Waist Training for Tight Abs – 10 Plank Exercises

It is every woman’s dream to look good regardless of her age and social status. Looking attractive becomes most desirous especially when one knows that they will look good in whatever they wear. Abs have been the prime focus for many men and women alike because they truly portray the physical fitness of a human being and they have been part of the latest trend of fitness madness. Women also watch different celebrities flaunting their bodies, and this triggers the celebrity regime fascination. Abs are separated abdominal muscles and women prefer them because they want to flaunt their trimmed and toned bellies all around and why not? Nearly every woman wants those tight and sexy abs, but they do not have much time to spend in the gym to get them. What many of those ladies do not know is that these abs are hidden somewhere under the thin layer of fat they have on their bodies.

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To initiate your flat-belly abs workout program, you need to focus on your midsection area first and for this plank exercise are the best solution that you can find out there. Plank exercises are one of the best that can be used for conditioning your body at the core. They are highly ranked among all the most excellent flat-belly tips that you will ever get from fitness freak. However, you can not only use planks for your midsection area only. These are very beneficial for your hamstrings and glutes and improve your balance and boost your proper body posture. Planks ensure energy expenditure and will get rid of any excess belly fat that you have on your waist. These planks are better than those breath-constricting corsets that women have been using for a long time to burn their excess belly fat.

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The Plank Has Proven Benefits

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Planks are one of the most efficient waist training exercises. They will not lose their shine in the fitness world ever. These have become the most useful exercises because they require a minuscule amount of time from your daily routine and provide substantial outcomes in very short period comparing to other exercises. As planks focus on strengthening your core of the abdominal muscles, they become beneficial to get those tight and sexy abs in no time. They are preferred over that breath constricting corsets which also shrink down your rib cage as well as some of your internal organs. Planks are crucial inactive lifestyle combats and are recommended for professional medical advice as well, and this makes them a better alternative to corset training. Planks balance out the calorie intake along with energy intake and counter the calorie deficit as well as fat cells by keeping the water weight normal. Planks should be part of your daily exercise routine. The abdomen supports the back and its intended alignment along with the spinal cord of human body. If these muscles are strong, the body will be able to prevent various abdominal and back injuries as well. Nevertheless, for this, your core body muscles need to perform very well, and you can only achieve it if you train with regularity. Which brings us to plank exercises that you should do on a daily basis to boost your core muscles and support your back as well.

Ten Plank Exercises for Sexy Abs!

Following are ten plank exercises for you to get those tight tones, sexy abs. You need to do these regularly if you want the best results.

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1. Plank to Pike

Plank to Pike is a very useful exercise that is developed to boost the core stability as well as increased mobility across the hip region along with the spine. You can begin this by getting into plank position and rest on both of your elbows underneath the shoulders. Keep your feet apart up to hip width. Keep a towel under your feet as well so that you can slide your feet on the floor easily. Keep your legs straight and raise your hips. Bring your legs close to your hands and form pike position. Make sure that your feet slide on the floor conveniently. Hold this pike position for one count and then return to the plank position. Repeat this ten times.

2. Twister Plank

You can begin by getting into the plank position and keep your arms straight and your hands beneath the shoulders. Now lay down on your left by keeping your elbow under your shoulder. This will stack your hips, and you will be able to lift yourself up with your hips. Now stretch with your right arm over your shoulder point straight up and bring your arm down. This will have you performing the twist. Now use your other arm to repeat the same. Repeat this 10 to 12 times.

3. Plank out

You can stand with your feet hip-width apart now crouch down and touch the flow with your fingertips. Now keep your feet affirmed to the mat and started walking hands forward. Use your core to control this motion. Keep walking your hands until you stretch yourself to the fullest plank position. Now reverse the movement and walk your hand back in and get on your toes. You can repeat this 8 to 10 times depending on your capacity.

4. Rolling Plank

For rolling plank, you need to position your arms one over the other and get into the plank position. Keep your abdominal muscles contracted and your hips down. This will allow you build a solid base for the exercise. Now roll and open up and get into a side plank position moving your arm and hip up. Using your other forearm to support yourself, keep your body straight now hold this position. Then come back to your original plank position and then roll to the other side and repeat the same. You can repeat this ten times.

5. Tick Tock Plank

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You can start tick tock plank by getting into a high plank position and keeping your body straight, and your arms stretched downwards. Now jump your right foot out to your right side while holding your shoulders and hips steady to the mat. Then quickly jump your right foot back in and during the same time jump your left foot out to your left side. You can repeat alternating sides as many times as you like. Then start your next rep by stepping out your left foot first and repeat.

6. Walking Plank

Get into the forearm plank position and start arm crawling while engaging your core all the time. Keep your shoulder and hips perpendicular to the mat while moving your right foot and right elbow. Then keep the position of your body and move the left foot and left elbow reverse the direction and come back to the initial position. Repeating this 2 or 3 times in good enough as it required more effort and strength.

7. Side Plank with Hip

Initiate in side plank position while keeping your forearm on the floor and your elbow under your should and while you are maintaining your balance and control; drop your right hip towards the ground but keep it a few inches above. Now press up backward to get back into starting position and then repeat. You can do this 12 to 15 times before you change your side.

8. Bosu Plank with Hip Extension

Get yourself in a plank position and hold the edges of Bosu ball with your hands and keep the dome side of it downwards. Now engage your core and lift your right leg and get back into the starting position and lift. You can do this 8 to 10 times your left leg on a daily basis.

9. Stir the Pot

Get a Swiss ball and kneel behind it while keeping your forearms on the ball and your elbows under your shoulders. Now maintain your plank position and start moving clockwise for five steps and then change the direction and start moving your arms counterclockwise for five steps again. Repeating this for five times on daily basis is good enough.

10. Plank-up with a Twist

First get yourself into a forearm plank position and press your right hand into the ground and do the same with your left hand while rising to the plank. Now rotate your body to the right and stretch your left arm right up for a variation of a side plank. Then scissor your left leg over the top of the other leg with the inner side to the left foot and outer side, touching the ground. Then come back to your plank position and release you right forearm towards the ground and then your left forearm and return to the initial position. Then change your side and continue with the pattern by repeating 8 to 10 times.

How to Eat Properly while Waist Training

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In order to get the ideal sexy Abs, you will also need to eat properly in addition to practicing these ten exercises. A healthy and nutritious diet will make your waist training results more visible. So, what to eat and what to avoid?

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1. Eat Small Meals

We don’t recommend dieting, but you can break down three regular meals into six smaller ones to achieve your goals. If you don’t eat anything during waist training, it will only leave you malnourished and cause more severe health conditions. At the same time, you should also be mindful that you are drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

2. Eat Foods that Contain Vitamins A and C

Eating foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin C can reduce bloating, burn belly fats and improve your overall metabolic function, while also helping to reduce the body ‘s oxidative stress hormone ( associated with abdominal fat storage ). Foods rich in vitamins A and C include eggs, tomatoes, papayas, carrots, apricots, animal livers, red peppers, and sweet potatoes.

You can also choose to make them into juices or milkshakes with a juicer or a blender, yum yum yum!

3. Ingest more Probiotics

Probiotics can help digestion, reduce bloating, and restore bacterial balance in the intestines. Foods rich in probiotics include yogurt, pickles, miso, kefir, kimchi, and natto.

4. Eat Rich Potassium Foods

Potassium is the primary mineral that controls water in our bodies while eating foods with high levels of potassium and sodium can help fight water retention and enhance your waist training results. Good sources of potassium include avocado, spinach, sweet potato, beans, banana, and edamame.

Foods to Aavoid

1. Soda

Even diet soda contains a lot of sugar and artificial sweeteners, moreover, the carbonic acid can cause gas in your stomach and lead to bloating.

2. Alcohol

Most cocktails contain a lot of sugar and calories, which can get in the way of your ideal waist training results. If you can’t refuse alcohol, try vodka with water instead.

3. Takeouts

Yes, I know takeouts are convenient and tasty, but the fat and high sodium they contain can ruin your waist training process. No matter how busy you are, always remember to eat healthily.

Get a Waist Trimmer Belt to Enhance the Results

For faster results from the above-enlisted planks, you can use waist trimmers as well. The waist trimmers will keep you body motion upright at all times during your plank workouts and will improve your body movement as well. Moreover, you will be able to contract your abdomen muscles with more ease using these waist trimmers. After all, these belts are designed to improve the outcomes of the workouts. These belts consist of neoprene which does not absorb any sweat, and it heats the midsection area speeding up the fat burning process.

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