Waist Training Insights through Real Interviews

We live in a world obsessed with image. We want to project a public persona that’s pleasant to others. Women think like this. They want to be seen as in control of their image. Women are striving to have beautiful faces and perfect bodies because with these assets, they appear confident and self-aware. The waist training trend is suitable to this kind of mentality because it provides women the notion of control. They can shape their bodies the way they want to. They can wear clothes that complement their figures.

We can have a more in-depth understanding of how women view waist training through real stories. The actual experiences of women who have tried waist trainers or corsets offer very clear insights on the benefits or disadvantages of this type of physical training.

A Conversation with Leena Claire

We corresponded with Leena at the gym. We met her while she was doing her crossfit training. After a friendly chat, we invited her for a casual sit-down interview and she obliged. Leena is a mother of two teenagers and she lives an active lifestyle currently. It was not always this way though because she was overweight 2 years ago. She discovered waist training and she couldn’t be happier with how it transformed her life.

W: What was on your mind when you first tried a corset?

Leena: I shopped for a floral corset because I had to attend a dinner party with my former high school classmates. I wanted my body to look good. Likewise, I wanted to feel good about my face and body. I tried the corset without any intention of waist training but I was happy with how it transformed my body the minute I wore it. My curves were accentuated in the dress that I chose to wear. It was unbelievable!

W: Did that experience inspire you to undergo waist training?

Leena: Absolutely! I was overweight then but wearing that corset hid my flaws and somehow, I wasn’t so insecure at the party. I had a great time and when I chatted with a couple of girlfriends, they told me, they are doing waist training. They were raving about how effective it was to them. I was excited to try it for a month and they egged me on but cautioned that I should have a realistic view of the situation.

W: What do you mean? Did they want you to think it over first?

Leena: That’s right! Ultimately, they just wanted me to know that waist training is not for everybody but I should definitely give it a try to see if it will work for me. I am not a lonely person who gets too insecure about my weight but I have my moments and sometimes, they interfere with my relationship with my two teenage daughters. I want them to feel happy about themselves so I need to set a good example. I told my daughters I will try waist training for a month and they were supportive.

W: How long did it take for the waist training to take effect?

Leena: I saw significant results after 6 months! I couldn’t believe because I had a hard time at first considering corsets and waist trainers are uncomfortable to wear. But I persevered and my daughters were optimistic that I would achieve a healthier body through waist training. True enough, my weight decreased and I became healthier and modesty aside, sexier!

W: That’s great! Did you have to diet during the 6-month period?

Leena: Of course! My intention is to have a well-balanced lifestyle. It only started with waist training but eventually, I began controlling my portions. I ate in moderation and cooked healthy meals for my family. My lifestyle now is pretty active since I am regularly doing crossfit training. I complement that with waist training. Wearing corsets 5 hours a day really helps to maintain my weight. My daughters are also wearing corsets but I advise them to not be too rigid about their training. After all, they are still young. I just want them to be healthy.

W: We think you have an inspiring story and you should share it with the world.

Leena: Yes, definitely! I just started a blog two months ago detailing my story and progress. My daughters are contributing to the blog as well so it becomes an enjoyable hobby for us. It feels great that so many people are interested and asking questions about how to live a healthier lifestyle through waist training.

That concludes our feature of Leena’s journey. There are so many women like her who have discovered the great advantages of waist training. We talked to Patty and Lorna on their helpful insights for women regarding waist training and we would love to share them with you.

Patty: Waist training is just the first step to a healthy lifestyle. It should be an informed decision on your part if you want to try wearing waist trainers on a regular basis. Things could go wrong if you don’t do your homework first. On my part, when I started waist training, I must have devoured hundreds of articles on line regarding the subject and I read 5 books about it. The feedback from friends who have tried this type of training was also pretty helpful to me. In a span of a year and a half, I have achieved my ideal weight and I’m very grateful to my waist training for that. I have incorporated a simple diet and exercise routine to my lifestyle so that I can sustain my healthy and beautiful body. I’m definitely more confident about how I look now and I take the chance to motivate people to try waist training for their own good as well.

Lorna: A much-needed advice I can share about waist training is probably on the most practical side. Find the best waist trainer, corset, or shaper that is suitable to your body type. I can’t stress that enough. You will have a much more worthwhile time if you wear a perfectly tailored waist trainer for 5 hours daily than a poorly fitting corset that you just bought in the store. That’s my own opinion. It really helps if you know your body well and what it needs. Don’t compare your body to others. Just keep the faith that waist training will be effective if you wear proper attire and you are consistent with your training.

We wish you the best of luck in your waist training! Heeding our advice is optional but we hope you do so you can take full advantage of this great training. Listen to the advice of your friends as well so you will have a balanced opinion before you embark on this journey!

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