Waist Training Results: Get Your Own Tiny Waist from These Before and After Pictures

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Hourglass figure looks on white backgorund.
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Waist training can be very effective if done regularly and adequately. The hourglass figure is what all women are after, and you can achieve this in a relatively short period wearing that old-fashioned corset. However, you need to make sure that you just don’t go for any corset that you can get your hands on. If you wear a corset that is not suitable for your natural body type, then it can be excruciating, and the chances are that you will damage your internal body organs as well. It is not all about wearing the tightest set that you can find out there; it is about wearing the right waist trainer for the right amount of time, and you definitely, have to stay true to it. We have collected some before-and-after pictures so that you can get some inspiration and become an hourglass hottie within a few weeks time.

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1. Fiona – A Stay-at-home Mom

Fiona is a stay-at-home mom. She always liked to remain fit and good-looking body is one of her cravings. Before her pregnancy, she had a perfectly beautiful body, but during pregnancy, she has to put on a lot of weight. After the birth, she lost her shape altogether but was determined to get it back at any cost. Well, in her case the cost was not much as she decided to buy Ann Chery workout waist trainer. Because she was active previously, it only took her eight weeks of waist training, and now she has that perfect hourglass figure that everyone craves.

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2. Eileen – An Interior Designer

Ann Chery waist trainer with model.
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Eileen is an interior designer, and she does a lot of her work by sitting around on the chair. Due to this, she had a significant figure, and after that, she lost her shape entirely due to pregnancy and birth. She was concerned about her body as she felt sluggish and due to her bad body shape, she lost her confidence as well. Then one of the friends advised her to use Ann Chery workout waist trainer. At first, she was hesitant because she heard that these waist trainers are very painful. After discussing the matter with a few of her friends, she started wearing it regularly, and within 12 weeks’ time, she has got her pre-baby body back. Now she is more confident going out with friends and is determined to keep going with her waist trainer and lose some extra pounds as well.

3. Hester – A Full-time Nanny

Being a full-time nanny, Hester has to stay active at all times. She used to be very fit before her marriage. However, after her baby, she was getting out of shape as was equally concerned about it. She always loved eating much food, and this has made her gain some extra weight. She did use some corsets but was not willing to take that pain again. One day out of curiosity she bought Ann Chery waist trainer and tried it because she knew that she wants that pre-baby body back still. She wears it regularly for eight weeks, and now she has that perfect hourglass body again and has never got to cut her diet at all.

How to Make Your Own before and after Story?

You see, it is just a matter of how you apply yourself to what you want. The above three stories are not about Kardashians. These are average women who belong to different fields of life yet; they can get into an hourglass shape with a decidedly less amount of effort. You can be one of these women as well even if you are not a Kardashian. Here is how you can make your own before-and-after story.

1. Take Your Waist Measurement before Using One

Woman is measuring her waist with the soft rule.
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Before you start using your Ann Chery waist trainer, take a measurement of your waist. Don’t hesitate if it is much more than what you expect. Recording the right measures will indeed allow you to compare your measurements before and after.


2. Stop Worrying about Your Weight Day after Day

Start using the waist trainer after you have taken your actual waist measurement. Initially, you will feel that you are not getting the waist training results that you wanted. It will demotivate you as you are not getting any noticeable results. Don’t worry and stay faithful to your waist training. Stop worrying about your daily weight. Different bodies take different conditions in various manners. Some of you might experience instant, dramatic slimming and then a halt while some of you might experience slow effects in the beginning but once get going your body might shape up pretty quickly.

3. Take High-quality Photos of Yourself in the Similar Position

When few weeks’ time passes by and when you think that you have got some changes going on or you have achieved your desired body, take some high-quality pictures. Make sure that both before and after photos are of high quality and in front of a full-length mirror. These pictures must also be taken in same light conditions and at the same place as well. Focus on making the same body posture that you had in your previous photos as well. It will allow you to compare more efficiently and will contribute heavily to boosting your confidence.

How to Get the Best Results?

Make sure that you have altered your diet plans and have introduced exercise routines in your daily schedules as well as during your waist training sessions. It will provide your hourglass body a long-lasting effect. Waist trainers are designed to reduce the rib cage, and it is a better option than using a weight loss pill on a daily basis. Waist training does assist in reducing diet, as the tight corset allows you to consume less. Focus on eating foods that energize your body and not contributing towards fat accumulation. If you do daily waist training, you can expect a great outcome within 7 to 8 months. However, you have to be very consistent to get the most out of your routine. You have to wear it regularly and make it part of your daily life.

Various foods and a soft rule on the table.
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You will be surprised to hear that for some women their waist trainers are more important than their entire beauty kit. Getting your beloved hourglass figure is one thing, maintaining it for a long time is an entirely different ball game. To retain the waist trainer results for an extended period you have to increase the use of these corsets. It is not about squeezing the corsets as much as possible, making you unable to breathe. It is about wearing them for more extended periods of time. You need to keep wearing them on for many days within a week without feeling agitated. You can focus only on primary nutrients because while wearing your corsets you will be able to eat less food, which will control your diet. During your workouts, you will burn more fats as your body is already dealing with the strain of your waist trainer.

Is Waist Training Safe?

Time and time again, you hear some rare stories that waist training is not safe at all. In some cases, it does become dangerous when people tightened the corset a bit too much, and it can damage their internal organs. If you listen to your body and adhere to its limits by staying away from extreme waist training then it is perfectly safe, you can hear all about it from the Kardashians. The breaks within a corset enable you to get used to the waist trainer’s girdle. Make sure that you do not follow the no-pain-no-gain philosophy here and stop tightening the screws on your body outside the limits. Just loosen up a little if you think that you are going through intense pain. There is only one thing that is most important and most relevant here, and that is your patience. Keeping it slow but remaining consistent is the key to this.

What Results Can I Expect?

Well, to be honest, there is no clear answer to this question at all. As mentioned above, the results of waist training depend upon the genetics of human beings and their bodies. A couple of people with same waists will experience different outcomes during waist training sessions even if they follow same routines and all other elements stay the same as well. Human bodies are very unpredictable, and no single pattern can be used here for justification. The results of waist training will only depend upon how long you wear these corsets with a very minimal amount of breaks in between. The level of constriction of the waist trainer is also a major contributor here along with your waist training regime and workout sessions.

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How to Measure Yourself for a Waist Trainer – Step by Step

A suitable waist trainer will help you achieve the ideal hourglass figure. Before you buy it, you need to measure your waist size correctly.

Specific waist size chart
Source: https://www.waistedtogether.com/pages/size-chart-measurement

You will need:

  • A non-stretchy measuring tape or ruler.
  • The size chart.

Measuring steps:

  1. In order to get accurate measurements, you need to make sure the tape measure is resting your bare belly area, so you should remove any clothing that gets in the way of your waist or takes it off straight away. Also, if your pants are blocking the waist, remember to pull them under your stomach.
  2. Your waist is the narrowest part of your torso, and it is usually above your belly button. Once you find the position of your waist, wrap the measuring tape around your waist.
  3. Stand up straight and breathe normally. Secure the end of the tape measure to your navel, then circle it around your lower back and hip. Remember that the tape measure should be parallel to the floor and close to the torso without digging into your skin.
  4. Read the measuring tape. Your waist measurement will be shown on the tape in a specific place. Do not forget to double-check the measurement to ensure the accuracy of the original measurement. If it is different from the first result, then you should measure it three times and take the average of the three numbers. Depending on the inches or centimeters of your waistline, you will be able to purchase the most suitable waist trainer or corset.


As your body struggles, your brain will send stronger messages to your muscles, and they will work harder and burn even more fats. Nevertheless, you still need to wear your waist trainers for regularly and as long as possible with very small breaks in between. If you want to enhance the results further, then you can also add a few reps of planks in your daily routine. The waist trimmers will keep your body motion upright at all times during your plank workouts and will improve your body posture and movement too. Most of the latex waist trainers are made from neoprene that does not absorb any sweat during your exercise. Instead, it generates heat in midsection area of your body which speeds up the fat burning process.

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