Corset Belt: How to Wear Spring’s Biggest Accessory Tren

Appearances matter a lot to people. It isn’t only about what you put on your face, but clothes are the main thing that people see to judge you. Since early life, humans have had a fondness for proper clothing’s and to look appealing to others. All the clothes that you buy from the shop are of different sizes. You cannot find a dress that completely fits along with your curvy body. That is where the use of corset belts came into existent.

What, you have only heard of the corset? This synonym of beauty also brings the magical corset belt. You can use these belts for various purposes. Mainly people use it as a fashion accessory on the weddings or at some functions. The innerwear-as-outerwear trend is at peak nowadays. Corset belts can also be worn underneath your clothes to maintain proper support. It helps in keeping your back up straight, to avoid any unfortunate posture.

What is Corset Belt?

A corset belt is an accessory that is used to keep your dress in proper shape, beautifying your appearance. This belt has a smaller curvy waist and a bit large at the bottom. The purpose of corset belt is either for fashion or also for medical purposes. It is no restriction that only women wear these belts; men are also found wearing it. But it is more in commonly used by women.

Corset belts are found to be in fashion since the 20th century. The Victorian dressing is what brought these in manner. In early times in the era of Queen Victoria, the shape of women’s body mattered a lot. Therefore, you can achieve a long and slim torso along with wide hips by wearing corsets.

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How to Choose the Right Corset Belt?

1. Sufficient Comfort Is the Primary Condition

A proper corset belt should not cause pain or bodily harm. You have to believe that sex appeal and comfort can exist at the same time. In such cases, you are advised to try it out before making payment.

2. Go with a Correct Width

To give you a balanced look, the width of the corset belt is much broader than a regular belt, averaging about 6 to 7 inches. You need to choose the right width according to your body size because it is too wide to wrap around your chest and too narrow to give a cosmetic effect.

3. Its Color Should Match Your Outfit Well

The color of the corset belt will also affect the look of your body because different colors display different waist sizes. Deep and dark colors will give you a smaller waist than light and bright color. If you really have no idea about which color of the belt to choose, then pick the black one because this color is suitable for all body types.

4. Try to Find the Right Style of Embellishment

The corset belt on the market comes in a variety of types and styles, adapting to different body types and individual preferences. Choosing a decorative style that matches your natural temperament will give you the best results, whether it ‘s laced, metal-trimmed or straight cut.

Four Major Ways of Wearing a Corset Belt

Corset belt with pants

You can wear a corset belt in various ways. It depends upon the way you need it to be. You can also wear it with any dress you desire. There are four significant ways of wearing a corset belt: style up a shirt, elevate a classic jacket, layer up, upgrade basic. All these ways are defined below, increasing your temperament by two levels indeed.

1. Style up a Shirt

In everyday life you are wearing a shirt, but if you want to add some style to it. Then you may want to style up your shirt with a corset. Many women wear standard simple designed shirts and make it look stylish by wearing a corset over it. It is your will if you want to wear a same colored corset along with your shirt, or if a different color is what intrigues you. A corset over a shirt gives a unique look. It makes you look more shaped up rather than all loose formed by wearing a shirt.

2. Elevate a Classic Jacket

A corset belt can be used to elevate a classic jacket into fabulous fashion design. Leather corset belts are usually worn with a perfect jacket to make it look like the part of your outfit. These belts keep your jacket closed from the front and gave you a funky look to wherever you have to go.

3. Layer Up

Corset belt over a sexy dress

Another way to wear a corset belt is to layer up on the dress. It is a fashion trend to layer overcoats. Wearing a shirt underneath and then a coat on the top, later a corset belt. It makes it three-layered. Layering up is a lot in fashion nowadays. Corset belts give you a secure Velcro closure to your body. It helps you to get a layered look together, in the sense you can have an office look as well as a casual look at the very same time.

4. Upgrade Basic

Instead of going and buying a new outfit, you can directly upgrade the same gear by sitting at home with a simple corset belt outfit. This belt will tighten up the look from the waist and make you look a lot different.

Corset Belt Outfit Ideas

This necessary clothing accessory has become Springs’ best accessory. You are not bound in any way when and how to wear this belt. It depends on how you feel and you can directly upgrade your clothes by a straightforward belt. Even though you are free to personalize your outfit but still some outfit ideas are jotted below for you to have the slightest idea of which belt is to be worn how and on which dress.

1. Corset Belt Over an Oversized T-shirt

Kylie Jenner wearing an corset belt oversized T-shirt

If you have an oversized T-shirt and you are tired of hearing it from your friends that this shirt doesn’t fit, you best. Then your days of worrying just came to an end. You can wear a corset belt over your shirt to give it a proper look that fits you best. Kylie Jenner has also worn this belt, and you can see her wearing this stylish belt over an oversized T-shirt. She wore simple long boots at the bottom. But if you are not comfortable with the shoes, then you can wear some jeans underneath.

2. Over a Tight Dress

Corset belt over a tight dress

You can use shape making corsets over a tight dress. If you wear a tight dress, then your body shape becomes very prominent. You can only tie it up on your dress to give it a great look and to hide whatever you desire of having. Victoria Beckham usually wears corset belt over her stylish dressing on a party. Therefore, making this product, a must-have for you.

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3. Over a Denim or Leather Jacket

Corset belt over a denim

You can wear corset belts over denim or a leather jacket. They are known to be as denim corset belts. The key to looking good and sexy while wearing simple outfits is by wearing lace-up corset belts over your denim. Leather jackets are on trend, and you can pair your jacket with corset belts. Jennifer Blair prefers wearing corsets over denim.

4. Over a Simple Tee with Leggings and a Cardigan

Corset belt with simple tee, leggings and cardigan

If you prefer to dress simple, e.g., wear a tee with leggings and a soft cardigan over it, then you might want to style it with layering your outfit by using corset wrap belt. This belt is used to wrap up your tee and cardigan is worn on top of it gives an elegant and pleasant look.

5. Over a Flowy White Button-Down Shirt

Black corset belt over a white shirt

Kim Kardashian wears a corset over her flowy white button-down shirt. White shirts are always a great attraction for others. You can wear white shirts in offices either in colleges if you want to gear it up for a party, then you can use a buckle belt along with it. It looks quite elegant. Underneath it is preferred to wear black tights or jeans.

6. Over a T-shirt Dress

Corset belt over a T-shirt dress

You can wear lace-up corset belts over this kind of dresses. They give a great look and are often the same color as that of the shirt you are wearing.

7. Over a Long-sleeve Jumpsuit

Corset belt over an olive jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are fashion trends of all times. You can wear your jumpsuit with corset which makes it look glamorous. You can also wear laced midriff-crunchers over a jumpsuit. These corsets are laced merely up over your suit.

8. Over a Spring Jacket

Corset belt over a sping jacket

For a cold day outside you can lace up your corset over your spring jacket. It not only keeps up your jacket in place but also keeps your body in shape.


There are different corsets which you can wear on some dresses. Corsets provide you with an elegant look. This fashion has been trendy since the very start of 20th century and has always given women a look they admired. You can use these belts for aesthetics and as well as for medical reasons. If you have back problems and need to keep it up straight then, you can wear steel boned corsets under your dress and help your back and waist be back to normal. For aesthetic use, you can read the above ways of how to wear a corset over various dressings. All these above ideas will give you an excellent mark for newly spring fashion. So buckle up your girdle over or under your dress and go out with a significant fashion trend.

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