Exercises to Get Rid of Lower Back Fat

Everyone wants to look slim and flawless. Getting slender is everyone’s dream because it gives you confidence and you can face the world assertively. However, many people are worried about their big tummy, heavy hips and large thighs. When they go to the party, everyone notices them, and he or she feels embarrassed and shy. Therefore, they are eating the right food and doing exercises to maintain themselves.

They are aware now that the health is vital and if you do not take care of yourself, you will face diseases like increase blood sugar, hypertension, and heart diseases. Weight gain leads to these diseases, and it is better to control your diet and weight before facing these. Ladies are primarily concerned about sensitive areas like lower back fat, and no one likes to roam around with big bottom. People make fun and make you embarrassed.

About Lower Back Fat and Fat Loss

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No doubt lower fat back gives you horrible look if your appearance is bulky. It is a very particular problem area of the body and no doubt a smart lower back gives a very svelte look. Nowadays we have seen that people are concerned about the lower back fat area. We all gain weight and stockpile fat in different ways like men usually put too much fat in the stomach area, and ladies put weight on hips and thigh areas. These areas are very exasperating and annoying sometimes. There is a solution as well if you follow some, comprehensive weight-loss plan you can get rid of this problem and look slim.

You have to become active in life and do some exercises to reduce lower back, but it is not the only thing: there are many things which are part of weight loss strategy. If you do all torso rotations, side bends and traditional push-up position still you cannot get over with the lumbar load. Thus exercise and proper diet go hand in hand. You have to do total body strength training along with regular cardio to get a slim lower back. Strength training put to mean lean mass on the body which results in excellent overall calorie burn. Cardio is very useful in burning calories, and it helps with fat loss. Thus the solution does exercise and follows a healthy diet plan to lose lower back fat and get in shape.

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About Fat Loss

Fats are starting to accumulate when you produce a debt between consumption of calories by eating food and burning of calories. When you are involved in more physical activities, you burn a lot of calories and face fat loss by eating less. If there is a calorie deficit of 3500, it leads to fat loss of one pound.

You might have noticed that legs get slim very quickly, but your lower back fat takes time and trusts me it depends on luck. It cannot happen in seconds or hours that just in a night time you can get rid of lower back fat. You have to do exercise and follow diet plan but have the patience that’s more important.

Exercise to Get Rid of Lower Back Fat

When you burn calories by doing training, you increase the fat loss process. There are many exercises for lower back fat, and you can increase their intensity and duration, but still, it is not necessary that they will melt fat at the place.

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1. Strength Training

Strength training is essential as it helps in losing weight and compressing the saggy areas by working on the major muscles. It is responsible for maintaining and building muscle tissues. You need to have maximum three sessions in one week that focus on your back, arms, chest, hips, thighs, shoulders, and abs to forms muscle tissue which is very active as compared to fat tissue and that is how you burn all the calories. For strength training, it is better to join some gym to burn calories effectively. There are very valid exercises that you can do with repetitions of 8 to 12 in 1 to 3 sessions such as pushups, squats, biceps curls, side planks, triceps dips, crunches, shoulder presses, leg curls, and lunges.

2. Get Moving

Get moving and live healthy
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Cardio exercises are best as they help in burning calories. If you want to do cardio you can do the following:

  • Zumba with your friends
  • You can go swimming
  • Plan a hiking trip
  • Began to jump rope
  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Jump all kinds of body aerobics
  • Martial arts including kicking
  • Play soccer and chase balls

These all are cardio exercises and helpful in getting rid of fat loss. You can start with 30-minute cardio session and then increased it to 60 – 90 minutes to have a significant fat loss. According to medical science, if you spend 250 minutes in a week time doing cardio exercise, you are on the safe side and doing well for your own body.

3. Do Intervals at Some Workouts

If you want fat loss and that too quickly, you can combine any two above mentioned cardio workouts. You can keep the time as 60 – 90 minutes for three times in a week and do it continuously for 12 weeks to see surprising results. High-intensity workout helps in burning fat, and it is up to you how you add these HIIT workouts in your cardio exercises. It is good to add 2 to 3 minutes of intense workouts as it will sweat a lot and thus helps you in burning fat. It will not help you in shrinking lower back but also the whole body gets in shape.

4. Apply a Healthy Diet

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All your exercise and struggle is down the vein if you are not following a healthy diet. We told you only an exercise would not help, exercise and a healthy diet go hand in hand. It’s better to add protein to your diet such as fish, chicken, tofu along with vegetables which are very healthy for the body. You can add fats which are healthy and add whole food items in your diet. Say no to sugar, white flour, pasta, white bread, and drinks. It is also essential to control your cravings for fried items and fatty items such as pork and beef.

Best is to fill your tummy with proteins instead of carbs. Rule of thumb is calorie intake should be less than the calories you are burning, as if there is a calorie deficit of 500 to 1000, you can reduce 1 pound weight in a week time. It is essential to know the portions of your plate. When you have food, it’s better to fill half the plate with protein along with some vegetables or fruits, whole grains, and lean items should be in quarter quantity. Eat healthy and in the right amount. Many diet plans starve you, and they are not fit at all. Your body needs everything but in a controlled way. Ladies should never go below 1200 calories in a day and men should never go below 1800 calories in a day.

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Other Tips For Removing Lower Back Fat Through Exercise

Each part of your body is pinned to each other, so it ‘s a good idea to exercise other parts of your body when you want to cut off the lower back fat. On top of that, increasing the rate of metabolism is the direct method of losing fat, and insisting the same way of exercising cannot bring twice the result with half the effort. Then, add the following measures to your exercise plan.

  • Change the routine of your workout to make the muscles more flexible.
  • Try sports equipment that you are not accustomed to or exercises that you are not good at so that your muscles can get a complete workout.
  • Try to reduce your rest interval to strengthen your muscles gradually.
  • Slowly speed up your movements to bring about more excellent results.
  • Don’t forget to keep your body hydrated during exercise.
  • Having enough sleep time and regular sleep habits also take up a lot of weight.

Lower Back Fat Vs. Love Handles

The most challenging body fat which is hard to shed is lower back fat and then love handles. You cannot put an end to all this weight in a day; it will take months. People say it is the stubborn fat that’s why it is hard to shed. It is no doubt annoying, but still, it is considered to be less dangerous as compared to other body fat. Excess of everything is terrible, and if this weight is too much, you are prone to diabetes and heart problems as well. When your waistband goes above 35 inches for ladies and 40 inches for men, think that it is dangerous firmer visceral fat and now you have to be very careful. If you do not take care, you have to face health issues at a very young age.


We talked about lower back fat and also the exercises you have to do to reduce stubborn extra fat. The advice is to start exercises slowly and then with the time increases the pace. Your body is new to doing sports, and at the start, you might feel a lot of muscular pain and stiffness, but it will go with time. It is better to have a membership at any gym because you cannot do these exercises at home.

Be careful about your diet and watch what you are eating. Eat everything but in controlled portion and at the right time. Stop munching in between and have three proper meals and two snacks as fruits or nuts. In this way, you will not put on weight, and with adequate exercise, you can shed all the extra weight and look flawless. Finally, I wish you can shape the body shape while eliminating the lower back fat through a combination of a healthy diet and the proper exercise.

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