Belly Wraps: Differences Between Postpartum Belly Wrap, Girdle, and Corset

Belly Wraps: Differences Between Postpartum Belly Wrap, Girdle, and Corset

Differences Between Belly Wrap, Girdle, and Corset

1. Belly Wrap

  • It gives great comfort, even if you have been wearing it on your belly all day.
  • Helps in recovering from pregnancy and it could also be used for weight loss.
  • It shows immediate results after wearing it.
  • The compression level of postpartum belly wrap is quite useful and productive than the Girdle and Corset.

2. Girdle


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Do Sweatbands Work for Losing Weight?

Wearing sweatbands on your torso can be an active decision for you to lose weight and flatten your abdominal area for a better physical look. According to some medical experts, sweatbands are ineffective for weight loss, but there are others who are for it. They think that if you wear these garments during a workout, you will have a higher chance of burning more fat in this part of your body. There are hundreds of people who can vouch for the effectiveness of sweatbands while there are also others who doubt if they indeed work.

A lot of speculations from fitness experts discuss that sweatbands can only make you sweat profusely but not burn the fats in your tummy. This is because it doesn’t target calorie burning, just excreting the sweat that your body takes from drinking water. Also, when you exercise using sweatbands, you will most likely feel uncomfortable, and instead of exercising for 2 hours, you will feel trapped and maybe just finish a 30-minute routine. You may have noticed that when your body is wrapped in sweatbands, you don’t feel free to move which can impede your workout. Of course, losing weight is also a product of your self-control, so when you think of it this way, you will endure wearing uncomfortable sweatbands to achieve the results that you want. (more…)

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Discovering the Marvel of Hot Belts

It seems slimming belts are fashionable all year round but all the more so during the summertime. Women will try anything and everything to sculpt their body in an ideal shape (especially the mid-section), and no one’s blaming them. They are willing to spend most of their time to figure out how to waist train like seven steps to a slimmer and fabulous waist or top seven ways to achieve an hourglass figure. We all want to feel confident and happy about our bodies so today we will introduce the hot belt, which is the answer to some of our fitness woes. We need to know more about it so we can decide if it’s worth our time or not.

Three hot belts on white background.

[Read more about Slimming Belts] (more…)

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