Why is waist training so trendy and popular today? The answer is simple. It works! It is so effective that even famous stars in Hollywood are doing it. They like waist training because of its simple approach to slimming down. When all you need is a waist trainer to achieve a great body, people are really going to be drawn to this practical and effective idea.

A lot of women wear corsets to wrap their waist and they look stunning. The corsets are equally attractive because they are made of fancy materials especially laces and ribbons. Some women tend to conceal the waist trainers and wear them underneath their dresses or blouses. This can also enhance the appearance of their bodies. Why do we have to wear waist trainer  to train our waists? There must be multifarious answers.

For people who want to maintain their figure, they can wear these waist bands for parties to prevent them from indulging too much on food. A tight corset can help you limit your food intake which is a great thing if you are trying to lose weight. With regular use of these waist trainers, you will notice that your figure starts to shift. When you wear a corset everyday, your body gets accustomed to this container, and like water, it follows the shape of the corset. Isn’t it the most fascinating thing you have ever heard in the fitness world? Now, let me give you an interesting and educational tour of the waist training arena.

1. Where did the waist training concept begin?

  • The bottom line: Waist training has been around for ages.

It may come as no surprise to health and fitness enthusiasts that waist training has been around since the 1800s but to ordinary women, they only just heard about the term fairly recently. We want to educate you on waist training and share with you its history so you will know if it was effective in the past. And indeed it was, as evidenced by the many women wearing them during the Renaissance period. Ladies then wore corsets as an undergarment so that their elaborate dresses will fit nicely on their bodies.

In the past, women living in palaces and castles wear corsets daily and some of them wear really tight versions during parties to accentual their figure. Now, you may have observed that corsets are being manufactured again because the fashion industry and the health and fitness world have realized how flattering it is on a woman’s body. The designs of the corsets these days are much more comfortable and safer to wear compared to their Victorian counterparts.

In this day and age, women are almost desperate to know how they can improve their bodies and the corsets have been redesigned to fit that need. Corsets of past years have a modern version today which is commonly referred to as waist trainers. Made of plastic or steel boning, waist trainers are used to give the waist a more defined shape. Women today can wear these waist cinchers daily without people noticing them because they are designed to be worn underneath normal clothing. For the ones who want to lose more weight, they can use these waist trainers while doing cardio exercises.

  • Waist training has been innovated for modern times.

The customers or consumers of waist trainers are the best endorsers because when the famous Kardashian sisters spoke about the products they wore, people began welcoming the idea in their fitness regimen, too. When beautiful and popular women with thousands of followers on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posted photos wearing waist trainers, it gave birth to a new fashion and fitness phenomenon. Suddenly the demand for waist trainers grew higher and everyone wanted to know what this new fitness concept was all about. Today, waist training simply means cinching your waist area in order to give you a sexier and more curvaceous figure. You can develop this body sculpting method by putting on corsets or latex waist trainers. With continuous use, your waist will be slimmer while your hips will be emphasized thus giving you a beautiful hourglass shape. It’s just what every woman wants.

It is crucial to remember that this process doesn’t give immediate results. It’s not magic. If we want to achieve realistic results, something that we can be proud of, we should train ourselves to use the waist trainers regularly. These incredible figure shapers tighten your waist when you wear them and provide the illusion of a smaller waist. They improve your posture and can at least take a couple of inches from your original measurement. Nonetheless, this is not a permanent fix. After months of using a waist trainer every single day, your body will adapt but if you don’t use it for a long time, your body will go back to its original form. It is crucial to remember that this process doesn’t give immediate results. It’s not magic. If we want to achieve realistic results, something that we can be proud of, we should train ourselves to use the waist trainers regularly. These incredible figure shapers tighten your waist when you wear them and provide the illusion of a smaller waist. They improve your posture and can at least take a couple of inches from your original measurement. Nonetheless, this is not a permanent fix. After months of using a waist trainer every single day, your body will adapt but if you don’t use it for a long time, your body will go back to its original form.

It’s all about discipline. If you really want to keep an hourglass figure then you should wear the waist trainer for a few hours each day. This not only improves your posture but also have some mental effects such as bringing new confidence to your psyche which is good to keep up.

2. How do I choose the best corset for waist training?

The choice to buy a high-quality yet affordable waist trainer is up to you. You will find many styles and designs out there but you have to keep in mind that function should go first before aesthetic. If you want great results, you should pick out the best choice among the numerous types of waist trainers available out there. 

As a beginner, you can select a latex waist trainer or ask how to choose a waist trainer for help. Make sure you are comfortable with the material and your body can still move in a flexible manner. The basic waist trainer is easy to put on and easy to remove. Unlike those that are complicated to wear, the waist trainer will provide the comfort and support your need without the hassle.

Of course, as you shop around for the perfect waist shaper, you will find that there are various types which may not be as effective as others. You have to be careful in choosing the ones that are comfortable to wear yet they still provide ample support for your body. Try on several waist trainers in the market and see which ones have the snug fit on your body. It's best to make a list of shopping tips so that you can successfully purchase a waist trainer which makes you feel no pain when you are wearing it. 

For people who want to take it a step further, they can use waist training corsets because these kinds have solid support. They are made of structured frame that pulls your waist, shaping it to your ideal form. If you are comfortable wearing corsets everyday, then you should really give this a try as it can give the results you want in less time.

Think of corsets as beneficial to your diet as well as in achieving a beautiful shape. Pick out the ones that have strategic bone/structure patterns so they can shape your body the way you like it. Generally, corsets are adjustable which is great because you need to be comfortable in them.

3.Should I wear corsets daily? And how many hours?

After choosing the right waist trainer for your body type, you should wear it regularly but be disciplined in your progress. Don’t think of instant results. Make sure it is just the right fit at first and you can gradually increase the tightness as your body adjusts to the trainers.

The vital rule is that the longer time you use the corsets daily, the more closer you will be to achieve that most-coveted hourglass figure. Your level of comfort and your personal discipline vary from your friends so it is important to choose your own schedule. For beginners, we recommend you start in the morning. Wear the corsets for, let’s say, 4 hours, so that early in the day you will feel a sense of accomplishment already. It would be easier for you to be inspired to wear it in the afternoon because you have already proven to yourself that you can do it.

Wearing corsets can greatly improve your posture that’s why it’s good to wear them when you’re standing or sitting down. We have observed that a lot of women, even those that have tried it for a week, have commented about their heightened self-control while wearing waist trainers. Wearing them a few hours everyday makes them feel like a new and improved person. Since you are just starting out with your training, wearing the waist shapers for 2-3 hours will be ideal within one day. It doesn’t matter what time of day you want to wear them as long as you put them on a regular basis. Not everyone is the same and if you feel pain at first, you can stick to an hour a day. Don’t force your progress. Actually, using waist trainers will be more effective if you think of the positive benefits that it brings. If you are focused on making gradual improvements while keeping an eye on your goal, you will be happier wearing your corsets on a day to day basis.

4.When can I move on to the next level?

Going into waist training, you need to have a clear vision of the future. What do you want your body to look and feel like after a period of time? Ideally, you will have to follow a target schedule but the secret to success in waist training is paying close attention to the progress of your body each day. Only your body will determine if you need to move on to a smaller corset size already.

When you notice that your waist is already smaller compared to when you first started, you would need to adjust your corset. If the waist trainer that you bought has already reached its maximum adjustment and still you want to continue losing inches from your waist, you now have to buy a smaller size. Some people have a smaller corset ready for the transition while others don’t want to plan ahead. The reason for this is they might like the results already and they would wish to stick to a certain waistline size. It depends on the results that you desire. If you are already satisfied then you can just buy a few more corsets that you can use daily as alternative to your original one.

We have an excellent waist training starter kit that, we are confident, will jumpstart your fitness program effectively. The kit consists of two corsets that have two liners which will make it more durable. We highly recommend for you to give it a try.

5.Can I remain the results?

The time frame when you can see the results for waist training depends largely on you. Your body will respond uniquely to this fitness regimen. The outcome can be predicted by your determination to achieve results faster. If you want to slim down gradually, you can target 4 hours of waist training a day but if you want much faster results, you should aim for 10 hours of waist training.

Your attitude towards your progress can determine the success of waist training. After visible results, you can definitely maintain the sexy and svelte figure by wearing corsets even beyond the 3-month period.

6. What can I expect from my body within the waist training period?

There are several factors worth considering in managing your expectations in waist training. Below, we enumerate these points.

  • The duration of waist training you do every day;
  • The number of days you wear the waist trainers or corsets;
  • The snugness of the waist trainer as you fasten it on your body;
  • The exercise or diet regimen incorporated while on the waist training program.

7. Is waist training safe for women?

The truth of the matter is waist training is relatively safe to practice and corsets are safe to use. The problem only arises when women overdo it. Balance should still be an important element to consider at all times whether it’s dieting, exercising or in this case, waist training.

There are some stories circulating that people who wear corsets for a long period of time will have growth problems in terms of midsection muscle strength but the bottom line here is waist training should be done in moderation. We are not living in the 18th century anymore and the designs of waist trainers today are made for comfort and safety.

With waist trainers, it is important to wear them properly which means having enough space to breathe normally. You can still do basic exercises without getting any back or stomach pains.

The objective of waist training is to sculpt your body especially your midsection in a safe and healthy way. It will take some time for your body to adjust to the waist trainers so no need to wear the trainers 24 hours a day just to hasten the process. Patience is a virtue that should be adapted in this type of fitness program.

When you wear high quality corsets or modern waist trainers properly and you are prepared to make small sacrifices such as eating less and exercising more, the rate of success will be much higher. Evaluating your current figure and deciding what you want to improve about it is the first step to setting goals. When you do that, you will have a much more positive outlook about where your waist training journey will be headed.

For people who are engaging in waist training at the moment, just keep your hopes up and think positive. If you have questions or suggestions, you can share them with us on this website. Let’s keep our eyes open to learning new things about waist training.

Good luck!

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