Discover If Corset Training Affects Pregnancy

Every woman would want to have an hourglass figure that is attractive to men and a source of envy for fellow females however only a few are naturally endowed with that gift. Most women have to resort to waist training to achieve a sexy figure, and for some, it is a fun way to lose weight. They like to wear corsets because these garments make them look even more attractive especially the ones with sexy designs.

However, there is a valid concern that surfaces these days about waist training and that is the notion that this type of weight loss plan can affect the ability of women to conceive. Are you willing to sacrifice your chance to get pregnant for beauty? It is a question that needs to be addressed for a lot of women.

The Views of Experts and Celebrities

Some medical experts are opposed to waist training because they claim that it’s not sufficient as a weight loss remedy. The results of wearing corsets are temporary and can even cause damage to the body. For women who want to get pregnant, this is a serious issue to consider. On the flip side of the coin, not every fitness expert believes that waist training has an adverse effect on the ability of a woman to conceive. In fact, they think it has no effect on this at all.

Some celebrities who are doing waist training to maintain their beautiful figures are worries about not getting pregnant because of their fitness lifestyle, but fitness gurus and experts reassure them. Since waist training does not affect pregnancy, women can breathe easy and think that they can continue waist training.

Naturally, if you are already pregnant, it is not right to do waist training while you are carrying a baby. But before pregnancy and after, it is good to keep your body in top shape. It is not recommended to continue waist training while you’re pregnant because corsets suppress the freedom of your abdomen to expand. That’s the apparent reason.

Celebrities are countering the idea that the ability to get pregnant is affected by waist training. They claim that the ones having trouble conceiving had already encountered that problem even before they did waist training. Women’s bodies vary, and you cannot expect to one woman to find it easy to conceive while another would also have the same experience. It doesn’t work that way. It can also be argued that having a baby is a gift from God and you can get pregnant when it is really for you.

Pregnant Women Wearing Corsets in History

If we dig more rooted in history and look at the women in the earlier centuries, they were already wearing corsets then, and pregnancy was viewed as a blessing. That being said, they wanted to hide pregnant women in society for the duration of the pregnancy. If it is still inconspicuous, the women can again go out and mingle with others, but when it starts to show, they exerted effort to conceal the baby bump. Since they used corsets during that time, they have designed corsets that could hide the signs of pregnancy.

Doctor during that time did not advise women to discontinue wearing corsets, but they made sure that waist training was still done in moderation. The girdles were just modified to fit the women. Studies have already been conducted about the effects of corseting on the infants born and they have discovered that there is no harm in this physical garment. Of course, the babies were the primary concern during that time, and the women were just the ones carrying the blessing. The field of medicine was not sophisticated during that time, and some women had miscarriages because they didn’t find out they were pregnant until much later.

Wearing corsets was a part of the culture of the women in the 18th century, and they were accustomed to young women wearing corsets. When it came time for them to get pregnant, their bodies were altered in such a way that it was difficult for them during labor. It’s different today because women can use pain killers. Back then, they had to endure the excruciating pain of giving birth, and their bodies were used to corset wearing that it was difficult for them to push and exert pressure in their abdomen. The tummy area was constricted with the use of the corset, and it is trained to be firm.

Nowadays, with the advent of sophisticated technology, corseting no longer poses a danger to a woman. Even if you want to get pregnant, your capacity to do so will not be directly affected by waist training. It is such a relief for working women especially a lot of celebrities because they can get back in shape after they give birth. It is no longer a disadvantage to get pregnant because that phenomenon in a woman’s life is celebrated these days. If women want to do waist training and they get pregnant, they can just discontinue for nine months and resume when their body can already handle the rigid control of a corset. It’s all about listening to your body and adjusting according to your level of comfort. We hope your pregnancy woes will not hinder you from enjoying the control that you can have through waist training. You are in charge of your body, and you can be healthy on your terms.

Waist training Advice for Pre-Pregnancy, During Pregnancy and After Pregnancy

You love waist training so much that you stick to it during pregnancy as well. Whether you ‘re pregnant or not, getting your waist trained in the right way and ensure safety is the most important thing. Here are some tips for your waist training at different stages of pregnancy.

1. Before Pregnancy

Some people have heard that the waist trainer can cause the effect of contraception, in fact, it does not cause any trouble for pregnancy. Therefore, regardless of whether you plan to get pregnant or not, you can safely train your waist before pregnancy.

Remember to add healthy, nutritious food and regular core training to ensure that your body is healthy and robust.

2. During Pregnancy

You can also sculpt your body during pregnancy, but you should use garments designed specifically for pregnant women. Once you are pregnant, your stomach needs space to expand, so an ordinary corset is too harsh.

Professional maternity shapewear would not only not have an adverse effect on the pregnant belly, but would also help support the abdomen and back, making your figure look unusual during pregnancy.

3. After Childbirth

Binding is an excellent way to help shape your body and reduce swelling when you ‘re ready to return to your pre-baby body after giving birth. In this case, it may also guide your uterus and viscera back into the right place.

A safe and effective postpartum binding is especially significant for women with severe childbirth, but don’t forget to consult your doctor first.

The Problems That May Occur When Wearing Your Corset During Pregnancy

Although the waist training during pregnancy is feasible, some problems are also possible.

1. A Prolapsed Uterus

Prolapse of the uterus is likely to occur when the uterus is held in a corset for long periods of time, in which case the uterus will move out of its normal position, adversely affecting the fetal development and even changing the mother ‘s health.

2. Impact on Delivery and the Fetus

Unreasonable waist training during pregnancy not only allows you to experience painful labor but also potentially affects your child ‘s physical and mental health.

3. Miscarriage

Wearing a regular corset all the time is likely to lead to an accidental miscarriage if you do not know you are pregnant.

In general, you should choose the appropriate way and clothing for waist training during pregnancy; otherwise, you had better wait for the postpartum with the consent of the doctor before taking action.

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