Plastic Vs. Steel Boned Corsets: What Is the Difference Between Them

Corset has been part of women dressing since very long. They help to give you the perfect hourglass figure that you dream of having. We have seen people wearing different types of corsets. Some prefer steel boning and others prefer to wear plastic boning corset. There is a difference between the two, and we need to understand that. The fundamental difference lies in the quality between the two. Steel boning is known to be of superior quality; it is of steel bones which are very strong and durable in use. They are providing strong shape control for your body. These corsets last for longer period. They are very comfortable in wearing and help in reducing your waistline effectively.

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Spiral bones and flat bone looks.

Corsets are very popular today, Their control of body shape is quite different from steel boned corsets. The plastic one also helps you in reducing waistline but not like steel boned corsets. They are more flexible to wear, and they help you get in shape quickly. If you wear it for long, they will get hot which makes it very uncomfortable. It also becomes curly at the end and gives terrible effect. Steel boning looks very nice when worn. The fabric panels which are on the upside will never get a wrinkle or tear out like plastic corsets.

Major Differences Between Differences Between Steel Boning and Plastic Boning

1. Quality

  • Plastic boned corsets

The first difference between the both is of quality. Plastic boned corsets are of the satin material with regular stitching. The plastic boned corsets mislay its shape with time pass and result in bending of corsets. Thus plastic corsets are not of good quality. They are not long lasting and do not provide us a good backing. Cheap corsets usually use plastic bones.

  • Steel boned corsets

Steel boned corsets are very good in quality. People prefer to use them because of their high quality. Steel boned corsets are of different layers of fabric and stitching is done in such a way that it will not go to break anyways how hard you use them. Steel boned corsets because of its high quality will last for longer period. It comes with modesty panels which are 6 to 8 inch in length and are best for ladies who are busy. You can check the quality of corset that whether it’s steel boned or no with the help pf magnet. The quality of this corset makes them desirable for you.

2. Durability

  • Plastic boned corsets
Plastic boned corset showed on white background.

Plastic boned corsets are very weak, thus not durable for long-term use. As with the time pass they get loose, the ends get bend, and if you wear them tightly, they might tear out. You cannot use plastic boned corsets to shape your waist as they are not very useful in this. However being cheap and weak you can use them with costumes for special events or one-time use. They develop weak points when you wear which you will see in the form of marks on your skin. You will sometimes notice that if you stand up; your plastic corset will not be up. How uncomfortable. The only advantage of the plastic boned corset is that it’s safe from rust.

  • Steel boned corsets

Steel boned corsets are very durable in use. They help you in shaping and improving body shape with the help of spiral and white steel boning. You can tighten them as much you want; they will not bend or break. They are very contented in wearing and provides a better assistant. They will not break how hard you use them. They are stick to your body and will not move even if you sit or stand. Therefore, you can get in the right shape in no time.

3. Comfort

  • Plastic boned corsets

Plastic boned corsets are not very comfortable in wearing as compared to the steel boned. They are of plastic boned which gets heat up just after use of 2 hours, and you feel very uncomfortable in it. The bones also get bend and thus dig into your skin which is very painful. These misshaped bones can hurt your body such as a backache etc. It can also impale the skin. You can only use them for some special occasions or just for once but are not comfortable enough to wear them for a longer period. It can also become uncomfortable if the size is not perfect as plastic corsets are only available in three sizes small, medium and large instead of your body size.

  • Steel boned corsets
Steel boned corset showed on white background.

Steel boned corsets are very easy to wear. You will find them very comfortable and relaxing. You will not get offended like plastic corsets, as they remain in their place and do not move even if you sit or stand several times. You can tighten and loosen the corset as per your need without worrying about their condition. You can wear them for a good period. They will not wear out with time. Steel boned corsets are more comfortable as they fit your body. They are available in size from 18 to 42, and you can exactly match with your body measurement. To make it more comfortable, you need to buy a right size, laced it up properly as it should not be too much tight from the hips, and modesty panels should be flat while lacing up. By focusing on these things, you can make your corset much comfortable.

Moreover, the advice is always wearing a liner under your corset to make them more comfortable. In this way, your corset will be safe from body sweat, and it will last longer as body oil reduces their life. The product comfort factor makes it a must-have for you.

4. Shaping

  • Plastic boned corsets

If you want a corset that can shape and enhance your body, then plastic boned corsets are not for you. They cannot help you in reducing waist and shaping your body.

If you want temporary results and want to wear corset just to look slim for a dinner or party then invest in a cheap corset like plastic boned corsets. It will not give you structured and polished look that you want. For the time being look, they are good to invest. Thus plastic boned corsets do not help in shaping and controlling much your body.

  • Steel boned corsets

Steel boned corsets are best in shaping and enhancing your body. If you want a sexier and slim look over the time, then use steel boned corsets. They will help you in getting better shape over the time. Steel boned corsets help you in waist training and with the help of proper diet, exercise you can get in shape in no time. They are expensive as compared to plastic corsets but worth a price.

There are two types of steel boned corsets flat steel bone and spiral steel bone. You have to make sure which one you want for shaping body, the flat one is of flat steel strip, and the other one is of two steel wires which are together. The flat one gives you smooth silhouette with excellent support. The spiral one gives you freedom of movement. There are many corsets which come with both of these, they have spiral at the end for better mobility and flat in the center to keep the waist flat.

5. Flexibility

  • Plastic boned corsets

They are quite flexible which is not a good thing. Being flexible is the main reason that they cannot be used as waist reducing corset.

  • Steel boned corsets

They are not very flexible enough. They have laces at the back, and you can tighten or loosen them as per you want, but they remain stable at a place with the help of rigid boning. Moreover, flat steel bones are very flexible as compared to spiral. Though we won’t say spirally is not, they both are quite stable enough. The flat one gives you shape and steadiness as well, and spiral one gives you flexible waistline reduction.

Make Up Your Mind

By keeping in mind, the above discussion we came to the conclusion that if you want to get slim, reduce waist and enhance your shape than steel boning corsets are the right choice for you. They are stronger and more durable, effective, high quality and comfortable to wear for an extended period. They are expensive but worth a lifetime investment. Steel corset bones help in waist cinching and reduce your size by 4 to 5 inches with regular use. On the other hand, plastic boned corsets are good to use for a temporary time such as if you are going to a dinner or party. It’s better to buy a cheap corset and get a slim look instead of wasting too much money on the steel boned corset. Steel boned corsets are the best in the market that can help you get the desired figure without having to go through any trouble.

In a nutshell, the steel boned corset is more durable and comfortable to wear as it gives your body more support and control. But you can also buy a plastic boned corset that you can wear for special occasions.

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