Sauna Belt: Is It Helpful to Slim Your Waist

Most of us will wonder what Sauna belts are? Sauna belts are the broad type of fabric band which is around the stomach area. Most commonly sauna belts are self-heated bands with a push-button. The sole purpose of sauna belts is to encourage the body to sweat. They are strapped around mid-section area to help reduce fat levels and increase sweat. It makes sweat around your stomach area. The purpose of sauna belts is to lock the heat within the belt and increase perspiration which in turn flushes out the toxins and impurities out of the skin, pulls out retained water within the tissues to promote weight loss by reducing water weight. But the sauna band is more than just a way to lose weight. It may actually have other health benefits. For example, it is also used for sore muscles to get rid of the pain.

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How Does It Work to Slim Your Waist

Sauna belt shows by model.

A waist trimmer helps in enhancing the effects of workout and promotes fat loss, especially in the belly region. It works as a mini sauna that you can wear while working out. Sauna belts are made up of neoprene which causes the body to heat up but does not result in sweat absorption. According to this principle, it raises the core temperature and allows the natural burn off stubborn fat which is around midsection region. It produces the slimming effect by increasing water loss. This mini-sauna causes an extreme amount of sweating because retained liquids are a standard issue found in women. This water loss from core tissues delivers an instant slimming effect. However, this effect is temporary and returns to normal once you fully hydrate yourself.

If you consistently use sauna belts for long periods, it may stimulate the permanent fat loss. The sauna belts are not miracle solution so practice balanced diet and exercises in your daily routine to achieve desired results. Choose a high-quality trimming belt and workout at least few times each week which may lead to an extreme fat loss. So, to conclude slimming belts provide you with temporary slimming effect by pulling in your waist, improves your posture because it is made up of a material which is durable and rigid, boosts your self-confidence because you immediately see the results.

The Proper Way to Use the Sauna Belt

  • Place the sauna belt around your waist, hips or stomach and adjust it until you feel comfortable.
  • Set the temperature of your sauna belt to maximum or near maximum and use 5 minutes to get used to it. You will find that the sauna belt heats up quickly and you may feel a little uncomfortable, remember to adjust the temperature after 5 minutes.
  • Now check your body, if you are producing sweat, then it is working properly. If you are not, you have reduced the temperature too much. If you notice your skin turning red or feeling too hot, take off your sauna belt immediately.
  • If you have sensitive skin, then you can wear a T-shirt under your sauna belt because it may cause skin irritation or in some cases even burns.
  • When wearing a sauna belt, if possible, try to walk around rather than sitting to burn more calories.
  • After using the sauna belt, you will find yourself soaked in sweat, so you should dry yourself with a towel first and wait at least 15 minutes before showering, bathing or eating something cold.
  • Do not tie the sauna belt too tight and always remember to turn off the temperature regulator after each use.
  • Do not wear your sauna belt for more than 50 minutes at a time.

Benefits of the Sauna Belt

1. Produce Excessive Perspiration

Woman produces perspiration.

Sauna belts help you produce sweat in excessive amounts which result in reduced water weight rather than fat tissue. These belts do not provide any strain or resistance against your body due to which it is incapable to burn an enormous amount of calories. So, if you notice fat loss is not that real, but a person loses efficiently through water loss.

2. Reduce Pain

Heat application through sauna belts helps you reduce pain by warming up the muscles and making them more relaxed and flexible which results in better blood flow. Sauna belts provide the individuals with a constant heat supply; some people wear these belts without any hassle to relieve back pain. They are carried by people for at least 20-30 minutes to relieve mild back pain and for around 2-3 hours for reducing the intense pain. Following these steps will help you reduce pain.

3. Any Place Any Time

Sauna belts work correctly and result in sweat on the individual’s body even if you are not performing any vigorous exercises. This self-heated sauna belt can be comfortably worn by the person while cleaning the house or doing homework. It is advisable to avoid dressing in a sauna belt while you are in a party because if you drink alcohol and wear it, this may increase a risk of developing hypotension in an individual which further leads to irregular heartbeat pattern.

In general, fitness professional and fitness community does not accept sauna belt as weight loss method. A regular exercise along with healthy diet is an appropriate form of achieving weight loss. Individuals may lose few pounds by wearing this belt, but overuse may lead to decreased oxygen consumption along with other heart issues.

4. Exercise Muscles

Many gym instructors and bodybuilders use sauna belts as they can help reform the entire body figure and silhouette. By wearing a sauna belt, you can get 4 or 6 abdomen muscle mass.

5. Remove Toxins from the Body

The toxins in the area on which you put a sauna belt will be released through a lot of sweat, and your health level will also improve.

6. Correct Your Posture

As the sauna belt is made of a sturdy, lightweight material, thus when you wear it around your waist, it can help improve your posture by keeping the back in the right position and relieve the pressure on your back.

Side Effects of the Sauna Belt

1. May Increase Your Risk of Heart-Related Illness

Both woman and man use sauna belts.

Sauna belts result in increased perspiration because they hold the body heat. This heat causes a direct effect and prevents your body to cool off as it should efficiently achieve. If this belt is worn under warm clothes and in high temperatures, it will increase the risk of heart-related problems such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

2. Skin Irritation

While you are using sauna belts, they hold sweat and prevent the fresh air from entering your body. If you wear sauna belt for extended periods, you may develop acne and rashes. Sauna belts are in direct contact with your skin which may result in burns. It is recommended by manufacturers to wear the sauna belts under your shirts to create a barrier between your skin and belt. So do not overuse the sauna belts for more than 45-50 minutes.

3. Dehydration

Sauna belts result in profuse sweating by pulling out water from your body. If you expose your body to sauna belts, it will lead to dehydration. So it is advisable that when you wear sauna belts drink plenty amount of water on such days. You should continuously sip water while wearing sauna belts.

4. Electrolytes Imbalance

These waist trimming belts result in sweating which leads to Electrolyte imbalance. Once you begin exercising, you will feel muscle cramps. This sign indicates that you should stop wearing sauna belts along with it drink sports drink which contains electrolytes.

Stick to Diet and Exercise to Slim Your Waist

Sauna belts will be useless if you don’t stick to a healthy diet and exercise. Try activities of beginner’s level so that you do not get injured, sore or discouraged. For example, start running a quarter mile initially and then gradually speed up.You need to practice regularly to achieve the best results. Try to include different forms of exercises in your workout session for each muscle group. Do waist training at least twice or thrice a week. Get used to your workout and make it your habit.Track your fitness program regularly to compare the results. Perform Russian Twists also known as medicine ball trunk rotation to reduce fat from your waist and tone down your abs. Practice vertical or regular pilates along with yoga to encourage abdomen muscles to workout improves posture and develops balance. Good posture helps you feel flat at stomach level while you are standing or sitting.

Belly fat has two types one which is deep, i.e., visceral fat while the one which is superficial is called subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat is dangerous and releases chemicals which cause diseases. People who gain weight, deposit fat in midsection area, so you need to trim down your waist and keep your stomach healthy. Start cutting down calories from your diet and try to burn as many calories as possible. Eat balanced diets by incorporating vegetables, fruits, low-carbs, lentils and whole-grain products in your meals.Start estimating your body size, weight, and activity level so that you can make a proper plan and start slimming down your waist. You should follow all the listed methods to attain the perfect look while using Sauna belt. Stick to exercises by motivating yourself.

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