The Painful Truth About Waist Training Corset: 5 Amazing Facts

For centuries women especially celebrities are using tight lace corset to shape their body and waist. For most of the dramatic results women still, rely on waist training corsets. Waist trainer corsets are used to give your body a unique and stunning silhouette. You can wear it on special occasions to look beautiful or even going to the office or while shopping.

The waist training corset is designed in such a way that it fits in your body and makes your lifestyle more elegant. It also provides a firm grip to your midsection and your back. It has been observed that these garment help in reducing several inches off your waistline. Corset training and waist training are the best solutions you can have to give your body the desired shape. It is also known as extra strength body shaper.

Don’t settle for the corsets with poor fitting as it will not gives you results faster. The corsets are available in different styles and designs and fit different types of body. By having a style guide, you can efficiently use it and see valid results. Also, try not to lace up the corset too tightly. Remember the most aggressive waist trainers also take time. If you use the waist training corset correctly, you will be able to see excellent results in very less time.

1. Can a Waist Training Corset Cut Short Your Natural Waistline?

Do you think that the waist training corset can really help you eliminate excess fat around your waist? You are too naive. If you have to say it minus your body weight, then I tell you that it is actually the weight of the water lost because of sweating, not fat. Therefore, in theory, what it brings to you is only the hourglass-shaped appearance effect, without subtracting the fat from your waist. When you replenish water, the body weight will come back.

2. Is There Any Medically Proof For Waist Training Corsets?Woman hooking on corset hooks using hands behind back

There is maybe no clear medical proof for waist training corsets. A famous spinal surgeon Dr. Paul Jeffords has the view that just because we see celebrities promoting the training corsets does not mean that it can be safe for every person. Medical research says any damage caused to the body because of the waist trainer could be permanent. It may have an adverse effect on the spine, bones and also the nerves. Also, it says that there are chances of significant side effects due to prolonged use of this product. Some medical evidence suggests how the working of organs shifts while using this waist training corset. Due to excessive and prolonged use, the organs in the body will get crammed up. Some studies also show that these wait trainers can make the heartburn and indigestion worst. The adverse effects caused by waist training corset can be permanent.

Many doctors say that if you want to have a reduced waistline, you must follow a proper diet and exercise on a daily basis. Some of the most common side effects caused by waist training corset are shortness of breath. Nausea and bruising are also among the common side effects. Medical science recommends the use of these waist training corsets only for a short period. The waist trainer will result in more sweating which means your body will lose water weight. You cannot eat to fill your stomach because it is too tight and fit to wear. If the corset is laced too tightly, it will damage the bonding and cause discomfort as well. It is also said not to use the waist training corsets if you are highly allergic to latex. It is because most of the training corsets are made up of latex.

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3. What Are The Dangers Of Wearing A Waist Training Corset?

The danger of wearing waist training corsets
  • X-ray of ribs when wearing a corset

People have been wearing corsets for past few centuries. It is always considered as a subject of medical debate. Corsets help to narrow your bottom ribs and also impair the lungs which can cause some difficulty in breathing. The organs are also sometimes misplaced and shifted towards the lower abdomen. The X-ray also shows the women wearing corset have to suffer some discomfort.

  • How corset affects the organ

Studies have shown that wearing a corset can result in misplacement of organs. It can also cause permanent damage to your organs. Doctors are still warning people not to use this waist training corset. They say the continued use of waist training corset can also put unwanted and excessive pressure on back and midsection. The method of waist training corset can limit the flow of blood and oxygen to the organs. As the waist trainer is tight, it will make your breath harder. When your organs get affected, it can also cause to experience some numbness in your feet. If the organ gets changed, it can cause poor digestion and poor breathing as well.

  • Corsets can cause dehydration

A waist trainer heats up the body and results in excessive sweating. It will reduce the level of water weight from your body. However, the loss of water weight can also put you at the risk of dehydration. If you were already suffering from mild dehydration, then it will get worse. You may face fainting, shallow breathing, headaches and some other serious problems.

  • Corsets can cause atrophy of abdominal muscles

Waist training corsets can cause problems to abdominal muscles as well. Wearing training corset for a long time will make your core muscle weakness. Muscles atrophy when they become inactive. The same thing happens with the muscles in your back.

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Besides, choosing the corset of the wrong material and the inappropriate way of wearing can also cause skin allergy, and even cause infection and inflammation. It can also cause severe pain, difficulty breathing, acid reflux, and bone bruises.

Even if wearing a waist training corset does not bring you any substantial harm, you also need to look for other ways for an effective weight loss program.

4. Corset Issues Today

The tight lacing can cause long-term health concerns. The corset which is tightly laced reduces the capacity of lungs and also cause skin irritation. The issues of the corset are being reduced to an extent. It is observed that different health problems which were blamed on corset have now being cleared. It is now clear to everyone that corsets do not cause any disease, but it continuous and excessive use can be dangerous for your health. Doctors and scientists have also recommended using the corset in some instances. However, all of them agree that you should not wear it for an extended period as it can damage organ and muscles.

5. Are There Any Benefits Though?Shot of gothic woman in leather corset

The corset can exist such a long time and was welcomed by many people, meaning it can do certain things. There are many advantages of using the waist training corset. Primary are as follows:

  • It can give you an instant hourglass shape the moment you put on your waist training corset.
  • The waist training corset can improve your body posture, which can also make you look smart.
  • As it fits tight, it makes you take less food intake, and you automatically lose weight.
  • The best thing about waist training corset is that it activates the abdominal muscles and also inspire good posture.
  • It also serves as a reminder that helps you to engage your muscles to go work on daily activities.
  • It is an excellent supplement to your healthy lifestyle, helping you to adhere to fitness motivation and feel confident.

A little tip: If you want to see maximum results, you must go for the corsets which are made up of flat and spiral steel bones as well as flat steel busk.


Waist training corset is the process which helps you to reduce your waist naturally and gain natural body curves. There can be some semi-permanent effect on the abdomen area as well. Make sure that the waist corset does not interfere with your breathing process, and you do not go through pain. Prolong pains are signs of hazard for your body.

Also, don’t try to roll the corset around your waist. Set proper timing and follow it to get better results. Steel boned steel is recommended by the doctors rather than the plastic boning. The difference between these two products is the durability. The steel boning is a bit tougher, and the plastic boning is not durable.

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