Waist Training Workouts for Men: Lose your Belly With Just Two Exercise Moves

A flat stomach does not only make you look good but saves you from many diseases. There are countless benefits of having a fine midsection. Health conscious men are very much concerned about their midsections. According to studies, a large waist size usually triggers more health issues. However, if you have abs than that does not mean you would not get sick forever.

But on the solid basis of the studies, having a robust abdominal section can cut out risk factors. It is imperative for men to lose their belly fat as it can save them from many life taking diseases like cancer, kidney and heart problems. Excess weight on the stomach can also make you inactive. In general, for men, a slender waist is a typical sign of three positive things:

  • Show broad shoulders to form a sexy T-shaped upper body.
  • Excellent fitness and internal health.
  • Full of youth and vitality.

Due to these reasons, men would not be able to perform their duties in a reasonable manner. But losing belly fat is a tough job for every person, and males are trying various things to get rid of their belly fat. Some men join gyms; some reduce the intake of fast food and other heavy meals; some try different medicines. These all things would mitigate some pounds on your midsection but are quite stressful methods as the majority of men do not have sufficient time to go to the gym or have the willpower to lessen the intake of fast food.

Men waist training before and after
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Everybody wants an easy and quick method to reduce their belly fat. Some men assume that it is a myth, but it is not. There are a few exercises that will help you in reducing your belly fat. Just as you know that “No Pain, No Gain.” So, you need to put a little bit effort into a workout routine to reduce midsection weight. If you are eager to lose belly fat without much effort, then there is something we have got for you.


Background Information on Countdown Workout

If you are willing to cut your belly fat in a short time, then you can do it with the help of countdown workout. Countdown workout is quite an old workout routine, but it is very active.

In the start of 80s, many developed countries introduced the countdown workout. With the passage of time, it took over the entire world, yet everything has a downside even with the growing technology, and the introduction of new machines in the market which took over the gyms as well. Still, the trainers also tell men to do the countdown workout along with the tools to stay fit and healthy. Besides, a man of any age can perform countdown workout without having a problem.

  • What is countdown workout?

Countdown workout is a bodyweight workout. You can easily do this workout routine at any time and anywhere. It is very much useful and quick to lose belly fat. It is very beneficial as it develops the relative strength. If you want to get the ability to move your body rapidly and adequately through space, then you have to perform countdown workout. This workout routine is known as countdown because it depends on the track of the time you will achieve it. The countdown is a circuit which contains two exercises each of ten minutes.

  • Physical benefits and mental benefitsStopwatch Clock Time Countdown Graphic Words

Countdown workout has many positive effects on a man’s physical and mental conditions. If you are facing any mental or physical problem, then you can start countdown workout to overcome your problem. The physical benefits of countdown workout are following:

  • It helps to control your weight.
  • You will have reduced risk of health issues.
  • It will keep your metabolism in proper working order.
  • It will save you from the risk of cancers.
  • Your muscles and bones will become stronger.
  • Maximizes your chances to live a long life.
  • Boost your ability to perform different activities energetically.

Countdown workout has a profound impact on a man’s mental health. Following are some of the universal mental benefits of this workout:

  • It will reduce your stress.
  • There is a reduction in your anxiety.
  • It maximizes your self-confidence.
  • It stops cognitive turn-down.
  • It will boost your brainpower.
  • Beneficial in improving memory.

How to Apply These Two Exercise Moves

Two main exercises play a significant role in reducing belly fat, and anyone could do these two exercises, but first, you have to know how to apply these two exercise moves. Once you get to know these moves, then it will be straightforward for you to reduce midsection weight.

1. Kettlebell (or Dumbbell) SwingKettlebell swing workout training group at gym with red wall

The kettlebell swing is quite a tricky move, but once you learn it, it would not be so difficult for you to do it. The method to do this exercise is quite simple but keeps in mind the technique explained below:

  • You have to stand correctly and then apart your feet. You have to make a gap between them of 2 to 3 feet.
  • You need to select a kettlebell that enables you to swing with the exact method at the same time challenging you.
  • It is better to consider practicing with a light bell to get the idea.
  • Grip the kettlebell appropriately with your palms and thumbs wrapped around it.
  • You have to stand tall while gripping the kettlebell. Always keep your arms loose. At the same time, you have to retract your shoulder blades.
  • Soften your knees and then shift your body weight into your heels.
  • It is the time to start swinging. You will be putting pressure on your heels.
  • When the kettlebell starts to descend, then you have to let the weight to do the work for you.

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2. Squat Thrust

Squat thrust heart workout
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Squat thrust is a very beneficial move which helps in reducing the excess weight present at the waist of men. Follow the guidelines below to learn this move:

  • You have to stand with your feet and shoulder apart. Your arms should be hanging by your sides.
  • You have to push your hips in the backward position.
  • Bend your knees and now lower your body as deep as it is possible to get into the squat position.
  • Put our palms on the floor to get ready for the pushup.
  • You have to kick up your legs backwardly to be in a pushup position.
  • Rapidly bring your legs back into the squat position.
  • Now, you have to get it back up to the standing position.
  • You need to repeat all these steps as fast as it is possible for you.
  • You have to perform more than three sets.

5 Other Exercise Moves

There are many different waist training exercises which you can do with these two leading exercises, while some practices are not so beneficial for some people. The following five small conditioning exercises will also help to make your waist slimmer. You can pick them in combination as needed.

1. Bicycle Crunches

It is a convenient and straightforward movement, and many sports enthusiasts and even athletes see bicycle crunches as the best ab practice. All you need to do is just lie down and stretch your legs up and down in turn.

2. Myotatic Crunches

This exercise increases the range of your workout and brings your abdomen into a more agitated state and strengthens your back. While doing these exercises, try to arch your back over the stabilizer ball until you reach the end point of complete contraction.

3. Side Plank

The side plank involves abdominal muscles, hips and glutes working together to stabilize the body, which emphasizes the obliques and can tighten the entire core muscles.

4. Mountain Climber

Mountain climbing exercise is a whole body conditioning exercise whose focus is on the core stability and changes in the line of water to increase the load on the core, which can add the emphasis on the abdomen.

5. Two-Point Plank

This simple plank will make the core muscle tissue incredibly tense. The focus of two-point variation is lifting an arm and the opposite leg for a count of three seconds in circulation.

2 Exercises to Avoid If You Want a Slim Waist

Although you may have heard of many exercises to get a slimmer waist, there are some that are not only ineffective but can cause injury. It is recommended that you reject the following two practices.

1. Russian Twists

These twists in relation to the curvature and rotation of the spine may place the spine in a damaged position.

2. Sidebends

The action of bending down with a dumbbell is unnatural for the body and brings shear forces to the spine.

Partner your Waist Training Exercises with a High-Quality Waist Trainer

Some men have fewer pounds present on their belly, and some are too fat that they cannot even bend themselves. For this reason, you must partner your waist training exercises with a high-quality waist trainer because a trainer will tell you which workout moves you should do in the beginning. Also, the trainer would lead you to the path of losing your belly fat in a short period efficiently.

1. TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt

TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt
Source: http://thesailife.com/

TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt is a belt which is fastened to the waistline to reduce belly fat. This belt is perfect for those men who do not have time to perform exercises. They manufacture it with a particular non-slip internal grid surface. This non-slip interior space is helpful a lot as it does not let the belt to slip away or move on any other side. It is a belt that makes use of an Anti-Slip Grid Technology. It is a unique stomach fat burner belt. It is specially designed to repel the sweating and moisture.

It will help in preventing sweat and germs. Due to this reason, this belt would not get sticky after use. This belt is easily adjustable and customizable as well. You have to select from six premium sizes with complete customizable and adjustable closure for a customized fit. You will get used to it quickly once you start applying it on your waistline. You only have to wear this belt on your waistline and leave the rest of it. You can also wear it while going out or doing work or other activity. The higher quality material is used in this belt so it would not be harmful to you in any way.

2. GIRL MELODY Waist Trimmer AB Belt

This belt is not just useful for women but men as well. This belt will help you in maximizing your core temperature when you are doing the workout. You can also utilize it with a trimmer to maximize your exercise. They make the belt in such a way that it will fit on your waist comfortably. It is quite flexible so you can adjust it to any form or size. Men having backache problem can use this belt to support their back. They make it with top quality latex-free neoprene. This material is used to assure best heat insulation. This belt will also repel moisture absorption. Also, this belt will reduce the bunching and slip while you are doing your exercise.

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3. ROSALIA Women’s Sports Waist Belt

They designed the belt especially for women, but men can also take benefit from it. This belt promotes quick weight loss. It will compress your midsection to maximize heat which will burn the abdominal fat. It is easily adjustable up to 42 inches. You can improve your posture by using this belt. This belt will show up a better position which tenses the abs during burning belly fat. It will help you in toning your abs. It is beneficial for those people who want to reduce water weight and burn the fat directly. They use moisture-wicking neoprene in this belt. It is effortless to clean yet it will not irritate your skin at all.

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