Butt Lifters: 3 Useful Types & 3 Products on Amazon

What Are Butt Lifter Shorts?

Butt lifter shorts is a clothing gadget for lifting the butts for a sexier look. These are known as special undergarments and mainly bought by women who urge to have a big butt or they want to shape up their butts. The product is fundamental to wear and transforms your butt into round and broad shape as you desire your butt should be. It is as simple as wearing a bra. We wear a bra for lifting our busts. Similarly, the lifter makes them look perfect according to your desired look. The same butt lifter shorts can be used for lifting your natural butts and providing you comfort and style. Some of the butt lifter shorts possess butt pads, and some of them do not. However, pads can sometimes unbalance the shape of the butts. In that case butt lifters, shorts are preferred. You will just fall in love with these shorts and forget your panties. There are many benefits of wearing butt lifter shorts, some of these are:

  • Women who have lost a lot of weight and have unbalanced the shape of their butts.
  • Pregnant women can use it after delivery for improving their figure again.
  • For old women, that are losing their shape of butts because of aging.
  • Especially those women who have a flat body.

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Even there are butt lifters with cutouts that can be used to shape the butts in round shape. These kinds of shorts are very comfortable to wear, and their stretching makes their wear easier for women. The butt lifter shorts will be responsible for the whole workout on your butts, and you will see quick results in a month that your butts have transformed into a perfect big booty. Even these shorts relax the muscles of the hips and provide comfort to the bones. It also makes the butt vigorous and firm and enhances the curves of the body. Just use it and believe in it and after a month you will experience the change of your figure transformation. If you want immediate results, you can work out too as many exercises raise and lift the butts and make them big.

How Do Butt Lifters Shorts Work

Butt lifter shorts are designed in such a way that they lift the butt in the upward direction. The fabric is elastic and comfortable and easily give rise to the butts. These butt lifter shorts can be used for a quick workout on your butts. You need to be patient with the results. If you want to have an immediate effect like you are having a wedding or a party, then you need to do butt work exercises regularly and wear butt lifter shorts with a protein diet. Different brands in the market or online provide different work out butt lifter shorts that work incredible.

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  • The Short Butt Lifter

It covers less area but has a great result, similar to wearing shorts under your pants.

  • The Long Butt Lifter

It will cover from the hips all the way to the middle of the thigh and perfectly control your thighs.

  • The Butt Lifter Pads

This one is perfect for those with no booty. The pads can be worn naturally under your clothes and give you a fantastic shape.

Your Booty Type and Purchase Idea

Getting familiar with your booty type will make it easier to buy the best butt lifter for you. Here are four different types of booty and purchase ideas.

1. The V Shape

The V-shape is one of the most common booty , and it means a broadly narrow hip. This shape ‘s fat storage is concentrated in the upper abdomen, while the buttocks keep the lowest fat storage. If you have this butt shape, then you should avoid shaping pants with high-cut leg hole.

2. The Heart Shape

Women with this booty type tend to have a narrow waist, wide hips and plump thighs. This is the most feminine booty shape which is considered as an ideal of a sexy butt. Therefore, they should choose thong panties.

3. The Round Shape

This booty type is also known as a bubble butt. It is widest at the center of the hips and has a prominent waistline. Women with this shape should look for high cut legs openings and silhouettes that gather at the rear to create more illusions on both sides.

4. The Square Shape

If you have a higher hip that tends to look flat because of the lack of curves, we are talking about square booty type here. Thus, you should choose butt lifter shorts to create magnificent curves and shapes.

Various Types of Butt Lifters

There are different kinds of butt lifters in the market with style and sexy look. Even you can use these shorts on your special night for your husband. Some of them are:

1. Butt Shaper with Supportive Bands

You will quickly find butt shapers with supportive bands that are tied to the legs or the waist as per your choice or need. The supportive bands are made up of elastic and can easily stretch the way you want. It provides extra support, and these are highly recommended for women with aging and pregnancy effects on the figure. They are comfortable and curve the figure exactly in an hourglass figure. It makes the butts look firm and stronger, and its workout provides excellent results.

2. Butt Lifter with Buttocks Out

These butt lifters have cutouts on the back, and the butts can come out of the cutouts. This short is known for its significant features of providing the best booty workout. It provides relaxation to the muscles and bones of the butts and makes them round. These fabrics are made with latest technologies that offer the ultimate comfort with a workout to make the butts shape round and wide for butt’s workout. These short lifters of butts are very famous among women. Some women may feel hesitated to wear them but after a while when you are will be astonished by the amazing results of your butt workout, and your confidence in wearing them will boost up.

3. Butt Shaper with No Cut-Outs

Are you still wondering on the cut on butt lifter that you should wear it or not? No worries try the butt shaper with no cutouts as they are more comfortable for women who feel hesitated to wear the cut-out ones. It increases the volume of the butts and provides the perfect shape. Light fabrics are used to provide comfort and easiness to women.

Benefits of Butt Lifter Shorts

There are many advantages of butt lifter shorts that are given below:

  • It is perfect for those have lost their weight and had lost the shape of their body. Sometimes in weight loss, many women are unable to maintain the figure, they focus on their weight loss. So, the weight losing women can use this product for the maintenance of the shape of their body.
  • The women who are facing the delivery process goes through a lot of problems and complications. The body suffers a lot, and they lose their figure in this whole process. So, new moms do not need to worry; we got your back. Try these butt lifter shorts, and you will experience amazing results.
  • Aging has its effect on the body. Some people cope differently with aging effects. The skin gets loose even around the butts in aging. These butt lifters can help for tightening the butts.
  • Now let’s talk about those women or girls who have flat bodies and are tired of their slim figure. Apparently having a tight and sexy butt that you can show off among people is not that easy to achieve so you can try these butt lifters as they are comfortable and supportive for your butt lift.
  • You can wear them daily, and even during the workouts.
  • Some of the young girls are a big fan of celebrities having that have big buts. For those who fail to work out in the gym or at home, they can buy these shorts for lifting their butts. They can easily buy these butt lifters short online or from any store.
  • You don’t have to choose any drug, plastic surgery or intense exercise. You just need to wear this unique undergarment to get a simple and instant butt lift.
  • They ‘re so comfortable to wear; whether you ‘re a housewife or a career woman, you can wear it every day to get the best body figure.

Are There Any Side Effects of Butt Lifters

The product uses fabric that provides support to lift or raise the butts for the desired hourglass figure. You can use these butt lifters daily and even on work. There is no harm on the butt muscles and joints. Also it provides support to shape up and strengthen the butt. So, there are so such side effects of these butt lifters.

However, you should know about the following factors before buying it:

  • The effect of the butt lifter is not long lasting. Once you take it off, your booty will return to its regular shape.
  • They may not be readily hidden under the clothes, so you need to pick the right style of your butt lifter.

Best Butt Lifters on Amazon

1. LANFEI Women’s Butt Lifter Panties Shapewear


LANFEI provides you a sexy look and features invisible design for people to see you wearing it. The fabric used in the manufacturing is comfortable and elastic. Moreover, the product is available from small to excel size to cater all body types. Now you can match it with your color as it is available in different colors as well.

Practical performances

  • It provides an hourglass figure and maintains the stomach and butts.
  • The LANFEI Butt Lifter burns the unwanted fats around the abdomen and butts.
  • You can wear it to shape up the body and butt for reaching your desire sexy figure.

Pros and cons


Provides the perfect form and can be used with every outfit. It is recommended for every age of women. Its elasticity makes it comfortable to wear under tight shorts or jeans.


The product is slightly expensive and can be tight for a few days from the start. There are no sizes available for women who wanted to buy in extra large sizes.

2. Focus Sexy Hot Women’s Butt Lifter


The product features all sizes from small to double excel. Moreover, it is comfortable to wear and give you the gorgeous looks as celebrity under your pants. The product uses a modern fabric with net embroidery. However, it is also available in simple fabric.

Practical performances

  • It is easy to use and can be easily washed.
  • The results of this product are surprising and have a five-star rating for quick and immediate results.
  • It will make your looks gorgeous and can be used on a party, honeymoon or wedding night.

Pros and cons


It is easy to use and can be very helpful for achieving your desired butt. It ensures the shape and firmness of the butt with comfort and style. Women can feel hesitated in the start to wear it after the results this is the best thing among the butt lifters.


Some of the women can feel hesitated to wear it among people. The fabric is so thin and visible under light clothes. It highlights the round butt with the cut-off style.

3. HelloTem Women Lace Padded Seamless Butt Hip Enhancer


The butt lifter from HelloTem features different sizes ranging from small to double excel. The product has comfortable fabric, and you can wear it for long hours. It provides curvy shape to the figure and comes with easy to wash feature. The product covers the whole butt area. Buy this item as your particular night accessory.

Practical performances

  • It is a perfect butt lifter for immediate results. It also maintains the stomach and controls the movement of the body by providing flexibility.
  • Comfortable to wear in daily routine under jeans or other pants.
  • Provide curves form to the body.
  • Release the unwanted fats around the butt area.

Pros and cons


It is comfortable and easy to wear, and the butt pads add a little weight to your butts that make them look more amazing and inviting for your husband or lover.


The elastic can be tight at the start and get loose in some time when you get used to it. For bigger women, the pads can be small, and the shape of the butt can go wrong.

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