Waist Training: The Before and After Magic

It’s easy to be deceived by advertisers and marketers to choose a certain product or promote a fad diet or exercise. The determining factor of effectiveness will always be the review of customers who have tried the products, diet or exercise. When it comes to before and after photos, marketers are really good at deceiving the public. They edit the original photo and also manipulate the after photo so as to show the difference a product makes. What they do is to put the time frame of the effectiveness of the products. In waist training, there are many companies who use the services of expert marketers to show that their waist training methods are superior compared to others. There are waist training products with good reputation among users but there are others that are cheap alternatives and don’t work well.

There are highly unusual before and after photos about waist training that is circulating online. Some would think that it is impossible or edited using the computer software. It’s important to be discerning and not believe the photos especially if the sources are unreliable. You will be surprised at how many models are hired just to represent a certain waist training product and make it appear as if ordinary people are the ones in the picture. To be fair, there are before and after photos of real people with a weight loss effect that is believable. These photos are taken before the waist training period and after a couple of months or so. You can think that this has a different level of credibility because it is presented in a truthful light.

You will notice if the photos are extremely edited. The body shapes are no longer similar to the original figure. The waist line may shrink a little with corseting but not to the point where the body will look entirely different. You cannot be a pear-shape if you originally have a square frame. I think a lot of people need to understand this. Waist training can give you the definition you need but not necessarily an entirely new body type. It can just sculpt your figure and make you appear sexier and more curvaceous.

Women like competition and they want to achieve the smallest waistline among their peers. With waist training, they can compare results with each other which can be a healthy competition or not. A woman might be left envious of the outcome of the other especially if her body shape will not allow much change in a short amount of time. In a span of months, some women might see a drastic difference while others might be distraught with unsatisfactory results. It’s a difficult time for women who do not have personal trainings compared to the ones who have constant motivation. We think that the important thing in waist training is to monitor your own progress and not that of your peers to avoid disappointment.

Some women go to the extremes just to shed the few extra pounds that they have. Even the slimmer ones whose waistlines range between 24-26 inches are still conscious and still want to cinch them to create definition. When one woman’s waist achieved a 22-inch waistline, she was so happy. It is vital to remember though that waist training should be done in moderation otherwise you will be forced to torture yourself every single day with wearing corsets. You have to know when enough is enough so that you can stop and determine until when you are willing to sacrifice for beauty and aesthetics.

We have spoken with many women who have started waist training from a young age. Some of them began wearing corsets as early as 15 years old. Now that they are in their 20s and 30s, they show off their hourglass figures and you just can’t help but admire their determination to look good and desirable. What made these women successful was their discipline and control in terms of exercise, eating habits and of course, rigid waist training. They have a goal in mind which helps a lot in keeping them focused. The inspiration should come from yourself because other people can say negative things but if your foundation is strong, you can withstand all your challenges.

To the women who have started young, they have established a routine which is quite beneficial to them. Their days are almost identical such as wearing corsets at a certain time during the day. They know when to stop with their training and when to start again. Through the years, they can determine the parts when they need maintenance or when they need to recalibrate their exercise and training regimens. It is fascinating to observe them as their habits have become mechanical and they are not struggling with the learning curve. In fact, they have already mastered the art of waist training. If we have any advice for the beginners, it will be to follow the examples of these ladies who know exactly what to do based on their experience with waist trainers.

What’s admirable about waist training enthusiasts is their drive to live a healthy life after they have achieved their ideal body shape. They want to maintain what they have worked for hence they look for ways to trim their waistline. Proper diet is done and although there are so many fad diets out there, they are careful with choosing which ones will be sustainable for their lifestyle. That is the keyword: lifestyle. They have chosen a healthy lifestyle which accommodates their waist training as well as their chose of diet and exercise. Sometimes, it will seem like a life overhaul because unhealthy habits can deter you from achieving the results you want.

It is mostly about discipline and determination because waist trainers have proven for themselves how much you should rely on your own control. It is not up to others or even your personal training. You are the one responsible for how your body will look like and how you will feel about your body. It is a lifelong journey if you want to achieve the “after” results that you aim to have in waist training.

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