Why Is Belly Fat So Hard to Lose?

The first thing we notice about someone is how they look. Everything else comes second. Therefore, we stress a lot to look perfect. Excess belly fat makes you look displeasing.  If you seem to have unwanted abdominal fat, then it is of little importance that you get rid of it not just for the sake of your appearance but also for your health. The main cause of belly fat is that the body chemistry changes when you have grown. All the same, foods that you eat react differently with your body’s metabolism. Belly fat also known as visceral fat is within the abdominal cavity, it is in some internal organs. This fat is what causes many heart diseases and diabetes. It is important to keep the percentage of essential body fat up to the mark. The percentage of essential fat is 2–5% in men, and 10–13% in women. You can measure the fitness level of your body by knowing body fat percentage.

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Woman's hand holding excessive belly fat.In the body mainly there are two types of belly fats; stubborn belly fat is the one that doesn’t get removed easily, even if a person is exercising. It does not mean that exercising is not helping, it shows that a person is not doing the right workout. This kind of fat keeps on getting more and stays on for a longer time. Regular belly fat is the fat that almost every person has. Some fats are needed to keep your bodies temperature maintained. However, these fat tissues are sometimes expanding to a greater extent and resulting into stubborn belly fats which later are hard to remove. However, the question arises, is the tricky belly fat on your body impossible to remove? The answer is no! You can easily work your way through to traditional abdominal exercises which will help in this regard. Still, if you are unable to remove your belly fat then the reason might be one of the ones listed below:

1. You Are Getting Older

As time passes, your body goes through many changes. The fat cells keep on growing in your body, and they react differently now. Calorie count reduces along with the metabolic rate. Women who had toned stomachs suddenly gain weight after menopause. Moreover, this weight gain is most likely to be in shape of belly fat. Due to less production of hormones estrogen and progesterone, the weight tends to be held on to belly and gets harder to remove.

2. You Are Doing the Wrong Workout

Poor diet habits make excess body fat grow. Some stubborn fat cells cling on for a larger time. Hence, this keeps you very impatient if you are already going through some serious fasted training to achieve a flatter looking tummy. Some higher intensity intervals are good, but they are likely to give you rest after short periods of time. Therefore, this causes your body to freshen up and come back to the start of the fat burning session. So, therefore, you need to do strength training, either running or cycling at a pace which is hard for you to keep up your pace. Once you reach this level, then you can continue for some time to lower stomach fat.


3. You Have a Bad Diet

Selection of food that is bad for your health.You gain belly fat due to bad diets people. It does not harm you to eat junk foods occasionally. However, yes, if you are a regularly processed food eater then you are most likely to be held on to a larger fat on your belly than any other part of your body. This kind of fat is a reason of inflammation. The more you eat, the more your tummy gains weight. So, according to your body and what it adapts it depends. Maybe some fats are causing you no harm.

4. Your Workout Is Not Challenging Enough

As mentioned earlier that you might be doing the wrong workout that is why you are unable to get rid of your belly fat. Another scenario occurs that you might be doing the accurate workout for your fat burning, but it is only not challenging enough. Hence, this again could be very much disappointing that you are daily working out and still there are no positive results.

To make your workout challenging, you need to work on traditional abdominal exercises. These kinds of high-intensity interval training might be helpful for you. One thing you need to make sure is that your sweat sessions must be worthwhile. So, you need to reach the level of pace that is quite undying for you, and from this point, you can work your way through to remove excess fat.

5. You Are Stressed Out

Even If you are doing everything right, you have a great diet; your workouts are perfect. Still, there is no ray of fat burning from your belly this shows that you are somewhat stressed. Cortisol coursing also known as stress hormone is essential to homeostasis. It is a process to keep the human body fit under different adapted environments of the atmosphere around it. This kind of stress hormone is raised at high intensity when the body’s insulin levels are not up to work. Sugar level of the body is low when a person is stressed. More stressed out you are higher the intake of homeostasis, and this results in greater fat on your belly. To control the level of cortisol coursing you need to keep yourself relaxed and far from being stressed out.

6. You Don’t Have Enough Sleep

Young african woman sleeping in her bed at night, she is resting with eyes closed.To get enough hours of sleep is an essential part of a human body. Sleeping less than five hours also helps in gaining weight. Sleeping disorders always result in many health problems; it lowers your sugar levels resulting in belly fat. If you are not getting enough hours sleep, then you should forget about losing weight in any case. Sleep apnea also happens if you are obese and sleepless.  To stay healthy and fit you should sleep properly on a daily basis, enough hours of sleep will give you a flatter looking tummy. You should also eat 4-5 hour before going to bed; this gives your body a lot of time to digest food and fats, causing no harm.

7. You Are Apple Shaped

Genes are a major role play in your obesity. It is not your fault if you are fat and cortisol ratio is higher in your body coming from your parents. If it seems that you are having more of belly fat rather than any other hip or thigh fat, then this is a sign that you are apple shaped. Being apple shaped is an unfortunate case, but that doesn’t mean that you can never have a toned stomach again. Therefore you need to fight away your genetics and be an example of your own to work through this belly fat.

8. You Are Sick

If you haven’t been able to lose weight and you think why then this might be the reason that you are sick. Being sick doesn’t only mean that you have some obvious disease. Sometimes you cannot determine what is wrong with you, but your body keeps on gaining weight this might be a sign that something fishy is going on inside your body. Hypothyroidism is a common sickness that causes the overall metabolic system to slow down. The thyroid gland stops functioning at full speed, and fat cells keep on increasing on a regular basis even if you are doing every other thing right.

9. You Are Not Motivated

There are some rules in life to start up your life. Motivation is the most important one. If you have some aim to achieve in life, then you must be motivated enough to get this done. A sedentary lifestyle is not going to help you in any phase of your life. Over the past few years as the technology has taken over people have just become lazier, and this is one of the reasons of lack of motivation for others. Reducing belly fat is not only about a healthy diet or just a 15 minutes’ workout every single day, but it is also a combination of all the calorie count, exercise along with a well-motivated mind.


Many factors contribute towards your belly fat; few become either difficult or maybe impossible to control. If you are apple shaped, then that isn’t your fault, and you might be trying hard enough, but it doesn’t pay off. You should always try to keep your bodies insulin levels up to the mark to avoid any cortisol coursing. Set your daily routine with exercises to avoid any extra fat growing on your belly. Drink wisely, do not take in any carbonated drinks if you are eager to let your belly fat run away. Cut off all caffeine drinks from your daily life.  Belly fat is surely hard to remove, but it is not impossible, if you are motivated enough and want to live a longer healthier life then you should work yourself through this. Keep in your mind the importance of being healthy, and then your belly fat is the first thing that will start displeasing you. If you keep in mind all the reasons listed above and start working properly to lose weight; you will lose the stubborn body fat in no time.

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