The Wonders of Butt Lifting and Waist Training

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Women who are considered attractive have two things in common: a big butt and a thin waist. Both are the recipes for being considered winners of the genetic lottery. Women envy girls with sexy figures and men love to watch girls with these two assets. For girls who are motivated to have a svelte figure, it is crucial to be acquainted with physical exercises that will help you achieve these goals. We must admit the reality that some of us are luckier than others. There are girls who don’t have to work so hard to have such a sexy figure while there are others who go to so much trouble just to look like a pinup model or a Victoria Secret angel. Butt lifting and waist training are just a couple of the effective ways to follow if you want to pursue this path.

We think women can all agree how waist training can transform their physical bodies. Through constant training, they can achieve a bigger butt and a flatter stomach. From the initial wear of the corset or waist trainers, you will immediately see results so you can imagine what kind of transformation your body will undergo if you do this training regularly. With waist training, the fat that is deposited in your midsection will be pushed lower down in your abdomen. Your midsection will be squeezed into a certain hourglass form and so a sexier you will be revealed. However, these results are only temporary if you are not keen on continuing your training. We don’t believe in magic when it comes to getting a bikini-ready body. You must do the work so you will get the big butt you want and the perfectly slim waist.

During your waist training program, it is important to keep a healthy diet and exercise regularly. It is good if you have realistic expectations of your body and you keep a schedule or timeframe of your progress so that you will be motivated to train everyday.

Eating healthy is going to help maintain the slender body you will get when you have trained your waist for a few months. While on a disciplined diet, you need to wear your corsets every single day. Push yourself by starting with 3-4 hours then increasing the number of hours as soon as your body is getting accustomed to the waist trainers. Drinking freshly made fruit juices will help clean your digestive tract and help you have a slimmer waist. We don’t recommend any artificial flavors. Just keep things natural and light so you won’t feel bloated. Sometimes, feeling like you have a bigger tummy can remove your motivation to continue with corset training. What’s good about wearing trainers is that they are flexible to your body. You can adjust them but you have to stick to a strict regimen in order for it to work.

For your butt exercises, you can try different kinds of exercise such as Yoga, planking, jogging, cycling and other cardio activities. They make you sweat and the physical forms you make will keep your butt shape firmer and more defined. You can also wear stretchy Yoga pants that make your butt stay in one place. When you stretch and hold physical poses, your butt surely becomes a lot firmer. When you combine waist training and butt exercises, you can expect to see a lovely body staring back at you after 3-6 months. If you want to keep your focus on your butt for a certain period of time, you can do squats because they really lift the buttocks area.

Discovering the squats:

Squats are done by simply bending your body down the floor. You have to lower your hips and curb your knees to achieve the pose. You won’t believe how wonderful squats are for your butt. It targets your glutes, groin and even your abdomen. Let us teach you how to do a proper squat so you will achieve great results.

First, you have to find a comfortable place where you can move freely. Then, stand straight while your feet are shoulder width apart. Your shoulders should be pulled back so that your spine forms the perfect alignment. Keep your spine neutral before starting the squat. As you begin, you have to put your arms away from your body with the same direction as the floor. Your two palms should naturally face the group. Now, begin squatting as you take one initial deep breath. Bend your knees and move your hips backward as if you’re sitting on a chair. Keep your spine straight at all times. Please maintain a straight line from your shoulder to your torso. Go down as deep as you can and feel your muscles tighten. If you experience the tightening of your glutes, then you are doing the right thing. It’s not just your butt that you exercise but also your abdomen. This will make your workout more holistic. You are targeting the places that are crucial for you to have a strong core. Perform squats everyday so that you will experience a different and much healthier shift to your body.

Now, we can proceed to your other option in order to achieve a bigger and firmer butt. We love lunges because the butt is being targeted and the tightening in this region feels effective. It is a very simple exercise with great benefits. When you lunge, you have to step one foot forward and lower your body. Your back thigh feels the work and it will surely feel really good; lovely stretch that targets your glutes, for sure.

Trying lunges for the first time is fun. You just start with your basic standing position with your chest out and your spine straight. Maintain that good posture as you breathe deeply. When you’re ready, you can just step your right foot forward which means that your left thigh is at the back stretching. Your glutes are being firmed up which is amazing! You can lower your body further to take advantage the benefits some more or you can relax and proceed to alternating your right foot with your left foot. You can hold the lunge position for a few seconds just to squeeze your butt some more. This type of exercise can be combined with other great routines.

Since you have tried squatting and lunging, you can also try the dead lift for a better and bigger butt. We hope you’re excited to try this one. You will need a simple prop for this exercise to work, of course. For dead lifts, you should use a barbell suitable to your physical strength. What you do is take this barbell and yes, you guessed it, lift it up to your hips. There are different areas of your body that this targets but for the purpose of this post, we will focus on your buttocks.

Let’s start with dead lifting by standing straight. You have to make sure that the barbell is already within your reach before you start, to be specific, it should be in front of you already. You can position your arms in such a way that they are a shoulder width apart. Now, you’re ready to lift the barbell with your arms. When you lift, you have to grip the bar with your right and left hand at the same time. While lifting, you have to focus on your balance and maintain a straight and well-aligned spine. Then, lift the bar up to reach your shin. If the bar is at your hip level, concentrate and keep your balance.

Wow! So there are surely different ways to lift your butt and train your waist and we hope you learned many things from what we shared. Waist training can definitely work for many people. If you are determined to have a bikini-ready body and you have the stamina and the drive to do it, we really recommend waist training and incorporation proper diet and the appropriate physical exercises for added effectiveness. We certainly hope you will succeed in your physical quest. Don’t forget to enjoy!

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