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Most people consider corsets necessary for a woman. Nowadays, it is possible to attain an hour-glass figure by using corsets. Corsets are fun to wear and use. Corsets can transform your body into an hourglass figure quickly. They have been a part of women dressing for decades; women wear them with all the outfits. However, as a real fan of corsets, you need to be in an element with your corset dresses. You need to think what exactly you want. It could be like a full corset dress or a matching outfit that go with the corset. Even your bras should look perfect if you are wearing it with an under bust corset. It is not easy to match, but a little routine of wearing corsets will just make your mindset.

Seven Different Styles of Corset Dresses – For you to Choose

We have picked top seven trending styles for you. Now you can easily choose one of them and become a gorgeous looking lady. These are:

1. Classic Steel Boning Corset Dress

These dresses come with steel boning corsets that have attached bra and comfortable corset lined with linen that provides smoothness to the body. The exterior is stiff and hard which gives a perfect posture to the body. These dresses are ideal for waistline training and those who have back problems.

2. Victorian-inspired Couture

If you are a Victorian era lover, then choose the Victorian corset dresses that are made and available in the market or websites for people who love to dress that way.

3. Contemporary, Streetwise Designs

These kinds of dresses are for women who are a little funky yet stylish and are ready every time for a new thing. It involves more colors and styles while providing the exact hour glass figure for your body.

4. Lolita Fashion Style

The dresses of Lolita fashion style are those that can go over the tops and corsets and are specially designed to complete the needs of matching outfits with corsets.

5. Shorter Corset Dress

Vintage corset dresses are short forming a top like structure with attached corset and bra that you can use for a formal look too. The dress can be tight with ribbons and laces on the back. They are available with front and back closure for your perfect look.

6. Vintage Corset Dresses

These dresses are of high-quality fabric. Some of these dresses are with and without corsets. They are also expensive as they provide value to you by good quality. You can check out these vintage dresses with or without corset for prom and wedding too.

7. V-neck Corset Dress

These corset dresses have a V neckline that provides closure of your chest line. These dresses are of silk, wool, polyesters with zipper, laces, and ribbons on the back.

Five Different Corset Dresses for Various Occasions – Function

Every occasion brings its own feast. You cannot wear a same dress on every occasion. Therefore, we have picked five different corset dresses.

1. Corset Prom Dress

Corset prom dresses are readily available and a necessary part of the Western fashion. Proms are a special night for high school girls and boys. Who does not want to look perfect on their special night? Corset prom dresses will help you reduce your waist by tight lacing, and you can enjoy the hour glass figure. Many corset dresses have lined bras for your perfect figure. Prom corset dresses provide flat figure so you can enjoy your night without a worry of your look. If you love fashion and new trends you can find yourself a stylish corset prom dress. Having a fashion sense will be a plus sign for your look. If you do not know what corset will look good on you, you can check into a store where professionals can guide you, and you can try the best for you.

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2. Corset Wedding Dress

The wedding is an important day for everyone. All of us want to look pretty on her marriage? However, what should you wear? Corset wedding dresses will win everyone’s heart at the wedding. Corsets of wedding dresses are different from others. They are for this perfect day with laces front and back closure. Wedding corsets can be under and over the bust. The corset is tight yet comfortable for the easiness of the bride, and the corset also highlights the flares of the gown. The corset wedding dresses have steel boning that makes it stiff and accurate for the perfect figure. With the figure, the corset also shapes the dress in different ways. Even the brides can reduce their cost of buying a different bra for their wedding; there are bras lined in the corset wedding dresses. The design of the wedding dress is in such a way that holds your body and let you enjoy your day with comfort. There are different wedding corset dresses with other trends and styles. However, laced wedding corset dresses are highly recommended that can be tight according to your body and provides you the perfect hourglass figure.

3. Corset Halloween Dress

Halloween is the day of fun. Most people believe that corsets Halloween dresses or costumes should be in such a way that provides strong and hour glass figure. There are different outfits and dresses available for Halloween with corsets that can change you into a sexy and confident woman. You will be able to enjoy your time as you look perfect, and you do not need to consider the mirror again and again. These corsets are available with zippers and ribbons with front and back closure.

4. Corset Dress for Stage Performance

Are you participating in a stage performance and you do not know what to wear? Sometimes ladies do get confused when they search for formal wear. Cocktail dresses, gowns, and tops they have been a part of women lifestyle for formal wear. However, try the corset dresses for stage performance. They enhance the beauty and confidence by providing you the perfect look and hour glass figure to make your day remarkable. There are many websites where you can search for corset dresses for stage performance or check out the stores for latest arrivals. Corsets make the performance special for you and make you look flawless.

5. Corset Dress for a Costume Ball

Are you having a masquerade party? Moreover, you want to win the hearts of everyone at the ball. Wear a corset dress for the costume ball that will provide a semi-formal look for your fantastic entry. If you have a plain mask choose a corset dress with lacing and ribbons that are trendy and stylish. If your mask is fancy and speaks for your beauty, choose a simple and elegant corset dress for a costume ball and just be confident because you know too you will look amazing in this dress.

What is the Best Material for a Corset Dress

1. Satin

If you are a lover of corsets that should wear under clothes, satin is the best fabric for you. It is like a slip under your dress that provides an easiness to women. It is for those that have pets and are worried about their corsets cleaning. Choose this corset for a perfect waistline training.

2. Mesh

The mesh is popular for its amazing results. You can use it in summer for the same results. In summer, it is difficult for women to wear many things. However, this fabric is so light and thin that you will not even feel it. It can be worn over or under the clothes; it is your choice. It is great stuff for waist training.

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3. CottonSilhouettes of corset dresses on white background

If you like to wear thin and comfortable outfits, then cotton corset is just meant to be for you. Sometimes in the start, cotton can be a little unadjustable for three to four days. However, after that time the texture gets comfortable with the body and work the same as other corsets do. You can also wear thin outfits and little jeans, whatever you like. The results are quick because of the corsets flattening shape.

4. Leather

The leather corsets are very flexible and provide an incredibly stylish and luxurious look. As we all know that leather has more lifespan so you can use these leather corsets for a longer time. They are shiny and bright with lovely and elegant styling that just completes your look. It is highly recommended for waist training as it can easily stretch and provides comfort. If you are a working lady, you can add a leather corset to complete your wardrobe for office outfits. It should be mainly wearing over dresses.

5. Brocade

This fabric is thick and made of polyesters that can easily bend and provide a stiffness for the support of the body. The corset can handle significant body fat and provide quick results when waist training. Sometimes you can feel that the brocade stuff can be a little problem at the start because it takes the time to get used to it. Once you get used to it is a must buy as a stylish wardrobe accessory for your beauty enhancer. It is a remarkable stuff for waist training, as the fabric is thick and heats up the stomach for burning calories.

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How to Care for your Corset Dress

Buying a corset and looking perfect is not the end. If you want your corsets to be durable and long lasting, you need to take care of them. If you are not experienced or lack the sense of washing a corset, you can seek a help of experienced dry cleaners. They can clean the corsets with a guarantee of no harm to your fabric. If you want to clean the clothes yourself, never wash your corsets in a machine. It will ruin your corset and your money. You can wash the corset in a tub or a sink with a mild detergent that won’t cause any harm to the fabric. Wash it with water and then use fabric fresheners as they provide life to the material. To dry your corset never use sunlight, use a hanger to hang it from a fan or let it dry itself. Sunlight can damage the fabric of corsets. Sometimes if you are in a hurry, you can use the blow dryer with the setting on cool air, to dry the corset.


Corsets are something everyone loves hence being a corset fan is easy, but taking care of corsets and match your outfits with corsets is difficult. However, making corsets, your routine can change your lifestyle. There are so many benefits that ladies you cannot deny of having a corset. You are going to lose your waistline; a must wardrobe accessory and a solution to back problems. You can choose different dresses with an attached or not attached corset for your different occasions. Various websites and brand are available that you can go through to find the perfect corset.

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