Waist Measurement: Do You Have a Healthy Waist Size and Waist Training?

Women who love beauty always hope that their waist can be as thin as possible, so the big waist has become one of their troubles. However, the size of the waist is not only a matter of beauty but also an issue of health, whether you are a woman or a man.

What Is a Healthy Waist Size?

Waist size is an appropriate marker of your health instead of your weight. For several years, doctors and researchers have utilized BMI (body mass index) to determine that if a person is having any health risk or not. According to latest studies, it has been noted that BMI is not able to differentiate between muscle and fat. Belly fat is very dangerous for an individual due to various reasons.

When the fat is wrapped around our vital organs present in the torso can lead to numerous health risks. For that reason, it is imperative to determine which waist size is healthier or not. The healthy waist size is different for men and women.

1. For Men

Slim woman measure waist.

The healthy waist size for a man is less than 37 inches. Men who have waist size more than 37 inches might face any health issue.

2. For Women

The healthy waist size for a non-pregnant woman is less than 32 and a half inches. Women who have waist size more than that might face some kinds of health issue.

What Will Happen If You Don’t Have a Healthy Waist Size?

A method to estimate your potential health risk is to get to know about your waist size. Big waist size might be serious as it puts you at a higher risk for mounting obesity-related health issues, for instance, Type 2 Diabetes, coronary artery, and high blood pressure. If you do not comprise healthy waist circumference then you might get any of the following diseases:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Hypertension/HBP(high blood pressure)
  • Heart Disease
  • Gallbladder disease and gallstones
  • High LDL (or “bad”) cholesterol
  • Cancer
  • Gout
  • Breathing problems

They are not necessarily produced from the big waist, but it does carry some risks.

Methods to Measure Your Waist Circumference Correctly

There are several methods to find out your waist size. However, it is vital to know which way is accurate. Try these correct method to measure your waist on for size:

1. Take away Your Clothes

The very first thing you have to do is to take off your clothes. Some people have too much belly fat that removing clothes is difficult for them. Thus, if it is easy for you to remove clothes then do it. Otherwise, you can just raise your clothes from your belly.

2. Determine Your Waistline

You need to lower your trousers, pant or jeans from your belly and find your waistline. Once you see your waist, then you can move to next step.

3. Stand up Straight and Exhale Slowly

You have to stand up straight to check your waist size. If you bend, then you might not get the right measurement. Now, you have to inhale and exhale slowly. If you breathe fast, you will not get an accurate measurement.

4. Put the Tape at Your Navel to Measure Waist Size

Fit fitness girl measuring her waistline with measure tape on blue.

The best thing you require to do is to get an inch tape to check your waistline. You need to grab the endpoint of the tape and measure at your navel.

5. Put the Inch Tape Around Your Waist Line

At this step, bring the inch tape from your back to the front making a circle.

6. Check the Reading on the Tape

You have to hold the tape adequately and then tight it up on your waist size. Check the reading on the tape correctly. You have got your waist measurements.

7. Multiple Measurements to Ensure Accuracy

If you want to get accurate measurements, it is recommended that you repeat the measure at least three times and take their average as the final result.

Analyze Your Result

Analyzing the waistline measurement can help determine your physical health, and you need to pay attention to the following three points.

1. Is that healthy?

For women, a good measurement should be less than 31.5 inches, while less than 37 inches for men. If your value is outside the recommended range, check with your doctor.

2. Are there other factors influencing the results?

Sometimes an unhealthy result is not really unhealthy. For example, when you have a medical condition that causes abdominal distension or when you are pregnant, referencing other health parameters is the best way to judge your physical condition.

3. Do you need to lose weight?

Calculate your BMI when it comes to weight problems since the waist size can’t explain everything. If the numbers indicate you are obese or overweight, ask a professional to guide you to achieve it.

How to Get a Healthy Waist Size?

If you require getting in shape, then you must involve yourself in physical activity. Exercise is essential, and you should do it for at least 6-8 hours a week. According to the doctors, a person must exercise 250 minutes per week. Doing that helps you in burning fat. Moreover, you have to consider the food you eat. To lose weight faster, you must make sure that you are taking meals of a small portion.

If you limit your sugar intake and saturated fats, you will notice a drastic change in your weight. On the off chance, if you would like to save yourself from various illnesses, you need to keep a healthy waist size. Healthy waist size is not so easy to maintain. Read further to know some of the best ways to get a healthy waist size efficiently:

1. Waist Training

Waist trainers are quite efficient in losing belly fat. The manufacturers of waist training corset suggest people wear it for hours at daytime. When a person wears a corset than the belly gets squeezed and it will sweat a bit extra. Getting a good quality corset is imperative to avoid irritation or itching. Furthermore, sweating can turn into dehydration, so you have to drink water a lot.

Wearing a corset might help you in losing 1 or 2 inches of belly fat. However, if you need to reduce more belly fat, you have to follow a workout routine. When you exercise, your body will release triglycerides that are stored in the fat cells. Your body changes triglycerides into usable energy, and you will start losing weight of the whole body, not just on the belly.

A corset tightens your stomach, and you will not feel hunger a lot. Due to that reason, you stop eating frequently, and in turn, you will lose weight. On the other hand, corset does not affect the energy expenditure. When people say they have lost some weight, it is because they cut down their intake of calories. The corset is quite useful in discouraging you from eating more than required for reducing your waist.

2. Belly Dance

Belly dancer in legging and hip scarf dancing in the class.

Belly dance is a fun thing to do. If you know how to do belly dance, it will be a piece of cake for you to do it for 30 minutes at least in a day. Otherwise, you have to learn it by a professional. It is not so hard to learn. Once you join the classes to learn belly dance, do practice each day to burn your fat present especially on your belly.

Belly dance is one of the best techniques to lose weight on the belly. Belly dance can assist you to burn your calories enormously. On the off chance that you are a beginner then you may miss some inches. In any case, if you are engaged and decided then you can lose excess weight doing the belly dancing. If you do belly dancing for an hour, it will help you in boosting your stamina.

According to researchers, it has been noted that people who take belly dance classes just once or twice a week burn extra calories than people who do a regular workout on a daily basis. One fat pound is equal to 3,500 calories. With the help of belly dancing, you will be losing 250-300 more calories than you lose by doing exercise. Therefore, you must try belly dancing on a daily basis.

3. Belly Fat Burning Exercises

There is a broad range of belly fat burning exercises. You can pick one that suits your routine, and you think you will be able to perform it regularly. If you are dedicated to getting fit, you have to do exercise for at least 30 minutes daily. It is suggested so that you can start seeing signs of improvement and fast outcomes.

Here are a few exercises that can assist you in reducing belly fat faster:

4. Rolling Plank Exercise

If you have too much weight on your hips and abdomen, this exercise is perfect for you. Rolling plank exercise is used to train the muscles around your hips, midsection, and back.

[Read more about Plank Exercise]

5. The Stomach Vacuum

Stomach Vacuum Exercise is basically a low impact exercise. This activity will affect your breathing as opposed to boosting your heart rate.

6. Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are very effective in reducing the waist size. It is important to do cardio workouts for at least 20 minutes in a day. These activities will give you numerous medical advantages like decreasing strain, increases the capacity of lungs, helps you sleep well, et cetera.

7. Running

Running is also an excellent alternative to cut down the size of your waistline. It is better to do running exercise four times a week on random timings and days. This exercise will keep your heart rate up and burn many calories. For rapid outcomes, you require expanding the duration of your running.

8. Walk

The walk is known as one of the best fat burning techniques. It will reduce not only your waist size but also your entire body fat. If you follow a healthy diet along with doing a daily walk, you can lose weight swiftly.


It is recommended to adopt one or more of these techniques in your routine to get your desired waist. In addition to that, if you would like to add more years to your life, you must take care of your abdomen. Low BMI or high BMI does not have an effect on your body. However, waist size does. Excess weight on your belly not only make you look bad but it also makes you unhealthy. Some people do not have a healthy lifestyle and because of that their waist size increases rapidly. However, a few most recommended methods are mentioned above to maintain or lose your belly fat.

You can use a corset, belly dancing or some other exercise that suits you to lose excessively abdominal weight. Bear in mind that you don’t require to get used to a specific routine of activity. Various people start to reduce belly fats choosing one of these ways. However, they quit doing that because after some time they find that monotonous. Therefore, it is always suggested to use different methods so can keep on pleasingly reducing belly waist.

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