Reviews of Spanx Waist Trainer

Spanx is a renowned name for a long time, and therefore it has continuously evolved with the latest trends. They are one of those first shapewear companies that are still considered as the best. Spanx successfully deals with the common problems faced by women body.

This particular product is going to be one of the best products with the availability of features such as durability and quality. Founder of Spanx is Sara Blakely. According to her, one day when she was getting ready for a party she wants to wear white pants and do not have perfect undergarment for wearing under white pants for a smooth look and got an idea to launch shapewear and named it as Spanx.

What Is Spanx?

This series of the trainer is a kind of light, thin waist close-fitting clothing, including camisole, shaping panty, bodysuit, and many other styles. And the following characteristics will force you to fall in love with them.

Lightweight design: Wearing Spanx may give you an illusion of not wearing it because it is made from comfortable and unique spandex or nylon blend.

Side panel: Side panels allow you to enjoy weight loss training without a feeling of oppression.

Bonded tummy panel: This panel can bring the power of belly sculpting, giving you a smooth figure.

Pocketed rear: This allows Spanx to strengthen your curves even better.

Seamless design: Seamless clothing makes you look more stylish than wearing other waist trainers.

How to Choose Your Spanx

Getting the shapewear of right fit is an essential thing which you need to keep in mind while selecting shapewear. It is necessary to determine how much belly you want to control, and then get shapewear of right size otherwise you will not feel comfortable. If you choose the wrong size of shapewear, then you will feel uncomfortable, and you will not be able to do your task correctly.

6 Best Spanx Waist Trainers for You

If you do not have time to visit pantyhose then, Here are few Spanx pieces among which you can choose which suits you.

1. Waist Cincher

The waist cincher is one of the best shapewear available in the market and is also popular. This particular product smoothes it out your flabby tummy in a right way. Panty line of this product is minimal and is also multi-functional. You will feel amazing in this product. You can also buy this product from Amazon for 31 dollars.

2. Boy Shorts

A sexy woman with black bra and pink short.

A boy short is another fantastic product available with the excellent comfort level and is also very popular. It is one of the best mid-thigh body shapers and also has excellent control. By making use of this product, your backside will have a smoother and firmer silhouette. You can buy this particular product from Amazon with price rate of 30 dollars.

3. Spanx In-Power Line

This available Spanx power line series is one of the best ways to wear different shapewear. People who love to wear pants can make use of these types of shape wears. By wearing boxer tops shorts, you will feel comfortable. When you wear this shape wears you don’t even think that you wore shape wears. It is available with the feature of extra compressed fabric for controlling the bulging tummy problem. You can also wear this shapewear under your long skirts and maxi dresses. Now grab this product only for 28 dollars from Amazon.

4. Camisole

As you know, the camisole is one of the best garments specifically designed for women’s. Cami is one of the best shapewear. You can also wear your bra within this shapewear. Camisole is going to carve and smooth your bust line. Sizing guide of this product is excellent. You will always get a perfect fit this particular Spanx. From Amazon, you can get this product of just 41dollars.

5. Spanx Slim Cognito

This specific Spanx Slim Cognito will offer superb firm control. No one will come to know that you are wearing shapewear inside your dress because it is entirely seamless. When you wear this product, you will definitely appear fit as well as one size smaller. On Amazon, it is available at price rate of 40 dollars.

6. Spanx Slim Lingerie Strap Slip

Spanx offers a quality of products with a distinctive feature of durability and excellent holding feature. Spanx Slim Lingerie Strap Slip will look great under sheer material dresses. Shape wears at Spanx are available with a different bra for extra cleavage and also offer a nip in the waist area. It is important to note that it will not wholly flatten your belly area, but still, you will be able to smooth unwanted lines in silhouette. You can buy this product on Amazon at 43 dollars.

The Risk of Wearing Spanx

It may be true that you can get weight loss and smoothing effects from Spanx, but there are issues that you should be aware of because wearing any clothing extra tight can be damaging to your body. What ‘s the disadvantage Spanx might bring you?

Meralgia paresthetica: It causes burning pain in the nerves of your thighs.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease: This chronic disease brings gastric acid back into the esophagus, leading to an abnormal digestive system.

Yeast infections, urinary tract infections, and skin irritation: They can occur because you wear Spanx for a long time.

Besides, wearing Spanx may also cause problems such as breathing difficulties, back pain, and thrombosis. To minimize these issues, we recommend that you choose the Spanx that is best for you and that has quality assurance, and limit the time it takes to wear it.

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