Waist Training for Teenage Girls: Should you Start Waist Training at a Very Young Age?

Waist training is common these days due to the fashion trend by celebrity models. It is a process of accentuating curves and decreasing the natural size of the waist by the use of laced corsets or waist trainers. Waist training is a type of process which helps in the modification of body. Waist training is a mental and physical toll on an individual’s body so the person should get matured enough to decide whether she wants to wear waist trainer or not. You should start wearing waist trainer at the age of 18-25 years once your body has fully developed.

Which Teenage Girls Will Choose To Wear A Waist Trainer?

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Adolescent girls who have congenital skeletal disorders or scoliosis may need the help of waist trainer. Waist training is done under the supervision of doctors. These corsets help in size reduction along with compression of the rib cage. It is easier for training the ribs at a younger age because the bones are malleable and quickly adapt to the changes they go through.

Teenage girls who like their looks wearing a corset should buy the corsets which are cheap and of lower quality. These corsets will reduce the size by only 2-3 inches and will not affect your body. Nowadays teenage girls feel confident while wearing the corsets underneath their uniforms and flaunt their small size waists. Teenage girls wear it to the costume parties and formal occasions. It is adapted by adolescent girls to mold their body shapes and help them maintain their body posture.

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Why Girls Are Getting Hooked

Girls are getting hooked on these waist trainers because they idolize the model celebrities and they need the curvy looks of them. They want to look confident and beautiful like these models in their everyday life. It psychologically boosts up your confidence and self-esteem in daily life. Waist training corsets help the young girls in getting used to the small portions while eating food as they cannot eat significant portions or fatty foods. The waist trainer acts as an external gastric band around the abdomen. Girls are getting addict to this waist training corset due to the fashion trends these days. Parents should buy them waist corsets which are elastic in nature and cause minimum pressure on their bodies.

Do They Really Work For Teenage Girls?

Teenage girls feel that they have lost much weight while wearing the waist trainer corsets however it is opposite of what they think as the size will revert as soon as you stop wearing the corset. You need to wear it for a long-term period if you want a permanent change. The waist cinchers are elasticated belts which help you tummy retain the firmer, smaller shape. The waist shapers help the stomach to take small meals, avoiding the massive fatty foods which lead to the healthier lifestyle.

It is claimed that waist shapers or cinchers assist the body in losing fat along with inches from the waist. It helps in releasing toxins, metabolizes fat, helps in reduction of fat by compressing the core. However, there are many disadvantages which are medically proven that it causes damage to the organs. It reduces the ability of the diaphragm to help in expansion and contraction of lungs; it is the water weight that is lost. Oxygen supply is decreased while wearing the waist trainer.

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Is It Safe For Them To Wear A Waist Training Corset?

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Waist trainers if worn at a young age may lead to the compression of organs internally, may cause damage to the skin and may also cause trouble while breathing. It may lead to blood clots, anemia, infertility, fainting fits, digestive and miscarriage problems. Teenage girls during childbirth may result in death due to the compressed ribcages which are likely to distort while giving birth. X-rays also reveal that tight corsets may lead to distortion of ribs and compression of lungs. Hernias may develop if extra pressure is applied to the abdomen. Dehydration can also occur if the teenage girls do excessive workout along with corset wearing as it leads to excessive sweat and perspiration if you wear corsets.

Young girls should choose proper size of waist trainers because it may cause movement of upper organs further upwards and lower bodies further downwards due to the extraordinary pressure applied to the midsection abdomen area. If you wear corsets for long terms the abdominal and back muscles will get prone to it, they will become weak and stiff, and they stop working. Renal and skin infections along with pulmonary problems may occur due to the constant compression of organs by the waist trainer. Corsets interfere with the growing bodies and body posture of young individuals so it should be avoided in teenage girls until they are fully mature. It can cause discomfort, pinching, and cramps as it is very tight in the abdomen area. Waist trainers limit your abilities to work out and perform your routine activities.

What Are Safe Alternatives?

If you want to reduce body fat all over the body instead of some specific areas which we get from waist trainer. So the safe options other than the waist trainer are following:

  • A nutritional plan should be developed which is specially customized according to your body requirements. A diet should include fats and proteins, limit the intake of carbohydrates. Take lean proteins which include tuna, tilapia, chicken, and salmon. Dietary fats which include avocado, nuts, cashews, eggs, and almonds are recommended.
  • Your trainer should correctly train you and tell you about the exercises that you should perform instead of only performing cardio. Your abdominal area has strong muscles which act as a corset which includes External Oblique, Internal Oblique, and Rectus Abdominus. You should focus on these muscles and make them firmer and stronger.
  • You should be consistent with your nutritional plan and training so that you can achieve your target goals. Be patient and stick with your exercise and nutritional program.
  • During your training, you should work on Pilates, an exercise during which we train our pelvic muscles and muscles around girdle to undergo a hollow center within the core by constructing a corset of deep inner muscles around the pelvis.
  • Belly wrapping is a traditional method in Japan, Taiwan, and Indonesia. The postpartum women use the woven fabric for wrapping around their abdominal and pelvic area for retaining the abdominal muscles.
  • Garments which can be used as a safer alternative to waist trainers include:
    Bustier dress, top shaper, and tank tops are lightweight clothes that can be easily worn with fitted style. These are practical, simple and comfortable to wear. You can quickly perform your daily activities. They come in different sizes, shades, and styles. They perform the same function as corsets and provide curves with a flat stomach along with an hourglass figure.
  • Dumb bell pullovers is an activity which involves the use of dumb bells while lying flat with dumb bells pulled over the head and again downwards until they are in line or torso.
  • Use a bike with back straight as a cardio tool which helps to get rid of extra fat in the stomach.
  • Perform planks with a stomach vacuum which are beneficial to achieve an hourglass.Core muscles of the abdomen can be targeted by doing Russian twist. It is recommended that balls or weights should be incorporated while you perform this exercise.
  • Oblique muscles are more focused by Side Bridge. It helps in stabilizing the spine.
  • Oblique muscles and abs are focused on performing leg raises while hanging. It helps in toning and shaping your waist.
  • A simple alternative to waist cinchers is an exercise called Stomach vacuum in which breath holds with stomach pressed inside. It is an efficient movement which provides you a V-shape permanent result while waist trainer offers interim results.

Side Effects of Wearing a Waist Training Corset

1. The Result is Temporary

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The waist training corset will only let you lose the water weight and allow you to look slimmer when you wear it, but once you take it off, your body will soon return to a regular silhouette.

2. It may Cause some Health Issues

  • First, a tight waist training corset suppresses your lungs, which means you may have trouble breathing.
  • Second, while wearing a corset, your body temperature and sweat will increase, which can lead to severe dehydration.
  • Finally, a waist training corset can cause the upper organs to upwards while the lower organs move downwards, then increase the risk of acid reflux and other more serious health problems.

3. It Can be Addictive

Some teenager girls are addicted to waist training and excessively wear the corset, thus significantly affect their health.

Girls, Just Say No

Well so at the end we will conclude that waist shapers are a waste of money. They will give you temporary effects by compression of abdomen area. They are not the safe options as they lead to lots of medical conditions as discussed above. You cannot get rid of your body fat overnight so spend time on workouts and diet plans so that you can lose your body fat.

Just say no to these waist trainers because they give temporary effects to your body which will reverse back as soon as you stop wearing them. It is a waste of time, money and health as it compresses your ribs, intestine, and lungs. Instead of shortcuts you should opt for exercises and utilize your internal core muscles, i.e., Transverse abdominal muscle by holding your breath in and keeping your stomach pushed inwards. These artificial devices, i.e., waist trainers if used regularly may also lead to breakdown or atrophy of muscles. Waist trainers may also result in incontinence, UTI, transitory heart failure, the risk of raised blood pressure. Another reason to say no to these products is that it is impossible to reduce weight overnight and reshape your body. The safer options are to follow the diet plan and perform exercises daily which will give you better results.

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