Top 5 Corset Prom Dresses for 2017

Prom is a most awaited event in a girl’s life. Girls are most excited about their prom dresses and they want to choose the best one, the dress that will showcase their lovely figure. They want to be a princess for a day and a beautiful prom dress can help you do that. With the perfect dress, you can glow on your prom night and be a total eye-catcher!

Today, we are going to explore the top 5 corset prom dresses which are sure to be a hit this 2017! We will show you what’s in, what’s fashionable and what dresses to wear to captivate everyone at your party. You can wear these dresses not just for prom but also for other special occasions like weddings, birthdays and cocktail parties.

The variety of designs for corset prom dresses is a girl’s dream. You have plenty to choose from. You can pick out tight corsets with ruffles and lace or choose something sexy and feminine. Each girl has her own preference for the style and design of the dresses and of course, the colors! When it comes to colors, you should choose a dress that suits your skin tone. Either you want it to totally match your skin tone or that it will provide a striking contrast to the way you look. The dresses that I will show you are available in leading online stores like Amazon so quality is topnotch as well as affordability. Have fun shopping through the options!

Our first pick is the peacock prom dress because the style is one of the most striking and colorful. You can choose from a selection of a dozen of colors plus the variation in the designs is superb. The intricate pattern in the embroidery of the dress is simply stunning. Of course, you would feel like a million dollars while wearing the dress to your prom or to any other special occasion.

Top Two on the list of corset prom dresses is a two-toned bustier with lace. The dress is definitely eye-catching with the two colors blending together to give the illusion that your body is sexy and attractive. The tutu skirt is a flirty style that is perfect for confident girls. What you will find adorable about this beautiful dress are the unique color combos because you can choose two favorite colors and they are separated by a belt design that hugs the waistline giving you an hourglass figure.

You will not get enough of our third choice as the beaded corset with flowing skirt is every girl’s secret favorite. The embellished beads of the top are reminiscent of diamonds that princesses have on their dresses. They are just divine! These dresses are available in several colors and you are sure to find one that captures your heart. After all, your prom party doesn’t happen often. You have to wear the best dress to the party.

Naturally, you shouldn’t miss looking at the corset bustier dress with a tutu skirt combo because it is equally stunning as our fourth selection. Now this dress has a feminine and flirty design that hugs the body perfectly. It’s a corset so it can easily be adjusted to fit whoever is wearing it. It’s a knee-length dress which makes it ideal for dancing and partying the night away. Just make sure you have permission from your parents to stay up late so you can enjoy your time with friends.

If you want to stand out in the crowd then you should definitely have a look at our beaded corset formal gown. It is elegant and regal and surely fit for a queen. This dress is long and flowing with a sweetheart neckline that can accentuate your beautiful face on prom night on any other special event in your life. You can find this in 9 different colors which is a lot to take in especially if you are keen on your favorite color to wear for prom night.

Since we want you to look your best without spending a lot of money, we are sharing with you the simple steps on how to recreate your own corset prom dress. Grab a paper and pen and jot down the highlights.

The first step is to buy a corset with just one color. You have to make sure that the structure is well-made. No need to stress about that since you can find plenty of options online. Make sure that it is comfortable to wear since this will make up the base of your dress and it will touch your skin.

Next step? Simply choose a tutu skirt that you like. You decide how puffy your tutu will be and what color you want it to be. You can also find this online so no worries.

The most important part is looking for the fabric that will cover your base structure. Now here you can be creative and resourceful and you can also spend a little more because this is what people will see and you want it to be perfect. Pick out the fabric that you find the prettiest which will also complement your skin tone.

After that you can now create the exterior of your corset. Cut the fabric into the shape of the corset and sew the lining. You can now add straps which you need to hem so that they will be secure in their rightful place.

You need to take care of the skirt now and cover the tutu underneath. This will be joined to the top by a belt of your choice. It needs to cover the connection so that your dress will be stunning and flawless. Try it on for size and see how everything looks and fits. Is it just right? Then, you have created a wonderful prom dress that is just perfect for one of the best nights of your young life. Enjoy your prom party and glow like a princess!

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