing machine otherwise the fabric will damage and won’t function properly.

2. Hand Wash it with Mild Shampoo or Baby Shampoo

Your waist trainer needs regular and gentle washing. So, instead of putting it in the washing machine, gently hand wash it with the help of any mild shampoo or even a baby shampoo. You can also buy a specially formulated lingerie detergent for this purpose. It will keep the cloth clean and remove any odor from it and will keep it workable for a long time.

3. Let it Sit out & Dry for a few Hours

Let your trainer sit in the open and dry out. It will take a few hours but after the hand washes letting it dry like this will ensure its long time durability.

4. Do not Scrub your Waist Trainer using a Sponge

Washing sponge in kitchen

Do not scrub your waist trainer with a sponge while washing or drying. Otherwise, it will contribute heavily towards discoloration of your waist trainer. It can also damage the fabric and its working. The fabric also has latex, and with scrubbing, you might damage it as well. In addition to its use in the waist trainers, it is also used in other quality shapewear garments and activewear as well.

Frequently cleaning your waist trainer is crucial. When you use your trainer, you lose a lot of your sweat. Now it is true that the waist cinchers do not absorb any sweat but the neoprene within the fabric cause your abdomen to lose a lot more sweat. If a waist trainer is not cleaned on a regular basis, then it will not work in a proper manner. Dirty, sweaty waist trainers are also not very comfortable to wear because they will be very itchy and smelly. They will not contribute towards hygiene purposes and will be very inconvenient to wear.

How to Wash a Waist Trainer Fast and Effectively?

Ensuring that your cleaning is a fast process before you rinse it in cold water, you must soak the waist cincher for at least a couple of times in hot soapy water. Then place it on a rack for drying. Make sure to place your waist trainer on the rack horizontally. It will enable the waist trainer to dry out on its own.

How to Maintain your Waist Trainer?

Before cleaning, usage itself is imperative. You should know how you can use your waste trainer in an effective manner so that it remains durable and keep doing what it does best for a long time. Start your waist training regime by wearing it 2 to 4 hours daily then start adding an hour on a daily basis until you are comfortable to wear it for 6 hours straight. In the beginning, your core training corset must be used on its first hook.

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1. Lay your Trainer Flat in the Drawer or Closet

Woman hanging clothes in closet

Ensure that you never turn or bend your waist trainer when you are putting it away for a time. Always make sure to lay it flat within your closet of a drawer, so the fabric does not get out of its shape.

2. Hang it up Where it Will not be Exposed to Direct Sunlight

You can also hang it up somewhere you know that direct sunlight cannot reach to it. Direct sunlight has the tendency to damage the latex. So, keep it out of direct sunlight.

3. Partner your Trainer with some Mothballs

When you are putting your waist trainer away for a long time, then make sure that you place some mothballs with it. These mothballs will keep the trainers away from any attack of the pests.

A few Notes

In addition to the tips mentioned above here are a few more to keep your waist trainer away from rot and mold.

1. Get more than One

Three different color of waist training corsets

Whenever you go and buy a waist trainer and have found the right piece for yourself, then don’t hesitate to purchase a couple, maybe even three or four pieces. If in case your first waist trainer does get messed up you will have some options at your disposal.

2. Wash Regularly

As regular as you are with your workout training session you must also be consistent to clean your trainer. Clean waist trainer will keep you clean and healthy. Continuous wearing does produce a lot of sweat and sweat starts germs and odor.

3. What is Latex?

Latex is a milky substance found in many plants and trees such as rubber trees, spurges, and poppies. The material is released when the plant is cut, and its inner side coagulates when it is exposed to air. The material from rubber trees is used a primary source of rubber. The manufacturers of waist trainers use this material to provide the tight rubbery stretch that allows restricted mobility while you wear high-quality garments during workouts.


Waist trainers are used by many women around the globe to trim down their belly fat and stay in shape for an extended period. The regular use of these waist trainers enables them to maintain the curves that they crave for. However, the frequent usage during workouts session can limit its working, and the trainer tends to loosen its stretch. For this, you have to keep it clean and well maintained like your other gym equipment. If these waist trainers are not regularly cleaned they will start to malfunction and you know you do not want that to happen. Ensure that you clean your wait trainer on a regular basis and don’t use any machine to wash it. Typical hand washes with a mild shampoo will be ideal, and after washing the waist, the trainer should be left out to dry in the open for best results. Also, use specially formulated lingerie detergent to do the cleaning as well. When you are storing your waist trainer, don’t bend it and keep it straight and make sure that you place it in a netted lingerie bag for best results. This will prevent it from catching on other clothes around. Place it horizontally and also use mothballs to keep any pests away. Following these simple rules will make your waist trainer last a lifetime and keep you in shape for a long time as well.

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