Waist Trainer Vest: 7 Differences from Waist Training Corset & 3 Top Choices

What Is a Waist Trainer Vest?

Waist training is a popular trend which is even followed by celebrities. Women are wearing waist trainers to get in shape after pregnancy or to get slim. The new addition to the product line of waist trainer is waist trainer vest. It is short in sleeves and covers all your back, and hence it is very different from other waist trainers. It is made specifically for clients who have excess fat on the back as it helps in reducing it. It works like usual waist trainers. It has Colombian three-hook system thus it is easy to adjust, and you can wear it comfortably for a long time.

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You can wear body shaper vest when you are going to the gym or for a walk. It is advised to drink a lot of water and if you feel shorten of breath remove it immediately. After pregnancy, it is ideal to wear it to reduce excessive weight but make sure your body is ready for it. No doubt giving birth to a child is one of the fantastic things, but too much weight gain is also bad for health. That why we have seen many celebrities wearing wait trainer vests to get slim, for instance, Kim Kardashian.

Waist Trainer Vest Features and Benefits

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Natural latex is used to make waist trainer vest. The inner lining is made of cotton hence making it comfortable to wear. It has steel bones which keep you in shape even while sitting. A problem that happens with other corsets is that when you sit down all fat shows at the top but you will not have this complaint from waist trainer vest. You can wear it every day for as many hours as you can to lose weight. It will not be visible under your dress, hence helping you get in shape and not limit your options.

One of the foremost benefits of latex vest-style waist trainer is that you can get a curvy shape you always dreamed of having. You will be proud of your body in no time, but it needs hard work from you.

The gym is not the only solution; if you are wearing a vest, you will sweat a lot and thus burn a lot of calories.

Slimming is one benefit, Wearing a waist trainer vest makes you look slim especially if you are going out for a party or dinner and thus adds to your confidence. The other significant advantage is that a waist trainer vest improves your posture. Most people do not have straight posture, and due to lack of communication between spine and brain, you get a headache and migraines. Wearing a good quality vest restores the connection between spine and brain. It is most beneficial for people who have long hours job such as nurse, carpenter, mechanic. Wearing a vest improves your posture, which assists in achieving good health and also getting in the shape you desired to have.

Are There any Side Effects of Wearing Waist Trainer Vest?

Health is an important issue, so when you’re wearing a waist trainer vest, it is essential that you consider the following factors.

Read the manual before using it and follow the instructions.

Make sure your waist trainer vest does not restrict your breathing and blood flow.

Wear a waist trainer vest for no more than 8 hours a day to give your muscles enough time to rest.

Ensure to wash it correctly according to the instructions:

  • Never clean your waist trainer vest in the washing machine.
  • Wash your waist trainer vest by hands, and be gentle while you are cleaning it.
  • Don’t expose it to the sun. It should air-dry in the dark place.

Waist Trainer Vest Vs Waist Training Corset

There are differences between the two. The choice is personal, and it depends on some factors such as style, shaping, needs and upon personal goals and preferences.

A corset is made up of steel bones and has tightening laces at the back which helps in slimming the waist whereas a waist trainer vest on the hand is made up of latex material and hook-and-eye closures at the front which helps in slimming waist. Thus the fundamental difference lies in the style of garment, even if both used for shaping benefits of the waistline.

1. Materials

The major difference between both choices is the materials. The material used in corsets is cotton, leather, satin, and long steel rods which keep it in shape. There are satin laces at the back which slims the waist mainly between 3 to 6 inches.


  • It can provide you with an hourglass figure.
  • It can give you back support.
  • It is breathable.
  • It ‘s very durable.


  • It ‘s not flexible.
  • More expensive.

On the other side, waist trainer vest or waist clincher vest are made up of latex, nylon, and spandex. They also have steel bone or plastic to keep its shape.  They have hook-and-eye closures at the front.  They do not have any laces at the back; with the help of targeted full compression, it reduces waistline from 1 to 3 inches.


  • You can comfortably sleep in it.
  • It ‘s very light.
  • It is easy to put on.
  • You can wear it while exercising.


  • Not durable enough to last a long time.
  • Not breathable.
  • It can’t be tightened like waist training corsets.

2. How to Wear Them

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You can wear either of these under the dress for styling purpose. Corsets are a bit difficult to hide because of its laces and thickness. Thus you can wear waist clincher for everyday use but corsets only at special occasions.

However, having said that you can wear both at a fitted evening dress with a nice shirt, skirt or pants. Both of the options come in different styles, colors, and designs and you can wear them with a cute outfit for special occasions.

3. Uses and Results

Both are effective in slimming your waistline especially if worn for 8 hours or more in a day. It also helps improves posture and gives you confidence. Some ladies prefer to wear corsets because of the hourglass shape it enables you to achieve. However, some ladies wear waist trainer vest which is more comfortable and easy to carry.

The main benefit of using waist trainer vest over a corset is while doing workouts. They are shorter, strong and supple. You can easily move while doing intense workouts. Some ladies also use waist trainer at night while sleeping because of its ease.

Additional Comparisons

4. Durability

Corsets are more durable because of its steel bones and tightening laces at the back. It will not loosen or wear out soon. Even if you get slim, you can still tighten the corset with the laces as per your need.

On the other hand, you need to replace latex waist trainer vest if you are using it on a regular basis. Latex drops its power, and it may not give you the perfect compression.

5. Comfort

Waist trainer vest helps you in sweating more than a corset. Wait trainer vests are non-breathable, and corsets are breathable. However, waist trainer is more flexible than corsets, and that is why they are worn more during workouts. Moreover, if you have a large bust or you want more coverage for the back, then waist trainer vests are perfect for you.

6. Pricing

Corsets are more expensive than a waist trainer vest because of its steel boning. Hence if you are planning on buying a corset, you will need more money

7. Ease of Use

Waist trainers are easy to wear and thus more practical in general. Corsets, however, are time-consuming and bit complicated to wear. If you are in a hurry waist trainer vest are perfect for you.

Highly Recommended Waist Trainer Vest

1. Ann Chery Cami Shaper with Latex for Tummy Control

Top advantages:

If you are wearing a convenient double closure Ann Chery latex waist vest for 8 to 12 hours a day, then you will see following results in your body:

  1. Immediate slim look.
  2. Waistline will decline up to 3 dresses size.
  3. Back fat is all compressed.
  4. Slimmer Tummy.
  5. Instant weight loss and thus change of 4 dresses size in just six weeks.
  6. Stunning silhouette shape.
  7. Lowers back pain.
  8. More confident after shedding pregnancy weight gain.
  9. Support for your bust and helps in lifting them.
  10. Helps in reducing weight because of thermal activity.
  11. Ann Michell Full Latex Waist Cincher.

 2. Ann Michell Full Latex Waist Cincher

Ann Michell gives you a gorgeous look. The cincher is a perfect product to shape your abdominal area. Some additional benefits are mentioned below:

Top advantages:

  1. As it is made of dual fabric nylon and spandex; it gives you more compression and soothes both tummy and back areas.
  2. Latex material increases thermal activity which helps in reducing toxins from the body.
  3. It gives you hourglass shape with a flat tummy.
  4. Waistline declines up to 3 dresses size because of steel boning.
  5. Comfortable to wear for an extended time.
  6. You can wear it with matching bra thus giving you more support.
  7. It is the best seller because of its immense benefits.
  8. Improves posture and supports your back.
  9. It helps in boosting your confidence.

3. FeelinGirl Tank Top Vest with Adjustable Waist Trimmer Belt

The purpose-built design of FeelingGirl gives you the comfort to wear it throughout the day. The belt helps to achieve hour-glass shape by keeping your waist as tight as you want. The continuous use of this belt will make you look gorgeous and sexy by improving posture. Here are some top advantages of using this product:

Top advantages:

  1. The product is designed to lift bust line and reducing tummy.
  2. It will help in burning calories and weight reduction.
  3. It helps in losing waistline by continuous use.
  4. Increases thermal activity which helps in lifting under bust.
  5. It helps in boosting your workout, hence making it easier for you to get in shape.


You can pick your corset from any of the choices that are listed above. The companies are highly recommended, and the results will not let you down.

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