Do Waist Shapers Really Work?

Recently a Trend Had Started Online and over the Social Media

Waist trainers, waist cinchers, waist training corset, waist shapers… with whatsoever name you to call them, you will find one thing common in all of them and that is the obsession people have with them. You will find a large number of celebrities like Kardashians, Lindsay Lohan, Madonna and Jessica Alba obsessed about the waist shapers. In order to find various brands claiming to get you the perfect hourglass shape, you will only need to search it on the Google. On Instagram alone, you will find over 465k posts when you will search for #waist training hashtag.

Of course, who wouldn’t be thrilled with the idea of wearing a little undergarment and reduce their waist to the size of a curvy model, if that’s all it takes to get hourglass shape, then sign me up!

But the central question is whether these waist trainers are really as magical as they claim to be? Are they so effective in reducing your waist?

Let us understand what each of the companies is claiming to do to your waist with their waist shapers. Even after all the social media promotion along with the renowned trainers, still, there is a lot that is still not clear.

There are a lot of promises made by a lot of companies but out of the most common ones made by the companies are that these waist shapers will help you to reduce the fats and size of your waist, boost fat metabolism, releasing of toxins, suppress your core and decrease the amount of food you eat all through the day.

Some Situations that Can Help You to Make the Best Decision
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There is a lot of claims which are similar to these and make me so frustrated that might make me explode.

The very first thing that we need to consider is that these shapers are made of latex. Have you ever worn latex gloves? If yes, then you know it that wearing latex gloves will make your hands sweaty. So, apparently, you will sweat a lot while you wear these waist shapers. As a result of all the sweating, you will lose water weight. Yes, that is the water weight that is lost and not the real fat.


A girl wears waist trainer while working out and sweats a lot and then she weighs herself, and she goes crazy on seeing that she has lost two pounds! So, she thinks that she is wearing a miracle device. What she doesn’t understand is that she has not lost any of the actual fat. The weight on the scale is not her real progress. Whenever she will drink water now and have a proper dinner rich in carbohydrate, she will get her weight right back.

There are ladies who are using the waist trainers the very first time, and along with wearing waist trainers they are doing a lot of exercises and having control over what they are eating then, of course, they will lose weight. They will start believing that the waist trainers are the real reason behind the weight loss.

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Situation #2-

Here is an important question. Would you like that your inner organs keep functioning properly? Is your answer same for your digestive system? Your answer will be yes, isn’t it?

Well, in that case, you need to realize that wearing these waist trainers lead to uncomfortable pressure on your internal organs thus leading to the functioning of the inner organs that may lead to a defective operation and other functioning issues. When you apply pressure in the middle part of your body, the diaphragm will allow the lung to increase and decrease its size, and it won’t be able to do its job.

Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., clinical professor of ob-gyn at Yale School of Medicine shares her views about waist trainer that in medical context it is not possible to reduce your body size by wearing something on your body which compresses it. This effect will be temporary, and as soon as you remove the waist trainer, your body will get into its original shape. This is also unhealthy and uncomfortable to wear it as it restricts the movements and makes it very difficult to breathe for you so that it may lead to damage of rib cage.

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Another negative impact that the women have is when they wear these waist trainers during the workout. It makes it difficult for you to breathe as well as leads to the improper development of these muscles. When we exercise, our body needs more oxygen which your body won’t be able to get while you will wear a waist trainer.

After exercising, our body needs more oxygen which our body doesn’t get while wearing a waist trainer. The lungs will not have enough space to expand for taking in the oxygen.

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Now let’s go back in time and think of the old school days when you started to know about the Victorian era. Think of all the women of that time who would wear those tight slim corsets, put makeup and try not to go unconscious in their dresses. Their organs might have been compressed to lead up to a health issue but who would have cared as they used to look great in those dresses.

You had heard a lot of negative health effects from the corsets when you used to go to the school. Waist trainers are also similar to them, and they will also be packed in little packages along with some marketing tricks.

You will surely have learned about the pessimistic effects of the corsets during your school time. Most of the waist trainers are just roofed in an appealing small package along with a few attractive marketing and make use of celebrities in order to get promoted.

Last But not Least,


Most of the waist training companies often claim that by wearing their offered waist reduction devices, you can reduce the fat of your waist area. Technically speaking, this is just a pack of crap. And, targeting the particular areas of your body for the fat loss is not possible. This is not possible for you to choose or pick where to lose the fat.

The Best Method to Reduce Your Waist

Till now, you will surely agree that the waist trainers are not the answer to this question. And, you will know that you can’t target a particular area of your body to reduce fat. One of the best ways is to reduce the fat in overall shape.

A Number of Things that Can Help You:
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  1. Make a proper nutritional chart for your goals and body and follow it. Forget any cookie cutter diet plan and one size all diet books. For this, you should search a professional coach that can help you in determining your correct macronutrient level and developing a healthy and nutritional chart for you.
  2. Strengthen your training- in case you are doing cardio but not getting the desired results then you should perform cardio till the sun do not shine, and you will not get the lean athletic appearance which most of the people wish to have if you do not have any muscle weight. And, ladies should not get afraid to lift up the heavyweights.
  3. Be consistent- you should follow above-described two points regularly at the exact levels, and you will surely get success. Keep patience and remain stick to this. Most of the time, people flip flop with their workouts but never see any progress. You cannot get the results overnight so, and you have to stick with these plans to get the results.
  4. Slowly start your waist training by one hour at a time.
  5. Drink plenty of water every day.
  6. Buy correct size of waist shaper.

Like many others in your life, fast fixes seldom work. In case they did most of the people would walk around appearing as they came off the face of a fitness magazine.

Like many other in your life, fast fixes seldom work. In case they did most of the people would walk around appearing as they came off the face of a fitness magazine.

Similarly, I frequently tell my coaching clients that you will get out that you will put in. you will put in crap then that will be exactly what you will obtain. If you will put on your hard work then this will surely pay off. Remember, waist training takes some time to achieve the results that you desired, so you must be patient and keep working out.

If you have a friend that is looking for a waist trainer, then do them a favor and share this article with them to make a right decision.

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