Incredible Waist Training Exercises for Women

Do you want to discover the secrets of women with incredibly sexy waists?

A lot of discussions, chats, debates, and researches have occurred, and fortunately, the secret has been revealed for a long time. The simple answer is waist training exercise – the fantastic and, sometimes, difficult solution to the dilemma of most women around the world.

The proper diet works wonders for our waistline but only when you complement it with the most effective exercise will you achieve a sexy figure. With tested and proven waist training exercises, you are also most likely to maintain a healthy and sexy body. What’s the catch? You have the make sure that you are exercising the right way. Choose the right waist training exercise that you can sustain on a regular basis.

Some people torture themselves with doing crunches, and they can’t do it regularly because they just don’t look at it as a positive experience. Add to that is crunches only target a limited area of your abs. Doing other exercises together with them could be tedious. But the good news is there are great exercise combinations for a slimmer waist. You can try to combine some of these exercises in order to have a fun and effective workout.

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Best Waist Training Exercises for an Hourglass Figure

1. Jumping Jacks

It is fun to do. It is easy, no tools necessary for this type of workout. It’s beneficial to your body because it increases your metabolism which in turn will make you process calories faster. It’s certainly effective in strengthening your core muscles because as you jump, your midsection tightens. With repetitive movements, you will tone the muscles in that area which will remove unsightly flabs.

What’s great about jumping jack is that you can adjust the intensity by doing it faster with just 15-second intervals. Most of the time, you have to listen to your body and respond to how much it can take. But there are times when you have to push beyond your limits because you know you will improve your workout. Don’t be lazy. Mentally and physically, you can do plenty of jumping jacks; you just have to push harder.

2. Jumping Twist

Now this one is more fun! You can add this to your waist training exercise routine to spice things ups. As human beings, we get bored with monotony, so it’s essential to have a little bit of variation in your exercise daily. An hour of exercise is a long time, and if you only have one routine, chances are, you will not enjoy it and are not likely to be interested in exercising anymore.

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Jumping while your midsection is twisting is really good for waist training. The twist allows good blood circulation plus it targets specific areas of your midsection which helps your entire routine become balance. It is enjoyable to jump up and twist your body from left to right. It feels like a great massage as well. You have to do this repetitive movement for 30 seconds, alternating your routine whenever you feel exhausted. Just remember to keep it fun and challenging.

3. Burpees

One of the popular exercises that are perfect for waist training is the burpees. People doing cross-fit training are obsessed with this exercise. It is considered a full-body workout because your torso, midsection and your legs are doing the work. You can do this for just a short period of time, but the benefits are quick to achieve. Your metabolism will be significantly improved.

When you’re ready, all you have to follow are simple steps. First, stand with your feet 1/3 meter apart then you can lower your body, and your palms should face the floor in front of you. Now the fun part begins, you have to kick your legs to the back. Both legs should press on the floor then you lower your chest. Then go back to the first position by pressing up your feet forward. Then you have to jump up while raising your arms over the head. This is the problematic part. You really have to be committed to doing burpees otherwise you will just botch it and not get the benefits you need.

4. Bicycle Crunch

The next exercise is another exciting addition to your workout. It’s called the bicycle crunch, and there’s a reason why it’s called that. Nope. You don’t need a bicycle or any other workout tool for that matter. You need to mimic cycling movements while on the floor. Here’s what you have to do first. You have to lie down on the flower with your back pressed down. You can just put your hands on the left and right of your head. Then your knees have to be at a 45-degree angle. Now you are ready to imitate a riding a bicycle, rotate your legs similar to when you’re riding a bike. Just alternate your movements and repeat these motions for close to a minute then do it in the opposite direction.

5. Plank Exercise

We have the planking exercise to burn fats in your waist and abdomen area. This is also a well-known fat buster, and this will also tighten the core muscles. Planking takes the disciple and regular repetition on a daily basis. When you do this every day, you will improve your stamina, and your body will be able to cope well with the routine. But the proper type of planking can make a big difference in your work out.

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Tips for Wearing a Waist Trainer while Exercising

1. Wear something under Your Waist Trainer

When you exercise, your body will produce a lot of sweat, and you will feel that the waist trainer is tightly attached to your body. The trapped sweat may cause acne, so don’t forget to wear a T-shirt or tank top underneath your waist trainer.

2. Do not Wear the Waist Trainer for more than Eight Hours per Day

There are some potential side effects of wearing waist trainers. So your body needs to get used to the new shapes slowly. Wearing it more than 8 hours a day will put too much pressure on your body and cause health concerns.

Remember, never wear the waist trainer all day. If you feel any discomfort, take it off immediately.

3. Avoid Wearing it during High-intensity Exercises

A woman wearing a waist trainer while exercising

Your heart rate will increase while doing high-intensity exercise or cardio, which may make you feel difficult to breathe.

4. Buy a High-quality Waist Trainer

Buying a well-made waist trainer is very important because high-quality waist trainers determine the durability, your waist training results, efficiency, and comfort.

Of course, you have the option to do a full plank, or you can also do a side plank which is also useful. When you plank with both arms and legs, you have to make sure that your palms are flat on the floor and both feet are in the parallel direction to your arms. Your upper body has to be straight. A lot of people lower their buttocks, but this makes planking especially tricky and is not the proper way to do it. Just keep your entire body straight and enjoy the fat burning exercise!

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