To Get a Bigger Butt, You Have to Do More Than Just Squat

Youtube video makes us believe that squats are the golden key to a bigger, rounder, firmer butt. Sorry to break the bubble but to get a bigger butt you would have to put in more effort than just doing a set of squats. Our butt is a significant part of our body; we sit on it every day. If you are someone who loves being a couch potato, then you are doing more damage to your backside than you can imagine. Having a robust and firm a butt is hugely beneficial not just for your backbone but also for your knees. If you want to start working out and enhance your butt shape, you have come to the right place. Following points are guidelines and tips you need to adhere to if you want the perfect booty:

First Things First, Figure out the Deal with Your Butt

We all know, 2017 is the year of belfies (butt selfies). Admit the fact that at least once in your life you have tried to take a belfie and failed miserably. Don’t get disheartened. We are here to save the day. To get a Kim Kardashian-rescue butt, you have to understand the anatomy of the muscles in your butt.

1. Learn about Your Gluteal Muscles

Vector Flat Gluteus Maximus Illustration.Many of us don’t know what gluteal muscles are; they are a group of the three muscles that make up your buttocks: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. The gluteus maximus or G-Max is the largest muscle of the three gluteal muscles. It is one of the strongest muscles in the human body. Gluteus Maximus attaches the side of the sacrum to the femur (thighbone). G-max is responsible for the movement of the hip and thigh. It supports your upright (standing) position and pushes your leg backward in external rotation. G-max is also responsible for the shape and appearance of your butt.

Then comes gluteus medius (G-Med) which sits under the maximum muscle and connects the hip bone to the thigh. It performs the same function as gluteus maximus depending on the position of the rear. G-med is responsible for a steady walking gait and internal rotation of hip while your leg is flexed out in front of you. The last is gluteus minimus (G-Min) situated beneath the medius muscle. Together g-min and g-med move your leg to the side called abduction.

2. Work on the Gluteal Muscles

Now that you are familiar with the anatomy of your tush it’s time to start working on its development. A stable booty workout routine will give you the results you desire and make you look perfect over time.

3. Learn about How much Fat is Covering Your Butt

You might have a big but disoriented rear at the moment. Those small bumps are the cellulite under the skin. When an accumulation of fats deposits under your skin’s surface, cellulite is caused making dimples and bumps appear on your booty. Get familiar with your butt and observe how much fat is covering it. The lesser the cellulite, the easier it will be for you to lose it. Fat is what stops your butt from achieving the perky look. Losing it will help in revealing your butt’s shape.

4. Lose Fat Covering Your Butt

You can’t remove cellulite by using lotions and potions. If you want practical and long-term results, then you need to incorporate some glute isolation exercises to your daily workout. Isolation exercises are those in which you work on just one muscle group. Whereas through compound exercises you work on more than one muscle group. For the enhancement of gluteal muscles, go for isolation exercises.

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Four Different Types of Butt Shapes for Women

Your skeletal structure defines the main shape of your body, while your fat distribution is primarily determined by genes. There are four different types of female butt shapes.

Four girls with different butt shapes standing

1. Square – the H shape

The fat of this shape is mainly distributed in the “love handle” area and has higher and more prominent hip bones that are perpendicular to the ground. That ‘s why we likened this butt shape to a square.

2. Heart or pear – the A shape

The “A” shape is often derived from fuller thighs and buttocks, and it is considered as the most feminine of butt shapes. Women who have a heart or pear butt shape usually owns a definite curve.

3. Round – the C or O shape

About this shape, let me give you a hint: Kim Kardashian! When viewed from the side or back, this shape is usually quite full and rounded. The fat is evenly distributed on both sides of the butt.

4. Inverted – the V shape

If the line angle between the pelvis and hips is inward, then you have a V-shaped buttock. It is usually caused by a decrease in estrogen levels in older women leading to a shift of fat storage from the butt to the midsection. Moreover, this shape can be easy to sag.

How to Get Bigger Butt Except for Squat?

If you think that only doing squats will give you your dream butt, then you are in for a surprise. Contrary to popular belief, squats are not what provides us with a firm behind instead incorporating it into your daily routine is far effective than doing it alone. Below are some tips to get a bigger butt except squats:

1. Eat Fewer Calories Than You Need

Cut Calories words on a scale display to illustrate dieting to eat less and lose weight.Your daily calories intake depends on various factors such as your gender, age, height, and weight. Eating too few calories can lead to life-threatening diseases and eating too many calories will cause your body to keep the extra calories in the form of fat. The right way is to eat fewer calories than you need so that you can burn them quickly. If your average intake of calories is 2000, reduce it to 1500 calories per day.

2. Eat Fewer Carbs and More Proteins

When it comes to the topic of reducing weight, protein is the nutrient you need. Protein not only boosts your metabolism but it also helps you to fight craving and significantly reduces your appetite, which leads to weight loss. Adding protein (such as fish, meat, chicken, and dairy products) to your diet is the simplest most efficient way to lose fat. Plus, you can eat protein in several different ways. Cutting carbs is also useful in losing weight, especially refined carbohydrates, and sugars. By reducing carbs from the diet, your appetite will automatically go down, and you will look perfect in no time.

3. High-Intensity Moves Will Do

High-intensity moves are the best to enhance your gluteal muscles; It burns fat in less time while keeping your heart rate up. As compared to typical workout, high-intensity workouts create an oxygen shortage thereby increasing the body’s need for oxygen. High-intensity workouts are convenient and efficient because no equipment is necessary for this kind of exercises, means you can do it anywhere. The activities include Jump Squats, Burpees, Sit-ups, Split Jumps, Lunges, etc.

4. Start Your Glute Training with Bodyweight Exercises

Often we work on every muscle of our body except for the gluteal muscles. Start working with your body weight. Here are some bodyweight exercises that you can do easily at home. Strengthen your glutes because uncared glutes result in a saggy butt. So start with glute strength training by doing some Barbell Squats. Remember to do these squats with some lunges and deadlifts, because only doing Barbell or any other squats won’t give you a perfect butt. Though squats are a good exercise, they only work the glutes from one angle. Glute bridges are also useful for getting a firm and toned rear. Glute Bridge is not just for women; men can also do it because there are many benefits of doing bridges daily. It reduces knee and back pain, strengthens all your core muscles, and improves your posture. Do different exercises on different days; you don’t want your body to get used to one exercise because that might hinder your progress and make you look not perfect.

5. Add Weights and Learn More Challenging Movements

Doing simple bodyweight exercise will take you a good amount of time to get your desired results. Add weights and learn more complex moves. It is better to get a professional to help you with the extra loads. Another plus point of adding weights to your workout routine is that it controls bone loss as you age. It also strengthens your muscle mass and reduces the body fat.

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Tips, When You Are Achieving Your Bigger Butt Goal

Woman's buttocks before and after muscles growth.Whenever you are working, divide the process into small parts. Progressive successions along with positive reinforcements will help you maintain a healthy attitude during the whole process. Following are few more things you must to keep in mind when working towards your goal for a bigger tush:

1. Don’t Do Too Heavy Until You Are Physically Ready

While you think that your body is ready for heavyweights, the case might be the opposite. Don’t push yourself too hard; your body needs time to adjust. Give yourself a break by working out on alternate days. You may be ready mentally but not physically for lifting big weights.

2. Be Sure to Train for 3-5 Days Per Week and Practice Progressive Overload

Never start with too many weights because you might hurt your back or pull the wrong muscle. Progressive overload means a gradual increase in frequency, intensity, and volume to attain a targeted goal. Start with smaller weights and slowly work your way towards heavier ones. Train 3-5 days a week, otherwise you will wear yourself out.

3. Start and End Each Workout with Glue-Training Exercises

By doing this, you will be putting more emphasis on the gluteal muscles which in turn will shape your butt and get the gluteal muscles activated.

4. Be Sure to Rest and Recover

Not resting and pushing yourself too much will have adverse effects on your health. It often causes muscular pain. Some sources say that your muscle needs 24-36 hours of rest to recover after an intense workout session. Body deprivation of an adequate amount of rest will slow down your progress.

5. Make Sure That Your Expectations for Results Are Realistic

The shape and firmness of your gluteal muscles is a huge genetic component. If either one of your parents has a saggy butt, it will have an effect on your booty shape as well because perky butts are a gift of genes. But if it is in your genes to have a firm butt just putting in a little effort can make a huge difference. You should also be realistic in your expectation for results. If you aim to have Amber Rose or Heidi Montag type butt, you must know their majestic booties are a result of Brazillian butt lift (a butt augmentation process in which fat transfer is involved by using butt implants). Now, you know the reason behind Kylie Jenner’s and Nicki Minaj’s large buttocks. Getting butt implants is not always safe, it can cause some health problems and may end up giving you a plastic look. You need to keep your goals realistic and aim at a target you can easily achieve.


There are numbers of practical ways to get a bigger butt than just squattings, such as glute bridges, weightlifting, lunges, and much more. Keep your sight on the goal and workout with a positive attitude. Follow fitness motivation blogs on Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest. Even Kim Kardashian has started uploading snaps of her hill repeats and other workout routines. You should see these workouts and try doing them to achieve the perfect look.

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