Important Waist Training Issues to Consider

Corsets, binders and waist trainers are like magnets to women. It is an inherent obsession and desire of girls of all ages to have an hour-glass figure. This desire can be fulfilled by waist training; it can reduce your waist line which is the end goal of a lot of women. It is expected that there will be noticeable benefits for this type of training but we should also consider that there will be side effects.

A lot of people in the fitness industry are supportive of this type of fitness movement but in the medical field, they are a bit more cautious to the advantages of the practice. When we think about it more carefully, we can deduce that losing weight or reducing your waistline through waist training can be effective if done right – if done in moderation. There is that prerequisite that needs to be considered otherwise you will be living with the disadvantages which we don’t want to happen.

When women wear waist trainers especially structured corsets, they can see instant results as soon as they put it on. There are also temporary benefits that can be achieved when you wear the trainers regularly especially if you wear it for several hours within a day. It is difficult to wear it when you sleep because of the discomfort but some women do it and it works well for them. Your tolerance level for wearing these types of garments is really subjective. It is not recommended to everybody but if you can handle it you can go ahead. We just want to help you by showing you both sides of the story; the upsides and the downsides.

There are physical and health considerations that should be carefully laid out to someone who wants to consider waist training. It is best to consult your physician and learn if you are fit to undergo such a tedious training especially if you are overweight and you will adjust tremendously to this new lifestyle. Some of the effects of waist training is breathing difficulty, deformed abdomen, contortion of muscles and other less harmful side effects.

When you put on waist cinchers, you might have trouble breathing.

You can prevent this by adjusting the corsets or waist trainers as soon as you wear them. However, there are instances when at first you were comfortable, but in the long run especially with the long hours of wearing them, you would feel shortness of breath. You have to be careful about this so that you can take care of your lungs and not hinder its function.

The corsets which are too tight can bruise your abdomen.

It’s not difficult to imagine that wearing corsets or waist trainers can cause some bruising in your abdomen area. Imagine that the corset is cinching your waist more than normal. If you have some loose skin in that area after a quick weight loss, you will feel the folding of your skin which can lead to bruising. Some women can even feel numbness in that area and when it’s gone, they can feel the pain. It takes discipline and a certain sense of pragmatism. No pain, no gain. That is the attitude but you must respect your body and know your limits.

You can experience irritation in your skin.

Naturally, corsets are worn tightly and when the pores of the skin are hindered from breathing, the skin reacts. You will see some rashes or red spots in the areas where the bone structure of the corset clings to your body. It is uncomfortable to wear waist trainers for a long period. When you see rashes after putting on a corset, you should go to a doctor right away. You could also be allergic to the corset fabric. Your doctor can recommend a better option. For example, you may be allergic to silk but you can wear cotton waist trainers.

Limited mobility for some is not worth the trouble.

There are a lot of people who don’t mind having a little discomfort as long as they can have sexy figures. You can see that with women who put themselves to all sorts of tortures such as extreme dieting and difficult workouts just to achieve a body that they have been dreaming of. In waist training, you will have to wear corsets most of the time and this means, your movement is limited. You cannot eat large portions of food because your abdomen is constricted. You can’t do extreme types of exercise routines because they will bend the abdomen area which will distort the corset. Some people don’t want to be restrained in their movements, so they think of other ways to make waist training work for them.

The psychological and emotional effects are too much for women.

Since women do waist training to achieve a certain type of body, the motivating factor is to be better versions of themselves. They want to be better than other women, too. This type of mindset is rooted in insecurity and low self-esteem. These issues are not very helpful stimuli in starting waist training because the momentum might stop and what will be left? Resentment. During waist training, the emotional rollercoaster can be expected but it doesn’t mean that it is welcome. There will be days when things are going smoothly and there will be dark and gloomy days when it feels like the world is against you.

These factors affect waist training and it is a necessary step to consider them first before embarking on this journey of self-improvement. Ask yourself. Why do you want to do waist training? Your motivation should be based on a healthy and informed decision. You have to believe that you are doing it to improve yourself because when you have a sexier body, you will live happier and appreciate your life more. We wish that you will be successful in your endeavor to have the body and state of mind that will bring you bliss and you.

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