Can Women of All Ages Wear Corsets?

What is a Corset?

A black waist training corset

Waist training corsets are made of a strong and flexible fabric (satin/ cotton/leather) with steel boning (flexible steel rods). Its great strength will cinch your waist and accentuate the curve of your hips, thus giving you an hourglass figure. Moreover, they are suitable for a variety of different body types.

Usually, depending on your style, the corset can be overbust or underbust and can be worn over your clothes or under your clothes.

In ancient times, ladies and courtiers wore corsets because it showed off their hourglass figure. Young girls were introduced early to this type of waist training because their role in society is to marry men and they needed to look attractive. So the question raised today is, “Can women of all ages wear corsets? Can young girls do waist training?

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Can Young Girls Wear the Waist Training Corsets?

The answer to this question is dependent on the type of upbringing in the family. Will you allow your teenage daughter to wear corsets in order to feel confident and feminine? Do you think corsets are just for older women because young girls should not have to conform to society’s expectations at such a tender age? This determines what type of healthy lifestyle you want your daughters or nieces to have.

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If the girls turn 18 and they decide to wear corsets, we think it’s their prerogative to do so as long as they don’t overdo it. They have to do it in moderation. The self-esteem of most millennial girls is dependent on the image that society has for them. They check magazines and watch television and go online and they want to be like the women celebrities who are sexy, curvaceous and beautiful. It is essential for young women to wear corsets as long as they are doing it for their happiness, not as a dictate of trends. They have to be comfortable in their own skin.

For younger teenage women, their sisters and mothers are their role models hence it’s important that they are guided accordingly, that the thoughts and ideas about beauty are based on a healthy notion of self-confidence. Physical beauty is not everything, but sometimes it can affect a young girl’s self-esteem. If a girl of 18 wants to wear corsets because she is overweight and she wants to feel good, that’s fine. But she has to keep in mind that it’s not an instant fix. She still has to follow a proper diet, exercise and wear the right type of corsets.

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Not all corset designs are perfect for your body especially if you are a young girl whose body will still continue to change. Your mother can accompany you in buying corsets so that she can ensure comfort and durability. Your selection should be approved by your guardian to make sure that you will not be torturing yourself. Some young girls with low self-esteem will go too far to achieve excellent results quickly. They even starve themselves or vomit what they eat so that they will appear attractive to everyone.

A leather waist training corset

Parents should understand what young women go through during their teenage years. They have to succumb to peer pressure and look good and feel fashionable. This should not be the case if at a young age you can make them understand that they don’t owe the world their sacrifice for the sake of beauty. They should feel it in their hearts that they are enough, that they should not be stick thin. They can be curvaceous as long as they are still healthy.

Wearing corsets can give the boost of self-confidence that these young girls need however they should not wear corsets for more extended periods of time. They have to attend school, play sports and socialize with their peers. If they feel obliged to wear corsets, it can affect them emotionally. They can feel inadequate, but this shouldn’t be the case. The key is to explain to them the importance of waist training in a healthy way.

Young girls should understand that your body at 12 is not going to be your body when you turn 18. Expect some changes, and when you wear corsets religiously, it can stunt the growth of your curves. Don’t rush things; you will soon see what you want to see your body become. While shopping for corsets, find ones that are comfortable to wear and will not hinder your movement otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the activities that girls your age like to do. It is fun to look like a woman for a day such as for a party or a ball in school but remember that you only live in the present once. You have to enjoy your youth as well.

In different countries with varying cultures, wearing corsets is acceptable for young women. Some cultures with stricter parents tend to look down on girls who want to become women so fast. While there are cultures which encourage women to know how to look good even if they are still young. There is no general or universal rule to corseting. It’s a training that you should be used to and comfortable with. The results are not achieved overnight, so you have to be patient. Young girls tend to be restless, but you have to do corseting for the right reasons. Prepare your body and your mind for what’s to come. If you have to wear the corsets for half a day or maybe 8 hours straight, then this requires a certain sacrifice on your part. If you have to wear corsets every day, then this is another consideration that you have to think about.

Don’t be too concerned about getting results right away especially if you have excess fat in your abdomen area. You will eventually notice the outcome. If you rush it, your muscles and bones in that area can be affected if you tighten the corsets too much. You will be stopping the growth of your muscles and doing physical activities will be more difficult for you.

Since you are younger than most women who do waist training, it is best if you can have a doctor check your body and make sure that you are up for such a training. You can have a case of scoliosis that you don’t know about and corseting may aggravate the situation. If you are prepared to do the right thing, and you have the maturity level of an adult woman, then your parents or guardians can rely on you to try corseting.

It might be wise to buy you corsets at the stores rather than online at first because you have to make sure that your body will fit nicely in the corset. Please choose a flexible and adjustable corset so that you can study your body and learn if it is responding well to the snug fit. There are many designs for corsets, and if you really just want to use them for waist training, you can buy basic ones that you can wear underneath your regular clothes. For fancy occasion and you want to look like a princess for a day, you can choose the lace ones with satin fabric because they are quite feminine. The straps can be made of ribbons with piping so that they are more secure.

Corset training is somewhat a fashion statement for young girls, and if you want to make a great impression, you can wear corsets on appropriate occasions. You can unleash your creativity by designing your own corsets. We’re sure you will have a fun time picking the colors that will match your skin. Check the style and cut of the corsets and be sure to try on different types. Ask your sister or even your mom about the fit on your body because they can identify if you look good and if you are comfortable in these corsets. Finally, choose a corset that you like, and you can bear wearing every single day if you are really keen on doing the waist training. It’s good to be in charge of your body, but you have to give it some space for growth since you will blossom into the woman of your dreams in the future. There’s no rush, just a fun, and exciting growth!

A girl is wearing a black cotton waist training corset

Can Older Women Wear the Waist Training Corsets

For mature women, the most significant health concerns of waist training would be osteoporosis, because having osteoporosis problem means your ribs are more likely to give under pressure. In addition, older women should watch out for high blood pressure and circulation problems during waist training to prevent thrombosis. Although waist training does not directly cause these, it is likely to exacerbate these symptoms if you already have them.

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