One-week Waist Training Program

From around the modern world, women view an attractive body in almost the same light. They think that a smaller waistline is sexy and more appealing which accelerates the popularity of waist training. This practice gives emphasis to a slimmer waist and curvy hips characterized by an hourglass figure. Waist training allows women to wear corsets or waist shapers to sculpt the body and produce a svelte figure.

Most women are interested in how waist training can transform their current bodies into their sexier version. By cinching the waist using corsets, it gives it a slimmer appearance thus the method is somewhat similar to putting a belt and accentuate the figure. After wearing the corsets frequently, you can look forward to a slimmer waist.

The good news is every woman, of all races and body types, can try to practice waist training for her body. This method of body sculpting works effectively because science and history can prove it. Many women in the past have relied on corsets to give them a great body, and we want to inspire you to follow in their footsteps.

We understand that this idea might seem relatively new to you and you may be wondering if you can do it for a long time. There’s nothing to worry about because you can give it a try for only seven days! We have a 7-day waist training program that will be perfect for a newbie like you. All you need to do is to follow a simple training guide to jumpstart your waist slimming journey.

Starting the Journey

If you are excited to begin your waist training then so are we. We present to you this simple and practical training guide that will make your journey more enjoyable and productive. Let’s begin with selecting the proper waist trainer for you. A basic waist cincher made of latex will be the perfect choice for a beginner. Check the design if it has sturdy and flawless boning structure as well as a simple front fastener.

You will be able to observe that there are quite a few waist trainer designs out there. In terms of framing, you should choose a corset with steel boning for optimum support and shape. Of course, you will see many designs made with plastic boning but these types are not durable enough for your waist training, and it doesn’t last as long as the steel boning ones do.

Here’s a simple checklist on the type of waist trainers suitable for you:

  1. Have you noticed the 3rd hook fastener on your corset? The hook should be able to go there to determine the fitness and tightness of your waist trainer.
  2. Pay attention to the frame of the waist shaper and make sure that it remains flat even when pulled tightly around your waist.
  3. Breathing comfortably and avoiding any pain while wearing your waist shaper is very important.
  4. Wearing waist shapers will naturally feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but you will soon get the hang of wearing it. In this case, it’s best for you to be extra patient.
  5. Figure out the circumference of the smallest part of your waistline. When you do, set a target goal for the inches that you want to lose.
  6. Your waist trainer should have the right structure to make sure it doesn’t move around the waist, especially when your waistline is relatively small.
  7. In order to get more accurate training of your waist, you should choose the right waist trainer every time according to your waist condition.
  8. If you are a big lady with a waist circumference greater than or equal to 38 inches, you can choose a waist trainer that is 7 to 10 inches smaller because it is more helpful to the waist contraction and your body will have more weight to redistribute safely.
  9. Your waist trainer should be settled adequately after use without bloating phenomenon.

The 7-Day Waist Training Simplified

Day 1

Have you found the best waist trainers yet? If you have, then we can start with the first day of your training program. Wear the waist trainer today for 2-3 hours and observe your body’s response to it.

If your body is well adjusted, wear it for an appropriate length of time; if there is any discomfort, wear it less or take off the waist trainer.

Day 2

Now the second day is the day when you adjust the length of time you wear the trainer. You have to wear a beginner’s trainer for at least an hour more than yesterday.

Are you comfortable? If you feel a little tightness, then that is just fine. It means your body will be shaped gradually. You can already try Yoga or any other exercise that will partner with your waist training program, which will help you with your future waist training and get results faster.

Day 3

As you go through the 3rd day of training, make sure you increase the time you wear the waist trainers to 6 hours and appropriately increase the amount of aerobic exercise (about 12 minutes.) While you exercise, you can wear workout waist trainers to induce perspiration in your body. Of course, the longer you wear the trainers, the more your body will adjust to them and yield the results expected.

Day 4

At this stage of the training, you should be able to cinch your waist using a waist trainer for 8 hours. Notice the gradual progress of your practice, and it is also the best time to pay attention to your diet. While wearing a waist cincher, you will be compelled to lessen your food intake which is beneficial to your weight loss journey.

Day 5

We are in the second half of your waist training, and we hope you can maintain wearing the waist trainer for 9 hours. If you are following a healthy lifestyle at this point, you will notice that your body feels lighter compared to the beginning already. When you see the inches of your waist decrease each day, you will be more motivated to aspire to a sexier and better body. Don’t forget to exercise at least 20 minutes while you are doing the training for much more impressive results.

Day 6

By the 6th day, you might already notice your waist trainer being looser compared to when you started, which is good news for you because it means your hard work is paying off. Your target now is 10 hours of wearing the trainer, and we hope you can keep this up for eight weeks. As long as you eat properly and exercise regularly, this waist training program is definitely going to work.

Day 7

We are quite proud of you for reaching the 7th day of your waist training program. You are now wearing the trainer for 10 hours without discomfort which is a feat that you should be happy about. You will also feel lighter, healthier and more inspired to continue your waist training regimen because your body is responding well to it. However, it is also necessary to add more intense aerobic exercise and strength training programs based on your physical feelings.

Always remember to maintain the level of commitment you have with proper exercise and diet and do not overtrain. When you incorporate these two factors in your waist training, you can achieve the results you have longed for. So, a big Congratulations is in order! We have rounded up a few tips to help you in navigating this road to health, wellness, and sexiness!

Tips For Waist Training Newbies

In your first attempt at waist training, you will immediately see the difference, but the trick is to develop consistency because nothing worthwhile is achieved overnight. You have to train on a day to day basis to earn what you have been looking for.

Wearing waist trainers while you are exercising can cause dehydration because of the amount of sweat that you will produce. You will surely sweat because of the change in temperature in your midsection area as you exercise. Drink plenty of water or energy drinks to replenish your body.

A little discomfort is expected when you are wearing waist cinchers, but too much pain or trouble with your respiratory activities is a good sign that you should stop. Remove your waist trainers if you feel as if you cannot breathe normally. Don’t force the progress because, with minimal effort, you will eventually get there.

The right clothing will affect the effectiveness of your exercises. It is the same with waist training, and if you wear the perfect waist cincher, you have a higher chance of transforming your body into better shape. Invest in good quality trainers that will not only be comfortable but also 10x better than the cheaper versions.

We stress the importance of patience and perseverance in your waist training program because we know you will need them if you want to go beyond the 7-day period. Be prepared to make sacrifices such as eat a little bit less and wear trainers every single day.

Monitoring your body as well as your waist training progress on a daily basis is essential. You should know how much you have improved and ensured that you are sticking to your goals. Always wear the trainers properly and live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Also be reasonable about the results because each person ‘s body is different.

Lots of luck with your 7-day waist training program! If you are not interested in this method, then you can try anyone in Top 7 Ways To Achieve an Hourglass Figure.

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