How to Lose Belly Fat with Belly Dancing?

What Is Belly Dancing?

If you are tired of your belly fat, and you are lazy about going to the gym, we have a solution for you. You can lose your weight and lipids in just no time while dancing on your favorite music tracks and getting slimmer day by day. People who love to lose their weight can give it a try themselves by dancing and taking some aerobic classes or maybe by yoga. Exercising is a right way of reducing fat, but the fact is as you stop exercising you’ll start gaining weight. According to respected Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat, M.d, through dancing a person can burn 300 calories per hour. While indulging in belly dancing, you must follow a simple and a healthy diet. Therefore, this can be a solution for the people who are lazy to develop any dietary plans or exercising and will help them in reducing their weight.

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Some dance classes take place twice or thrice a week. For more improved results a person can practice belly dance at home or with friends. Besides this helps to gain better results hence you can also join aerobic classes which will benefit you in losing your fats, and getting in shape.

Will Belly Dancing Help to Lose Belly Fat?

Over the years women have tried many methods to reduce fat. However, one standard and fun way to losing belly fat is a belly dancing. No exercise allows you to reduce the fats from the belly area so quickly than belly dancing. Belly dancing alone cannot overcome the fats; you need to balance the calorie intake with calorie burning rate to get valid results.

1. How Many Calories Can Belly Dance Burn?

Torso of a female belly dancer wearing a pink costume and shaking her hips. Isolated on white.

Belly dance ‘s ability to lose weight depends on your body and the intensity of dancing. According to “Discovery Health” newsletter, a person weighing 200 pounds can lose 408 calories per hour, and a person weighing 150 pounds can lose up to 306 calories per hour. Fast ballroom dance, disco, square dancing, and hula can reduce the same number of calories. An average woman can easily burn about 300 calories per hour which means 900 calories a week or ¼ pound, therefore, getting you back into shape in no time.

Belly dancing is all about the music, therefore, go ahead and make a playlist of your favorite songs. Play the songs, start dancing and don’t stop yourself until you are done with your workout time. Stop worrying about the techniques because belly dance is all about moving your body and shredding all your fats and calories. You’ll fell lazy and drowsy while dancing initially but don’t worry you’ll make it through and don’t forget to move your arms, stomach, and hips as they’ll help you more in losing our unwanted calories and chubbiness. At home, you can add up some more interest in your job like vacuuming, washing dishes or dusting and at the same time dancing all over your house and reducing your fats in just a span of time.

Try cutting your calories through your diet. Have a check and balance on the products or food you are consuming. Keep yourself aware of how many calories you are in taking in a day. Maintain a record of the calories you eat by keeping and noting it in a food journal. Compliment your belly dance with some light exercise, aerobics, and yoga.

2. How Long Should I Belly Dance to Burn Fat?

Belly dancing is just as an exercise. You can dance in the same ratio as you work out for a workout. It all depends on you. It’s your will and choice of investing your time in belly dancing. The more you dance, the more it benefits you. You can spend an hour on belly dancing continuously and reduce estimated 250-300 calories. Some old belly dance classes are available that can help you out in making your weight loss quickly. Those classes provide some different music and ambiance which will help you out in being more motivated, that classes also offer some standing-in-place activities and other categories offer some events that raise the heart rate and let you go. Long story short people who don’t practice at home and don’t engage themselves in other exercises or activities won’t be able to lose their weight.

Belly Dance Steps to Burn Belly Fat

Belly dancing involves severe guidance and maneuvering of a person’s abdomen and hips which will help them in building strength and muscles. An individual may deduct his or her fats from anywhere of the body by belly dancing and focus on the area they want to reduce. Belly dancing takes the time to cut your fats and helps you get in shape.

Five dance moves can help you achieve your wishes quickly, but remember to wear comfortable clothes before doing them.

1. Waist-Whittling Moves

Tribal woman belly dancer outdoors.

The waist whittler moves are pilates exercises which strengthen the slanting and oblique muscles.  Lie on your left side and utilize your left hand to bolster your head. Put your right arm over your body and use your hand to unfaltering your body. With your hips and feet stacked, maneuver your gut catch into your spine and balance out your center. Keeping your legs together, utilize your oblique to lift them eight to twelve crawls off the floor gradually. Hold this position for a check of four and after that, with control, bring down them back to the floor. Finish eight redundancies and afterward change to the opposite side.

The risk of having more cancer, heart diseases and diabetes are due to the excessive weight in the midsection of your body. Waist whittling moves are the combination of cardiovascular exercise and strengthening exercises as well as a low-calorie diet that helps you reduce your weight in a less span of time. Reduction of fats is possible, but it will take some time. A mixture of some exercises related to stomach and waist are along with belly dance and diet will help you maintain your figure and reach your desired weight goal. All of these exercises will help you get back into shape into time.

2. Hip Hop Crunch

Stand feet hip-remove separated and let your hands coast marginally to the sides of your body. Rooster your hips ideal, forward, left and back. Make the development smooth and liquid and afterward rehash the other way.

3. Reach Down

Floor work in belly dancing is crucial as it makes your body more flexible. The person will move his or her body towards the floor and will sit down. Now sit back, relax and move your body slowly and feel it. The next step would be put your arms down with your body and move your hairs around. Then do a figure eight on the ground rolling the thighs, hips and your lower body.

4. Camels

Remain with your arms at your sides and drive your trunk forward by moving your shoulder bones back. At that point begin to make an “S”- like movement by pulling the gut in, tucking the pelvis and squeezing your shoulders forward. This exercise is sure to help you.

5. Figure Eight

Healthy fresh food in a paper bag.

The practice in which the hips shape the form of eight. Figure eight is is an excellent move for bringing muscles and waist in shape. Figure eights are the part of belly dance in which the hips are moved round and round to form an eight-figure. This step is constructive for losing the fats around your waist. In this step, one thing you need to keep in mind is to be straight and don’t move the stomach. Making a routine of doing this exercise can be helpful for losing weight quickly.

Healthy Diet As a Supplementary

It is essential to eat a diet that carries little starches, sugar and animal fats that are derived from meat and dairy food products. For quick weight loss, it is advised to consume more vegetables, fruits, soy products, fish, non-fat dairy foods and 95% lean meat. Drink protein shakes and juices as they provide a lot of energy. You can also use calories free milk for your bones.

The author of The Flexitarian Diet named Dawn Jackson Blatner to give some tips:

  • Consume vegetables to make yourself feel full.
  • Consumption of water should be more this keeps your fatless.
  • The food that is tempting should be kept away.
  • Best is to keep yourself busy.
  • You don’t have to skip any of your meals.
  • You should eat a single plate.

Keep track of what you consume and how many calories your intake.

Other Reasons for You to Choose Belly Dancing

Besides helping you get rid of belly fat, belly dancing has a few other benefits.

1. Belly Dance Applies to Any Gender, Age and Body Shape

For those of you who want to eliminate abdominal fat, this feature of belly dancing can be an excellent way to help you find a partner, such as your husband, child, or parent, giving you more action to stick with it.

2. It Makes You Feel Good Deep Down

As with other forms of exercise, belly dancing also helps to release endorphins, which can help you get rid of your troubles and make you happy. At the same time, it also helps reduce tension and stress, make you more energetic, and even more emotionally uplifting.

3. It’s Good for Health

Regular belly dancing promotes good health, including cardiovascular, heart, lung and circulatory systems, and helps in the rehabilitation and treatment of a wide range of diseases, such as osteoporosis and arthritis. On top of that, belly dancing can help improve your memory and make you feel younger than the real situation.


People who are willing to reduce their fat stomach and unwanted fats can now easily cut them by indulging in belly dancing. They don’t need to follow any of the techniques, and they don’t have to face any boredom as they can enjoy dancing on their favorite music tracks.

Belly dancing is not only a form of dance it is like an exercise which can help you burn your calories around 200-350 in a day. All you should do is to keep yourself motivated towards belly dance and enjoy a healthy diet with fewer calories consumed. If you could add some other aerobics, such as cycling, jogging and mountain climbing, it would work better. You should do these exercising and get back in shape.

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