Plus Size Corset: How to Size the Corsets & 3 Best Choices

Do you feel that your body size is a bit bigger than the people around you, and at the same time you want to have your corset to push your chest and hips up? However, it does not seem easy to get a corset of your size. But now there is special one called plus size corset for you, and all you need to do is get the exact size.

What is Plus Size Corset?

Sexy plus size model wearing a corset in the bedroom.

Women have worn corsets for centuries alongside their essential wear to achieve a desirable look, which is a kind of garments designed to embrace part or all of the torso. Even the people with small waistlines wear corsets for a modern and sexy look.

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Plus size women are those who have 40 or above inch waistline. Can they wear corsets too? Yes, they can, and even they can enjoy the benefits of the regular corsets also. It can be said that corsets are suitable for any type of body. Plus size corsets adds a little style to your wardrobe and your body. It doesn’t matter which size you are; you can get your desired corset by ordering them from any store or website.

First, you need to understand that wearing a corset is stylish but you need to match it with the proper outfit so your fats can not become prominent. Even you can use the plus size corsets for improving your waistline. It cannot provide magical results. You can achieve the results by making corset your routine, and over the period you will see surprising results. You can enjoy every benefit of a regular corset in a plus-sized corset. You can find plus size corsets in plastic, steel boning, cotton, and other fabrics, ribbons, and bows, under bust and over bust too.

Here, the critical question is what to choose? Ladies its best to go for the corset that can go with your everyday outfits if you are on a budget. Corsets also provide support to lift your body and correct the structure of your figure. Even people with back pains can use corsets for magical results. Often women who are plus size also face back problems and corset can be of great assistance to them.

Do you have a plus size waistline and love fashion and new trends? No worries, you can easily buy or order the fashionable and trendy corsets available in the market. The budget can get a little high when you choose a tight or lacing waist training corset but they work, and you can see the results by keeping girdle your routine. You can buy different corsets for a fantastic collection and match your corsets with different outfits to be a part of the trends. Your new look will make you fall in love with the corsets.

Plus Size Under Bust Corsetssize

Underbust corsets can easily and comfortably fit under the bust of the person. You can find a variety of underbust corsets in the market quickly. Underbust corsets are highly preferred because you can wear them with any of your favorite undergarments. They only cover your abdominal area, so you feel more comfortable and relaxed. You can also wear these corsets over your clothes especially when you are at home, as most of you will hesitate to wear the corset on top of your clothes outside. Ladies wearing a girdle of plus size can still make you look fabulous, and you can show off your figure.

Plus Size over Bust Corsets

Overbust corsets are those that cover the abdominal and the chest area. In simple words, you don’t need a bra while wearing this corset. Women who have large bodies can easily use this corset to maintain their figure and look good. If you want to shape up your breast with your waistline, you can easily rely on an overbust corset. Plus overbust size corsets are available easily in the market in every style.

Plus Size Steel Boned Corsets

Fit fitness woman in sportswear measuring perfect shape of her hips.

Do you have a fat body and are new to wearing corsets? Improving your waistline with a corset is a right decision but which corset to choose can confuse you. Firstly, steel boned corsets are ideal corsets for plus size waist because they hold up the body and provides a tight grip yet you can feel comfort and softness of the corset. Secondly, Plastic corsets are not that reliable with a plus waistline, and they do not provide a hard grip to maintain the structure of the body. Lastly, Steel boned corsets don’t lose their shape and can work for a longer time so it can also be a benefit for those who want to buy a single corset for their daily training.

How to Size the Plus Size Corsets

Purchasing a corset is not that simple. Even having a fashion sense can sometimes go wrong. You need to measure your natural waistline and then seek a little inch less corset. A tight corset is necessary. It may irritate you for a while, but once you set it with your body, you will feel comfortable and relax. Having a plus size means you need to choose a corset that is 4 to five inches less than your original waist. Hence this can provide you comfort and training together. There are various brands in the market; you need to choose the one that is the best fit for your body. You don’t want to look fatter in the corset you are wearing so select the one that can cover the body and still provides a lift.

1. To Measure Your Hips

Measuring hips is necessary when you are going for an underbust corset. You can measure the hips by keeping the tape below your stomach to the back. Hence this method will help you estimate your hips accurately.

2. To Measure Your Under Bust

Sometimes women get confused whether their bra and under bust size are same or different. You need to measure your underbust by keeping the tape in between the abdomen to the back.

3. To Measure Your Full Bust

For this measurement, place the tape on your breast and put around the large part of your chest to the back. Full bust measurement is imperative so you can also seek professional assistance when buying one. After measuring total bust choose the corset that lifts up your bust and provides you a sexy look. Just measure accurately, and you can find the best corset for your figure.

Best Plus Size Corset Recommendation

1. Daisy Corsets Women’s Top-Drawer Brocade Steel Boned

This company is known for their best plus size corsets and the stitching pattern that makes the corsets quality more precious for their customers.

Top advantages 

  • Available in plus sizes up to 6 XL
  • Built on the steel boning pattern that makes it strong to support the body and provide an hourglass figure.
  • Best for plus size waist training.
  • The lining of the corset is cotton that provides you the ultimate comfort.
  • Available in different trendy styles.
  • Can reduce waistline so you can get your ideal waist goals.
  • It is also helpful for back problems and pains.

2. Bonitaz Women’s Plus-Size Sweetheart Corset

For women who like to wear a corset with front and back closure. Sweetheart Corset is a must item in your wardrobe, and it can make you look far sexier than before.

Top advantages

  • It is known for its quick results for flattening the figure and lifting up your breasts.
  • It contains steel boning pattern that makes it tight and hard.
  • It is more durable than standard corsets.
  • It is available in many colors and styles.
  • It is available in sizes up to 6XL.
  • Zipper corsets are also available hence this increases the variety.
  • It can reduce the back pains and is especially for people with back problems.

3. Coquette Plus Size Fully Boned Stretch Knit Corset

This corset is stretchable and can comfortably fit your body and provide you an hourglass figure.

Top advantages

  • Zipper and lace corsets are available.
  • They are so comfortable and smooth on the inside that your body won’t feel disturbance of it.
  • They come in classic colors that you can match with your daily wardrobe.
  • You can quickly remove their straps.
  • They are available in under bust and over bust corsets.
  • Best for lifting your breasts.
  • Stretching style makes it more stylish and comfortable.
  • You can wear them over your routine dresses.

Match the Plus Size Corsets with Proper Outfit

The last and important process is to match your outfits with the corset, and increasing the brightness of your outfits is a great way to improve your assets.

Matching also takes time and sense because colors are not only the factor here. If you are a plus size woman, some outfits can make you look fat even wearing a corset. Also, you can take some professional assistance that can help you choose what goes with your corset. You can try your clothes at home in front of a mirror and see for yourself which dress or outfit can make up your day.

There are training that you can get as for women: fashion, dressing, style, and trends are an essential and crucial thing for their lifestyle and routine, and the training can help you provide the accurate sense of dressing according to your desired body. Every woman has different requirements according to their figure so matching the right corset is very necessary. The best way to align the corset with your dress is to try on different dresses with the corsets and see which fits perfectly.

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