How to Get a Smaller Waist But Bigger Butt

Who does not want to look like perfect with a smaller waist and big butts? What about you ladies? Doesn’t it seem interesting that now a day having a curvy body like that makes you famous and different from others? However, having that kind of perfect body is not easy. Women now prefer a body like our Hollywood celebrities who rule the hearts. Stars like Nikki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian that are famous for their curvy shape.

Women search for their workouts and diet and seriously these celebrities have worked quite hard on themselves. So, if you are trying to get a curvy body with a small waist and big booty and show off your sexy figure you have to take care great care of your diet and workouts. Take care of the intake of essential oils as they are also required for removing the unwanted fats. You can join a gym and learn workouts from a professional, or you can try exercises at home.

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Celebrities Who Owns This Sexy Figure

Many celebrities are enjoying a gorgeous figure. Some of the top stars are:

1. Kardashian Sisters

CERRITOS, CA - SEPTEMBER 18: The Kardashian sisters arrive at the Sears in Cerritos Mall for the launch of their brand new clothing line, "Kardashian Kollection" in Cerritos, CA on September 18, 2011.

Kardashian sisters are well-known for their curvy figure. Both are the part of Hollywood industry. They have increased the lust for their body by showing their bikini selfies on all over the social media. For quite a time, both are the leading talk of social media because of their posts and selfies. Their tiny waists and big booty have made people their fan. Everyone wants to know their secrets.

2. Jenifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, the gorgeous and mind-blowing singer of Hollywood, let’s talk about her. She is known for her hourglass figure with big butts. Having a body like her curvy body is a dream for thousands of girls. Who would not want to have a body like her? She is just perfect for her curvy shape and big booty. She is touching the age of 40, and no one can tell that. Moreover, she feels confident and fabulous the way she is. Furthermore, she workouts daily for her erotic figure. She loves the way she is, and not hesitated to show off her body.

3. Nicki Minaj

All right here comes the Rap Queen, Nicki Minaj, she is a real star of the rap world. As a singer, she is flawless but when it comes to her big booty one can easily say that she is stunning. After the release of her song, Anaconda which was a great hit people started talking about her body. Her body is not that curvy when compared to the other celebrities. However, her small waist with that big butts knocks off everyone on the list. Everyone is talking about her. She workouts on her waist a lot. Her round and full booties are making her more famous and known worldwide. Moreover, why not, she deserves to be on the top list.

4. Jennifer Hudson

There was a time when she was not known worldwide but now Jennifer Hudson famous among millions of fans. She entered the world of Hollywood, at that time she was fat and chubby. After a while, Jennifer Hudson reentered with her new and stunning look that made everyone amazed. She is now the winner of many people hearts because of her curves and big booties. She shows off her big booties and small waist at every awards and function. Her dresses highlight the confidence of her sexy body.

5. Beyoncé   

Well, it will not be a lie if someone asks who rules the world of the curvy body. The answer most probably would be Beyoncé. She is not new to anyone, we all know her, and some of us are her diehard fans. She is known among every one of us for her curvy body and tiny waist big those big butts that make her look just perfect. Her workout on the body has made her looks perfect among the audience. People search for her workouts and diet, so they can reach the goal to have a body like Beyoncé.

How to Know If You Have a Figure with Small Waist and Big Booty?

Before action, you should know how far your body is from the sexy figure so that you can make a targeted effort.

The most intuitive way is by looking. If you don’t have a significant difference in waist and hip size, you apparently have a long way to go. If it ‘s hard to see with the naked eyes, it ‘s best to use the scientific method: check your body fat.

You can check for body fat through a hospital or gym and compare it to recommended values. If you like, you can also find self-test methods online. So, if you want to have a beautiful body curve, what is the best percentage of body fat?

Under normal circumstances, 25% body fat is considered to be optimal for a curve. If it ‘s more than 35%, you need to make a reasonable reduction in fat; if it ‘s less than 18%, it ‘s time to add nutrients to yourself.

How to Get a Bigger Butt

1. Building Muscle

Sexy fitness athlete performs exercises on the buttocks in the studio. Body-building.

Making a bigger butt is not that easy. You must work hard and carry out many workouts to reach your goal of big booty. Most important is to build up your muscles. You have to take the kind of diet that includes proteins. Use the protein juices and shakes that provide maximum energy for your workouts. You do not want to be stressed about your exercise, right? So, take maximum protein, eat healthily and work hard to reach your goal.

2. Do Wide Stance Weighted Squats

There are different kinds of squats exercise you can perform to get your desired curvy body for a sexy look. However, remember you have to work hard on your butts and waist. One thing you have to keep in mind is to maintain your posture while doing squats because it will help you to get bigger butts. Just stay parallel to the ground and perform the squats. For this exercise, you have to sit and open your buttocks wide and straight your hands in the direction of your face. Now you need to sit up and down in this same posture. You will feel pressure on your thighs, but that is a good sign. Do 40 to 50 times in a day for your perfect body.

3. Make Weighted Lunges

Lunges effect on the buttock and form the curvy body for your classic sexy look. Most of the women love this exercise because of its quick and astonishing results. Hold the two dumbbells in your hands and take one step forward and stand straight. Now bend yourself like the weight is twisting your body. Now go back to your original position for performing this exercise again.

The other method is to lift the weight on the back of your shoulders and move by taking one step further and bend the body. This way you can see a curvy body with big butts. You can complete 30 reps in both types of lunges.

4. Do Weighted Hip Lifts

This workout is a problematic exercise than deadlifts. You have to put the back of your chest or your head on a bench or any supportive thing. Place the weight on your stomach and bend downward and upward holding the weight. It causes pressure on the abdomen and reduces fat while forming a big round butt for you. Although it is tough to exercise, you will see surprising results.

5. Try Deadlifts

Deadlifts can be done at home or the gym to get your bigger butts. It is recommended to use a help of a trainer first for lifting weights.

6. Do Not Perform Lots of Cardiovascular Exercises or Aerobic

It is the most approved waist training for those who are fat and wants to enjoy a slim waist. A 15 to 20 min workout of cardio daily can be beneficial for waist trainers. However, it is crucial for those who want to have big butts that do not do cardio exercises. Because cardio workout burn fats and it will also burn fat around the hip area. Be gentle on the cardio workout as it also harms the muscular tissues as well. You can minimize the cardio for waist training along with butt enhancing exercises to reach your desired sexy body.

7. Other Tips from the Diet

Other than strengthening the buttock muscles, it is also essential to retain the fat in the buttocks while burning abdominal fat. In this case, your eating habits play an important role. If you do not eat correctly, not only will you be unable to have a significant buttock, but your breasts may also shrink. Therefore, keep in mind the following eating guidelines.

  • Maintain a healthy diet and limit your calorie intake.
  • Try to drink a glass of water before each meal as it can keep your body hydrated and prevent you from overeating.
  • Include as many fiber-rich foods in your diet as possible.
  • Eat more polyunsaturated fats and try to avoid trans fats.
  • Breakfast is essential, which is best balanced and diverse, including high-vitamin fruits, protein, and whole-grain bread or cereals.

Visual Trick

Thin woman in blue jeans isolated on white background with fat body in magnifier.

Visual methods can be used to look like an hourglass figure. Some of these are:

1. Pick Fitted Pants

If you want to show off big butts, there are some visual tricks you can do if you are not doing the workout. Choose fitted pants with higher raise that means the jeans can make your butts high and more visible. This kind of jean is also comfortable and covers the fats of the waistline and provide the perfect look. These types of pants are available worldwide; you need to choose the pant of your ideal size. Higher raise will give the visual of a big booty with a small waist.

2. Choose High-Waist Pants, Shorts, and Skirts

If you are desperate for having a big butt, then you have to spend on yourself now. Buy yourself some accessories that are going to help you look the way you want to.

  • Wear underwear or thongs with butt padding

You can wear thongs or lingerie with butt pads that make the butt look fat and appearing. The butts look rising and this way you can also look sexy for your husband or lover.

  • Slip on leggings or some yoga pants

Try yoga pants or leggings for rising butts. Even ladies I know you also agree that you look hot and sexy in a pair of leggings. However, what you do not know is that you can use them as butt riser. Use them for the perfect look.


For a curvy body with big butts and small waist, you have to work out daily and build up your muscles. Include proteins in your diet for making your muscles strong. Work hard for the perfect figure you have always dreamed of and avoid oily foods. However, some of the essential oils must be used that are suitable for the body. So, it is up to you that how you work for achieving your big butts.

Squats and lunges are the best exercises that can provide you excellent results if you work out daily. The other things that can make you look like having a curvy body are to use some visual tricks of wearing tight raising pant. You can also use butt pads as they are an essential item for your wardrobe accessories. Wear thongs and yoga pants as they also lift the butts and look round and beautiful in shape. Try to be a focus on your goal. Try the visual tricks if you are not ready for the hard and time taking workouts.

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