Hunting Down the Perfect Waist Trainers for a Short Torso

Speaking for most women, we can say that waist trainers are the way to go if we want to achieve a svelte figure. They are lovely at cinching all the extra inches from our waist and making it appear as if we have a 24-inch waistline. If we use waist trainers every day for several hours, we can maintain this type of instant transformation so that it will be more permanent. Better for our self-esteem, right? So it is! But some women have shorter torsos that may be doubtful about it because they can’t find a lot of corsets or waist trainers that suit them. We can do something about this simple dilemma.

Obviously, we need corsets with limited length for women with shorter torsos that is why specific designs in this area have been created. These new and modern designs are made to cater to the women who need to balance out their upper body with their lower body measurements. It’s all about finding the perfect waist trainer to use for this particular chore. Of course, you can see corsets with lesser hooks from the traditional ones. They are much more suitable for women with short abdomen area. You can choose from many options because it is not limited to the ones that you have to keep underneath your clothes. Some are uniquely designed to be shown off hence the variety of corset designs out there.

How to Determine the Length of Your Torso?

The length of a person ‘s torso can be divided into three categories: short, average, and long. Measure the distance directly from the bottom of your neck ( that is, the joint between your shoulders and the neck ) to the base of your spine ( where your thumbs meet when you place your hands on your hips ) with a tape measure. For women,

  • An average torso is between 15 and 17 inches.
  • Less than 15 inches is a short torso.
  • Longer than 17 inches is a long torso.

How to Choose the Best Corset for a Short Torso?

Picking the right waist trainer for your short body will get the most out of your waist. Do n’t know how to choose one? Refer to the following options.

1. A Waist Trainer with Two Rows of Hooks

The two-row hook type is designed specifically for short torsos and is more attuned to their body forms. As a short torso, a three-row hook waist trainer is not necessary, which will not bring better results for tightening the waist than a two-row hook one. In other words, buying it may be a waste.

2. Suitable for Daily Work

For waist trainers that you can use every day even with your short torso, you can choose a version that can cover even the entire area of your abdomen. They keep the extra fats out of sight. You can wear it underneath your work clothes or corporate attire, and you will have the silhouette that you aim for. Some brands are fit for just the formal occasions while there are other brands that introduce their daily use line so that women with shorter tops can still do their waist training on a regular basis. Some women who have a full figure and a short torso will benefit significantly from these types of corsets.

In this case, you don’t have to be skinny to look sexy. Sometimes, a great corset works wonders, and your short torso can appear proportion to your bottom body by just a little optical illusion.

3. A Vast

A vest is charming, hiding excess fat or skin and addressing the back fat problem, as well as making your upper body appear slender and smooth. It can also strengthen your chest while controlling your waist, giving you an instant hourglass figure. And it is very applicable for any occasion, including work.

4. Snazzy Design

If you are a very edgy lady, there are corsets or waist trainer fabrics which are ultra-chic and feminine. You can wear the classic examples such as the ones made of lace and beads. For your daily waist training, you can choose the ones that are perfect for exercise such as cotton.

You don’t have to burn your brain cells trying to figure out what suits you. If you are one who exercises regularly and you want a comfy corset wherein you can still move around in, then you would need the ones designed specifically for exercise. Don’t choose the satin ones, of course. They are just meant for lingerie or even parties.

Even if you have a shorter upper body, no one can stop you from wearing a sexy and form-fitting underbust corset. Your midsection will appear lean and attractive. Plus, you will have a bust lift instantly which means that will level up your sexiness even more.

5. Seek Help from the Internet

Still, a lot of women don’t know where to start in looking for corsets that will suit them. The internet is a great place to begin your hunt. The website not only shows the pictures and prices, but they also show the features of the corsets. The most important things that need to be taken account are the reviews of the products. When you read the words of real women praising or giving feedback on the corsets, then you can feel comfortable in deciding for them. The favorite brands in the high-end to medium end department have their websites, and there are so many bloggers out there who rate their experience in wearing these corsets. You can read the trustworthy ones to get feedback on what you need to know about a specific line of corsets.

Of course, the internet is home to so many corset designers who advertise their services online. They have their websites that you can visit as well. Check their portfolios and be in awe of their corset creations, from the most basic to the formal ones. You can even set an appointment through their website. It is pretty simple for women these days, they don’t discriminate. All women should be represented hence the proliferation of women designers who are eager to help their fellow women with corset designs that fit them perfectly. We’re sure you can find your way around if you believe that waist training will be perfect for your unique and beautiful body.

Tips for Maintaining Your Corset

  • Wash your waist trainer as soon as possible after use.
  • Use warm water and mild soap for cleaning.
  • Dry it by vertically or flat hanger after washing.
  • After drying, make sure that the latex does not stick together.
  • Talcum powder or silicone dressings help prevent the latex from sticking during long-term storage.

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