Easy Waist Training Workouts to Lose Belly Fat Sitting at a Desk

A desk job hinders your aim of achieving the healthy lifestyle and maintaining your weight. Sitting in one place can cause health disorders in your body. Long sitting and desk job is the main cause of high cholesterol, heart disease, and hypertension and diabetes risk. People who have 8 hours or more desk job face the most of these health issues, they want to reduce weight to maintain a healthy lifestyle but how? That’s the biggest question.

Most people complain that sitting at one place for long hours during work exerts a lot of pressure on the stomach hence generating more stomach fat. Even if you go to the gym, it doesn’t work as all the unwanted pounds pile on the stomach. You need to make changes at work and in your off time that would help you lose belly fat.

You gain belly weight when your calories intake is higher than your consumption. A desk job is the main cause of belly weight as you don’t move much. Sitting all day and eating high-calorie food choices will only add weight to your belly. There are many health concerns regarding desk job as mentioned above and by eating a healthier diet with an exercise routine can only help you in losing belly weight. People now have become more conscious are want to lose the belly fat.

Five Chair Exercises Help to Reduce Belly Fat

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Gym or doing aerobic exercise is not the only solution; you can still lose belly weight by doing five simple chair exercises. It will keep you in shape and can help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

1. Knee Pull-Ins

For this, you need to sit at the edge of your chair with a straight posture. Your feet should be in front of you. To do this exercise, you need to push your legs towards your abs with the help of your hands. In this way, you will feel a lot of wrench in the lower portion of abs.

2. Double Knee Lift

This exercise involves your full abdominal in action. For support, you need to keep your hands at the chair armrest and lift your both knees towards chest. Best is not to bend yourself towards knee let abs bring them to the chest. If there is no armrest, you can hold the seat for support.

3. Oblique Pull Ups

This exercise works best for the sides of your abs. You have to use the similar motions of double knee lift just by leaning to one side. Continue this exercise unless you feel the stretch. Then lean towards the opposite side and continue doing this exercise for amazing results.

4. Floor Reaches

No women want to have love handles, and if they start appearing the women will try their level best to get rid of them. Hence this is the best exercise for love handles. You just need to keep your feet straight in front of you, lean and touch the opposite foot with your hands. Repeat this exercise with interchanging sides as much as you can.

5. Pull ups

Pull ups are the best exercise and can fight against belly fat. If you have a moving chair with wheels, make it stable by fixing it with the wall. Keep your hands on the armrest and lift your knees up as much as you can. Here your abs would be working in pulling your knees up. Best is to do this exercise as much as you can for amazing results.

These small and easy exercises are very important, and you can easily do these in free time. There are lots of health disorders that comes with excessive weight gain which further leads to major diseases. Thus best is to focus on your health to live a healthy life and get rid of the excess fat.

Stick to Healthy Eating Habits as a Strong Supplement

You can’t change eating habits in a day or so; it will take you almost sixty-six days to shifts to a new habit. Weight loss can’t happen overnight; you have to focus on daily calorie intake and make healthier foods choices. Eating extra calories will surely add extra weight, and thus you have to avoid that.

Following are some tips that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle:

1. Never Skip BreakfastSmile for sweet breakfast in blue plate

Breakfast is a very important meal of the day as it gives you energy and strength throughout the day. Research has proven that people who eat breakfast daily weightless as compared to skippers, they have healthy diet intake and this helps to accomplish their task efficiently. When we do not take proper breakfast, it makes us rapacious, and we end up in eating unhealthy food when hungry.

The main reason we skip breakfast is that we eat too much in the evening and at morning time we feel full. Thus best is to have light meals at night so that you can eat breakfast in the morning and stay energetic throughout the day. If you are short on time to have a proper breakfast, then best is to take fruits with cheese or cereal in milk.

2. Drink Water throughout the Day

Water is very important for our body as it keep us hydrated throughout the day. Eighty percent of our fluid intake is in the form of water, beverages, and twenty percent intake is from the food we eat. Research has proven that drinking sixteen o helps to keep you in shape. Drinking water before a meal reduces our hunger, and thus we naturally do not eat much. Maximum intake of water for women is eleven cups a day, and for men, it is sixteen cups a day. Try to drink pure distilled water for maximum fluid intake instead of beverages that further assist in gaining more weight.

No doubt drinking this much of water is not an easy task. The best way is to keep big water bottles in front of you at a desk or in your bag so you can have the maximum intake. Whenever you get up from your desk, make it an excuse and drink a glass of water. If you are having difficulty in drinking water, the best is to have a timer on your desk, or you can buy a bottle with a timer which reminds you to drink water.

3. Eat Lean Protein, Good Fats, and Fiber at Every MealHands cooking vegetables in kitchen

Eating a balanced diet is very necessary for maintaining a healthy life. Taking the right portion of protein, good fats and fiber at every meal keep your sugar at a normal level. It also helps you remain energetic to perform tasks efficiently. By eating a balanced portion of food, you don’t have mood swings, and you can see better results in your body as well.

You can make a perfect balanced plate at home simply by keeping protein a size of the palm of your hand, fruits, and vegetables which make 2/3 of the plate and a good fat in the form of olive oil. The size of protein is 25 grams for a healthy diet. By in taking a balanced meal, you won’t feel hungry and plus you will not gain weight.

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4. Healthy Snacks

Once you are on a journey of reducing belly weight, it is necessary to take healthy snacks. A healthy person should have five meals a day two of which should comprise of healthy snacks. You can take fruits and vegetables such as green organic apple, banana, carrots or cucumber. They are very low in calories and thus safe to eat. One can also eat nuts such as almonds which are high in fiber and helps you in reducing belly fat. You can also have green tea as a snack which helps a lot in reducing belly fat.

Sneaky Tips to Enhance your Result

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We have seen that when you’re at work, stress comes from different ways and it leads to appetite increase and thus ends up in emotional eating. Thus you have to control stress at work through these means:

Place a small sticker on your phone: At work, a lot of stress comes from using or seeing your phone as well. Therefore to avoid it you should place a small yellow sticker on your phone. All of this will remind you to take a deep breath before answering a call. In this way, you will talk confidently and feel better as well, hence reducing stress.

Set a small mirror in your office if possible: It’s a very good way to keep you on track. All the time you can see yourself in the mirror with target areas. It will stop you from eating unhealthy at work such as a piece of cake, diet soda or freshly baked cookies, therefore keeping your weight maintained.

Try chewing gum to defuse tension instantly: Chewing gum can defuse your stress and tension very easily. Studies have shown that gum chewers stress level are twelve percent lower than non-chewer gummers. Thus it’s the best way to avoid stress which leads to appetite increase such as Late-night calorie bingeing.

Try wearing a waist training corset to strengthen your results: If you are following a healthy diet and doing high-intensity exercise then waist training workouts for you amazingly. Just give yourself a time of 30 days, and you will see a huge reduction in belly fat.


If you have a long desk job and you are worried about your belly fat. You have to follow the healthy eating plan and belly fat-fighting exercises to reduce the belly weight. Eating the right food is very important. If you are eating unhealthy items such as chocolate bars, sugary items and expecting the weight to come down it won’t. Doing exercise while at work and limiting the stress you feel will help you in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

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