Waist Training Combined with Atkins Diet

The popularity of Atkins Diet among celebrities can be attributed to its high-level of effectiveness hence ordinary people have also jumped on the bandwagon. This diet was created by a renowned cardiologist Dr. Robert Atkins who proposed to lower a person’s consumptions of carbohydrates and of course, sugar. His research about weight reductions was published in the year 1958 and up to this day, it is still being used by a lot of nutritionists and fitness experts.

The Atkins diet’s main principle is going in-depth into the type of food substance that can boost the energy of the body. You can choose to consume carbs which turn into sugar or fat substance. It is important to burn the calories that you put inside your body because that will transform into energy. When you start dieting and decrease your calorie intake but still have a lot of carbohydrates in your diet, you are setting yourself up for failure. Your body will just be looking for more sugar in the form of your irresistible cravings.

When it comes to Atkins, you are actually eating less carbohydrates which means that your body will burn the fat faster so that you can use to fuel your energy. This is good because you are using most of the calories that you take in which equates to a steady weight and higher energy levels. Your appetite is curbed and you have less cravings which in the long run will be good for your body. Even if Atkins is widely effective among the people who have tried it, there is still no guarantee that it will work for you. The key is to learn if this type of diet will be suitable for your body. You can give yourself some time and wait for this to take effect rather than switch to another type of diet without maximizing Atkins’ potential for success.

The Atkins Program Sequence

Induction Phase

The first stage of the Atkins diet is worth all the excitement because in the first couple of weeks, you are expected to lose a total of 15 pounds. This weight loss is fast because your system is adjusting to the first part of your diet. There are certain types of food which are banned from your list at this point and that include even sweet fruits. You are advised to stick to lettuces, greens and white protein such as eggs. It may seem hard to begin because you are going to deprive yourself of food that you originally eat but it is definitely worth it.

Weight Loss Phase

Now the initial phase of losing pounds is over and you will eventually reach a plateau wherein you will be required to add more carbs. There is a balance that should be followed so that you can determine if you’re doing things right. There will be times when you need to reduce your carb intake again in this phase. It is important that you know your body type and what it specifically needs because people experience different results in this stage.

Pre-maintenance Phase

Since you have already lost a significant amount of weight, you will need to be introduced other types of food to your diet which will be good for your body. As long as you do not gain weight from the food that you eat, you can continue with in this stage of determining how to have a stable weight.

Maintenance Phase

After a weight loss, you will naturally want to keep your ideal weight for the long term and the secret to doing this is to eat good carbs on a regular basis. Your body will eventually get used to this new regimen which means it will be strong and healthy during the maintenance phase. The other diets fail because you still feel the cravings because of deprivation which will only lead you to eating more food.

What people love about the Atkins diet is its realistic approach to health and nutrition. When you combine this with waist training, you are starting a new lifestyle that can have beneficial effects on your body. A lot of celebrities vouch for the wonders of Atkins and waist training because they are the perfect healthy combo if you want to have a sexier body. You can be able to maintain your lovely figure if you use corsets regularly and adhere to the Atkins diet for at least a year. Once your body is used to the changes, you will have no problem making a permanent lifestyle change.

The Atkins diet and waist training work hand in hand to make you achieve your ideal weight as well as a lifestyle that you can find fulfilling and perfect for you. You don’t have to make your life complicated in order to have a sexier body and a happier self, all it takes is discipline and perseverance to follow the effective Atkins diet and wear your waist trainers regularly until the desired results are met. Best of luck!

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