8 Horrible Things you Need to Pay Attention to While Applying a Waist Trainer

Waist trainers are garments which are worn at the waist for a given period to achieve an hourglass figure. It helps to reduce the natural waist size and aids in accentuating curves. The waist trainers cause consistent compression over the abdomen area and cause a shift in the body at the waist area. It assists in giving you a perfect slim shape at the waist. During workout due to the rise in body temperature, temporary weight loss may occur. Waist training acts as a corset-like contraption which cinches your back, hips, and core. The idea on which the waist trainers work is that you need to wear them every day for time intervals so that your body molds according to the waist trainer design.

Doctors Weigh In

Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., a clinical professor at Yale School of Medicine of ob-gyn, says “As soon as you take off the garment, you will notice that no change has occurred in your body shape. It is extremely uncomfortable, limits your movements, and if worn tightly, it will make breathing difficult and may cause rib damage.”Liposuction lines on a woman's body

Dr.Galyna Selezneva, an aesthetic medical doctor at a cosmetic clinic, based in London,  explains “It is a non-invasive garment, and you should wear it with breaks all over the day.” “Waist training serves as a constant reminder about your present shape, creating a sense of limitation which may motivate people to continue their diet.”

Dr. Galyna also states that due to long term wear of corsets your organs may shift upwards and the lower ones may move further downwards leading to the abdomen pressure causing constipation and acid reflux.

Christopher Ochner, Ph.D., nutrition and weight loss expert at Mount Sinai Hospital says that if you keep wearing corsets for long terms, you will end up having compressed lungs, crushed organs, and fractured ribs.

Eight Horrible Things Happened When Applying Waist Training

You will read many benefits of waist training, but here we will share with you the side effects of waist training as well. Following are the top eight horrible things that can happen when applying a waist training:

1. Skin Irritation

We have seen skin irritation in many individuals, and it is a common problem with many people undergoing waist training. The itchiness may occur due to the heat and perspiration after wearing a waist trainer. Skin irritation can occur you if you have an allergy towards latex material. The ultimate solution to this problem is that you can wear Waist trainers made up of different materials like cotton or nylon. Friction may occur if you directly wear a corset on your body which leads to irritation, so it is advised to wear it with a corset liner or above your tops. Chafing and sore spots are also seen if you wear your corset directly without any liner or top. As we know the corset may lead to the itchy skin, so the solution is that you need to moisturize your skin daily with a lotion.

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2. Acid RefluxWoman with symptomatic acid reflux

According to research, it is seen that due to constant application of waist trainer the upper organs move further upwards. The stomach may shift beyond the level of diaphragm leading to increased chances of heartburn along with acid reflux. There is a reduction in the capacity of the stomach which makes it intolerable to certain foods such as pulses, beans, fatty-foods, gas producing foods, fizzy drinks, and alcohol. Digestion becomes difficult due to the compression of corset over the abdomen area. Constipation also occurs due to the advancement of lower organs further downwards.

Stomach pain and discomfort suggests that your corset is very tight and you should loosen it up for proper intake of food and water. If you experience acid reflux problem, avoid eating spicy and fat foods. Avoid coffee as well because this may exaggerate the problem. Acid reflux can damage your sphincter muscles which are a separation between your esophagus and stomach. You should monitor your acid reflux to avoid any harm.

3. Organ Compression

Waist training leads to organ compression which results in fainting fits, blood clots, anemia, infertility, miscarriage and digestion problems in individuals. Body compression occurs especially in the region of ribcage, stomach, pelvis and abdomen area. Soreness, cramps, discomfort and pain is felt in these parts because of the constant pressure by the waist trainer. Compression by the waist trainer leads to reduced blood flow along with nerve damage to the organs as well.

4. Bruising

The bone structure is adversely affected by the pressure from the waist cinchers. Modern day waist trainers affect your bones causing bone bruises. Bone bruises are long lasting and very painful when compared to the common injuries. It occurs when the coach applies the pressure. It can affect your bones if you are not mature enough and in a growing phase.

5. Numbness

Continuous pressure on the iliac crest i.e. curve of the pelvis by wearing waist trainer cause numbness in hips and buttocks region. This numbness can also radiate to knees and thighs. If you feel this sensation for the first time, remove your corset immediately as it is not for your body and you will feel better within minutes. Pins and needle sensation is felt in the legs over time by the usage of waist trainer.

6. Obstructed BreathingYoung woman having asthma attack or choking can't breath

Repeated use of your waist trainers along with constant compression will result in suppression of your lungs. Waist trainers also affect your depth and quality of breathing if worn while exercising. The tightness of your waist trainer is the reason behind discomfort, cramps, and itchiness. Your lungs and ribs are squished by this device leading to a difficult respiration. A tight corset ends up in decreasing the level of lung capacity due to the compression. Intake of air at the lower chest reduces because of the restricted movement of the diaphragm. A tightly laced corset ultimately results in decrease oxygen intake causing an individual towards breathlessness, light-headed and you may end up fainting.

7. Dangers of Overuse

Overuse leads to muscle atrophy especially in areas of abdomen and back muscles. If you wear the waist trainer for a long time, you will end up in the movement of ribs and organs which cannot revert to normal by any means.

8. Psychological Burden

Waist trainers give a temporary effect of weight loss along with hourglass shape. As soon as you take off your waist trainer, you will see that not much difference lies in your form which reminds you constantly of how much you dislike your figure and have been fooling yourself with the waist trainer. The false hope with waist trainer makes you believe that you do not need any diet and exercises. You become addicted to wearing a waist cincher and eventually lead to distress when you cannot achieve your desired results.

Are There Any Benefits Though?

Waist training leather corset
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Waist trainers have benefits as well. They aid in correcting your posture especially in individuals with scoliosis. It helps in strengthening the back muscles and prevents disorders such as arthritis and fibromyalgia along with osteoporosis. It prevents the spinal nerves from being restrained which have a direct connection with brain leading to reduced headaches. Wearing corsets induces physical support and helps in prevention against lumbar injuries in individuals working for long hours. Singers can reach higher notes in concert while wearing this garment as it applies pressure on the diaphragm.

Patients with connective tissue disorders are seen to improve with corset wearing and prevent against any joint dislocations or injuries. Lungs can be induced to work properly in asthmatic patients where they require high oxygen demands. The pain alleviated by the menstrual cramps can be relieved by wearing a corset which puts pressure on the peritoneal organs. Some individuals can prevent abdominal hernias as the waist cincher applies pressure over the abdomen region. The corsets act as a healing agent along with preventive measure for abdominal injuries. Wearing corsets help you with your psychological appearance and make you look slimmer on special occasions. Waist training also helps you with dieting because the pressure on your stomach pulls it in and prevents from eating big meals. As a result, you will only eat small portions while wearing a waist cincher which helps you lose weight.

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You should not perform exercises while wearing a waist trainer as it may lead to difficulty in breathing. We do not recommend waist cinchers for teenagers who are still in growing age. Properly hydrate yourself if you perform activities while wearing a corset. It is not a substitute for exercise and healthy dietary habits. Waist training has amazing benefits as well as horrible damages that may occur to your body. We advise that you should wear corsets under your doctor’s supervision and take it off if you feel any breathlessness, pain or discomfort. Try to get rid of your body fat in healthy ways with exercise and diet plans as no one can lose body fat overnight by dressing in a corset.

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