Belly Bandit Bamboo Vs. Original Vs. BFF: Which Is the Best for a New Mom?

After the birth of a child, on the one side where new mom feels immense happiness and joy on this new arrival, she also feels a bit anxious about her saggy body. In this situation, she tries to overcome this excessive weight as soon as possible to return to her previous body shape. Several products are available in the market to give you back pre-pregnancy body figure. A belly bandit is one of them. It is a kind of wrap that helps to shrink the post-pregnancy bodies, and also provides support to back and legs. Though, this concept is not entirely new, as in all ages wrapping belt has been used by new moms. Belly Bandit is a kind of trendy form of the old concept. Here, we will discuss the brief detailing about belly bandits along with their benefits and disadvantages. If you are a new mommy, then we assist you in finding a right one.

When is the Best Time to Mmeasure Your Belly?

In order to get the most accurate results, you ‘d better measure at eight months of pregnancy or after delivery.

Three Belly Bandit Versions

Four different versions of belly bandit

The belly bandit is explicitly manufactured by keeping in mind the requirements of the post-pregnancy period. Unlike other wrapping products, it provides continuous compression and support to spinal, back and legs. Furthermore, belly bandit has been manufactured along with the partnership of Ob/Gyn to ensure its features like size, pressure, and material should be chosen according to the requirements of this sensitive time. There are three different versions of belly bandit original, bamboo, and BFF. All these versions are almost similar. The only difference lies in their fabric, their feels, and few additional features. Here, we will discuss these three versions briefly.

1. Belly Bandit Original

Among all three versions of belly bandit, the basic and the primary style is original belly bandit style. It is made up of thick elastic material to give compression to a body along with comfortable feelings. This version contains all basic functionalities that belly bandit is supposed to provide.

2. Belly Bandit Bamboo

The bamboo belly bandit is one of the most famous and most selling belly bandits of the time. They contain same core material found in other belly bandits. The only difference lies in their outer luxurious bamboo material. Its outer fabric is manufactured from bamboo material. This feature made it additionally comfortable and soothing for the skin of new moms. Bamboo is one of the most fast developing plants present on the earth, and the fabric made from bamboo is one of the softest materials of the earth. Because of having an outer layer of bamboo material, this version of belly bandit exhibits more benefits as compared to other versions

3. Belly Bandit BFF

The third version of belly bandit is BFF bandit, and it was released back in 2011 or 2012 to solve the problems of mothers having different body shapes. The new moms using traditional style bandits were facing some comfort issues because the soft and skin-friendly bandits were too narrow and had colored shapes. This thing created issues for those having a bit unusual body posture. Especially those females having small waists may not get fixed in it. BFF provides additional 2 inches of Velcro and gives two panels of compression.

The essential purpose or functionality of all three versions of belly bandit is same, and so are their basic features. However, there are few variations as well. Here, we will discuss modern features of these belly bandits.

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Features of the Three Belly Bandit Versions

The basic purpose or functionality of all three versions of belly bandit is same, and so are their basic features. However, there are few variations as well. Here, we will discuss modern features of these belly bandits.

Belly Bandit Original

Original belly bandit

Original belly bandit is the most straightforward and effective bandit. It possesses simple features that are enough to make your body slim. This bandit is manufactured from 75% Polyester and 25% Lycra. It is entirely Latex to keep your skin rash free and makes you feel comfortable. It contains a trailblazing and uncovered design that makes you slim and supports your back, and legs too. To provide it elasticity, the material used in it is medical grade elastic that smoothly moves your body back to its original shape. The most powerful and helpful tool of original belly bandit is its PowerCompress Core. That is designed to go in harmony with your natural body hormone relaxin. It is a hormone that helps pelvis region to become soft for the birth purpose, and they stay inside the body for a shorter period after birth too. Belly Bandit utilizes this fact and helps you to become slim and tightened. Original belly bandit helps you in following ways:

  • Makes you look slimmer and lose inches.
  • Reduces stretch marks and elevates healing process.
  • It helps to reshape your body and expedite fluids through the body.
  • Provides support to your legs, back, and during breastfeeding.、
  • It also assists to get over with abdominal reshaping that is called diastasis recti.

Belly Bandit Bamboo

Belly bandit bamboo

The belly bandit bamboo is manufactured from a bamboo plant that is one of the most sustainable plants in the world. It provides not only softness but also firmness, strength, and comforts while reshaping your stubborn body parts. It is manufactured from latex-free material and designed with PowerCompress Core that goes along with natural body hormone relaxin that is produced naturally during the period of childbirth and vanishes after a certain period. Availing this fact, bamboo belly bandit reshapes your body with medically proved techniques to provide long-lasting results. It performs its function in the following ways:

  • It helps you in reshaping your body while getting proper support for back and legs that you need the most at this time.
  • Additionally, it also assists in expedite fluids through the body and speeds up your healing process.
  • Furthermore, it helps you to get in shape while feeling comfortable. This bamboo belly bandit is recommended by doctors too, because of its safe and beneficial results.


Belly Bandit BFF

Belly Bandit BFF

Belly Bandit BFF is explicitly designed to imitate the female form contours. It is made up of latex free and eco-friendly material. Its construction resembles that of corset construction along with two compression panels and six support panels. The functions of these panels are to provide full day support while reshaping the waist belly and pelvic area. This version of belly bandit is designed exclusively by keeping short-waisted and petite ladies in mind. Therefore, they can get the maximum benefit out of it. Like other bandits, it also takes advantage of relaxin hormone of your body through its PowerCompres Core design and reduces your belly size without having any harmful side effects. It performs following functions:

  • It is made up of earth-friendly Promo da material with double compression along with six-panel design to lose inches while supporting your back and keeping your skin healthy and rash-free.
  • BFF provides additional support while breastfeeding and gives comfort after a c section.
  • It also assists in reducing stretch marks along with expediting fluid through your body.
  • It helps in healing of abdominal separation as well.

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Pros and Cons for New Moms:

For every product available in the market, where there are many benefits, on the other hand, there is few side effects or cost as well. Same is the case with belly bandits. Therefore, here we will discuss few pros and cons of belly bandits to help you in a better understanding of the product. As it is manufactured specially for new moms, that is why we will discuss it with their perspective.

1. Belly Bandit Original


  1. It is specified elastic grades provide additional compression.
  2. Besides losing inches, it also assists in reducing stretch marks.
  3. It provides support to core muscles.


  1. On sitting or moving frequently, it gets ‘roll’ on your body or might cause irritation too.
  2. Its material is such that it can get dirty soon.

2. Belly Bandit Bamboo

a C-section belly


  1. It is incredibly smooth and soft for your skin because of its bamboo material.
  2. It helps in keeping your skin moisturized and contains anti-bacterial properties too.


  1. Though it is made up of extremely soft material, its price is too high as well.
  2. Because of its material, it is highly visible under clothes.

3. Belly Bandit BFF


  1. It provides eco-friendly and highly comfortable feelings, despite having a construction similar to the corset construction.
  2. Its multiple panels offer great compression.
  3. Its additional two inches of Velcro resolve fitting issues for ladies of different sizes.
  4. Resolves problems for short or petite ladies.


  1. Because of its material, it becomes too bulky to be worn under thin clothes.
  2. As it is designed to have one side fitted with the other side lose if the user wants, but this is not practical as it might cause whole fat to get accumulated on one side.

How Long Does it Take to See the Results?

Most women will see the ideal results during the first five days or within the first 2-3 weeks, but don’t forget to consider the impact of other factors like breastfeeding, diet, and exercise.

Can You Wear the Belly Bandit while You’re Pregnant?

No. The belly bandit can only be used in the first 24-48 hours after delivery.

Tips to Wash Your Bally Bandit

  • Make sure to wash in cold water and air dry it.
  • It will take 12 hours to dry completely.
  • Do not wring it as this may damage the strength of your belly bandit.

Other Benefits of Using Belly Bandit

  1. It supports your upper body and legs while breastfeeding.
  2. It comforts your midsection after a C-section.
  3. It helps minimize the stretch marks.
  4. It promotes post-delivery recovery.
  5. It helps with lower back pain.
  6. It reduces bloating and swelling.
  7. It boosts self-confidence.


Different types of belly bandits

Belly Bandit is no doubt a huge blessing for those facing loose skin or fat belly problems, especially after delivery. It helps ladies a lot not only by tightening their skin and reducing body fat but also through providing complete support and elevates healing process. Though they are expensive too, belly bandit worth it. Getting distorted body shape usually reduces confidence level in females and they start getting into depression. This belly wraps also give them a self-confidence while they enjoy their motherhood. However, there are few cons too of using belly bandit. It is, therefore, recommended not to use them for a prolonged period. In this article, we have described all three versions of belly bandit, along with their detailed features, functionality, pros, and cons. By reading it, you can get an idea about the product that will suit you the best.

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