The Proper Sequence of Wearing Corsets

Corsets are the must-have things in today’s world for a lot of women. They have become accessories as well as functional weight loss aids for girls of all ages. When pregnant women want transform their bodies after giving birth, they rely on corsets. You will even notice that some women wear corsets as fashion statements or as lingerie. You can wear it as a top or an undergarment and it will serve its purpose of shaping your body to your desired form. However, there’s a proper way of wearing corsets depending on their function to your body. Ancient women have used these garments for centuries and of course, they also perfect their own sequence of wearing them. Now, we are going to share how you can use this proper sequence of wearing corsets to maximize its potential in improving the shape of your body.

Make your body ready

After bathing, you can use a reliable body lotion that will make you feel comfortable even when a corset is tightly clinging to your body. You should choose a lotion that has breathable quality not the ones that make you feel hot and uncomfortable. Some women don’t use lotion at all and that’s okay. When you’re comfortable with that and still wear your corset, then that is perfectly fine. The important thing is that you have prepared your body as well as your mind for the task at hand especially if you are waist training. Considering that you will be putting the corset on for long hours, you must make sure that your body is ready.

Check the corset

The next step is to prepare the corset so that you will have a comfortable time wearing it. First you have to open the corset and loosen up the laces/cords attached to it. You can start with the bottom portion of the fasteners first and make your way up to the top. This ensures that your lower body is secure first then you can just lock the last prongs at the top. Once you have fastened all the locks and prongs, try to breathe normally to make sure if you can maintain the tightness for a long time especially if you are going to be out of the house for an entire day.

The Proper Sequence

There are women who are adequately in touch with their feminine side who have a list of the things to do in certain situations. These women should be our guide in wearing corsets. They know what to do and they master the proper sequence in wearing corsets.

First of all, you have to prioritize your undergarments. Put on your bra and panty and make sure they are comfortably snug on your body. You can check when everything is safely secure then you can focus on the bottom part of your body. Check your toenails if they are clean and if you want to wear shoes especially complicated ones where you have to tie your shoelaces, this is the best time to do them. When you are wearing a corset, it will be difficult already to do these things.

In the same way, it will be better to wear your stockings at this time because it will still be comfy to bend and secure the fabric in your feet and legs while your midsection is still free from a corset. A systematic way of wearing corsets is indeed necessary to not waste anytime during your day with removing and fastening your corset over and over again.

You can wear your skirts or jeans after this because your upper body is still free from any obstruction. If you have to wear a dress, you can do it after you wear the corset. However, you have to keep in mind that there are other dress styles that require you to wear them from the bottom and not starting from your neck going below. Carefully study what you need to do as well as the outfit that you have picked up for the day. This way, you will not experience any difficulty while dressing up in the morning. Remember, if you are waist or corset training, you have to wear waist trainers daily and this involves a certain requirement on the proper way to wear them.

As mentioned, you can wear your bra before or after you wear corsets. That depends on the style of the corsets that you will use. Sometimes, you have no need of wearing a bra if your corset will also cover your breast area. What we are saying is that you need to follow what is necessary in wearing corsets so you will have a more convenient time.

If you are wearing a type of corset that only reaches below the breast area, you can put on the bra first and ensure that the bottom of the bra will be secured in place by the corset. Some women use a customized corset which requires them to wear the corset first before the bra. That is also a possibility so you have to prepare for that as well.

Now when is the best time to wear makeup? Should it be before or after you wear the corset? This is purely relative since you have a makeup regimen that is unique to your habits and lifestyle. If you are comfortable wearing makeup after you have worn the corset then that could be good for you. Just make sure you cover the fabric of the corset with a towel so stray powder dust or makeup residue or even lipstick will not accidentally stain the corset.

Wearing corsets can make us feel warm sometimes and if you have oily skin, this may affect your makeup time because you will be sweating profusely and your makeup will melt. Make sure that you have sufficient ventilation and better yet just finish your makeup first before fastening the corset in your midsection.

You can also wear your jewelry before you wear corsets if they don’t bother with abdomen area. However if they are bracelets or watches, it would be wise to wear them after as they may interfere with you when putting corsets on. Follow the proper sequence of wearing corsets so that you will experience a convenient and hassle free time.

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