Waist Beads for Weight Loss: 5 Reasons & 3 Things You Should Know

Appearances matter a lot; it is by far a very delicate part of human’s life. A fit person is the one who has a good appearance and has no extra fats. If you seem to be struggling with some bodyfat, then you should work out for them. Some people find it hard to lose weight because they cannot get rid of the habit of eating a lot. Reaching a point that will become hard for you to abstain from it. Gaining weight not only makes you look bad, but it is not safe for you. It makes you stay unfit and is a cause of many more diseases in your life. For this purpose, you can use waist beads and lose weight. These age-old beads are an excellent way to work your way through a perfect shaped up body that you desired.

History of Waist Beads

The history waist beads date back to the ancient times. Many experts believed that the habit began in ancient Egypt, where they were called it “girdles” and used as status symbols by women. Nowadays, not only do Africans wear these beads for celebrations. However, they also have a Yoruba tradition in which women are ought to wear the beads. Their culture is somewhat different from the other tribes. They represent their culture by different things in which one of them is the belly chain. Most of the times this tradition shows that women want to get engaged with men. They are showing them self off by wearing these beads. So the waist beads were dressed as a celebration of femininity, sexuality, fertility, healing, spirituality, womanhood, body shaping, wealth and protection.

Similarly, Ghanaian women also have a tradition of wearing waist beads. Usually, they wear the waist beads as decorations or symbolic adornment, which refer to sign of wealth, femininity or nobility, and spiritual happiness. In the Ghanaian naming ceremonies, babies wear waist beads, while young adults typically wear waist beads on their waists and hips as a portrayal of femininity. These beads are believed to have the ability to attract and evoke in-depth emotional responses, as well as keep the waist small and highlight the hips.

Five Reasons Why You Should Wear Waist Beads

There are many reasons that why you should be choosing waist beads, either for controlling or maintaining the weight. Women often use belly beads in layers. Layers of beads are to be worn on your body on any desired body part. Either you wear it around your waist, or some people wear it a bit above their waist directly on the tummy. It depends on your needs that why and when you need to wear these beads. Among many reasons, top five are listed below.

1. Weight Loss

Waist beads are used to control weight gain. They act as a tracker for your body which helps you in losing the weight. These beads have been used for centuries to shape up the body of women. Women find it easier to lose weight this way because it does not require much of exertion. Besides, the beads are used to remind women of their weight gain or if they are pregnant: if you lose weight, the beads on your waist will roll lower, and if you gain weight, they will become tighter or higher.

Weight loss has never been an easy way for anyone, especially for women it has always been a hard task. Belly beads are not like keeping you slim by doing nothing. You need to look out for yourself, and your diet and the beads act as a full-time tracker for you.

2. Sexual Attraction

Waist beads are used mostly by African women since the start of 15th century. These Beads are known to be the belly adornments to attract men towards them. It was profoundly shameful for the younger girls to wear these beads. The women who were found wearing these beads showed that they are trying to attract men towards them. It helps in boosting your men’s sexual desires. It is also shown that these women are looking for men by wearing these beads sometimes underneath your clothes. To attract a specific person, they show their beads if not visibly clear from the front and call that men to be with them.

3. Trendy Nowadays

Social hierarchy categorized the people with gemstone waist beads. Waist beads used to be known as frivolous, but now these beads are trendy. Now they are becoming more into fashion not only by Africans but among others as well. It gives a great look to you. Wearing smaller shirts along with belly chain is what’s in fashion now. Trends change with time, but these beads are in for a very long time because they are also a health tracker on your body for all the time. So along with a good fashion sense, you are also keeping yourself fit.

4. Celebratory Purposes

Waist beads are used to be worn especially by African women for different celebration purposes. It is always desirable for women to look good on any festive day. These beads just add up a glamorous look to women while they wear them with short tops. In some parties, even young girls wear the beads. Tribal king daughters are found wearing these beads and attract the sons of other kings to marry them.

5. Symbol of Femininity

These handmade waist beads, known as ” colorful strands of femininity,” are usually suitable for women of any size. They can be seen as a symbol of femininity, celebration, aristocracy, or an attraction of self-care, self-confidence, and intimacy, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular in the United States.

How Does the Waist Beads Help You Lose Weight?

With all the above reasons of why women wear waist beads, the most important one is that these beads keep your body shaped and give you a flat stomach. You might think that how is it possible that some bead chains can help you lose weight. It is yet true and very useful. The main reasons for how it enables you to get rid of the extra fat are listed below:

1. Act As a Physical Reminder to Not Overeat

It is effortless to keep on eating once you do not have any tracker. These belly beads act as a tracker to your body. They are tied along to your waist and work as if they are going to note down how much you have eaten and you cannot eat further. Once you start eating and drinking, then your body does not let you know how much food your body requires to take in at one time. However, if you have waist beads, then they will give you a physical reminder not to overeat in any case. In this very case, you will not be able to have any extra food intake, and you will be losing weight slowly and accurately.

2. Shrink Your Waist

Belly chains are an excellent source to shrink your waist. As well as a wonderful accessory for women that looks a great fashion sense along with that it helps best in reducing the waist weight you have put on. Women are a symbol of beauty. Mostly, women put on weight on their bellies which in result gives you a wider waist. Girls do not look cute and feminine if they have a larger waistline. If you have it and you want to shrink your waist, then the best way to it is to use waist beads that act as waist trainers to reduce waistline to your desired size.

Three Things to Remember When Using Waist Beads for Weight Loss

It may seem easy to lose weight by using the waist beads. However, more natural things have more safe work to do while using them. Therefore, there are some things that you should keep in your mind while using them for weight loss. These precautions are listed below:

1. Know the Feeling

It is evident that beads let you know either it is weight gain or weight loss of your body. However, you know that they are body accessory, and you should always enjoy wearing them. Women in Africa not only wear these beads for weight loss but they also wear it for fun. They attract their men by showing them the beads. It is the culture of African is that they use different kinds of magic on the beads that they use to attract their men. It is imperative to relax your muscles during the day and night time. But you cannot keep on wearing the beads all the time, so do not forget to take them off before bedtime.

The best method for you is to sit up straight, and you should keep your waist all tighten for at least total of five minutes’ time and give relaxation of two minutes. This exercise should be done four times at a time, and the whole exercise needs to be followed by three times a day. In this way, you can modify your body’s curves and have the best feeling ever.

2. Know the Position

It is of great concern that you know at which position your belly beads are being worn. If you want to wear your beads just to have a good look and to look attractive, then you wear beads just above your hips. If you are severe enough to lose your weight and you want your waist to be the right size for you, which looks good and keeps you fit. For this reason, belly beads are worn around your waist a little above your hips. Knowing the position is very important because if you do not keep the position of your beads right then they are not going to give you any weight loss and you are going to keep them hanging as it is.

3. Know When to Eat and What to Eat

It is of high importance that you should be aware when to eat your meal. If you are wearing the belly beads but you keep on eating a lot of food that is not going to help you lose weight. What to eat matters the most. You cannot eat everything, or you cannot stop eating everything there. It is highly necessary that you eat the right thing at the right time. You can visit nutrition and make a diet chart to see what you are required to eat. Belly beads keep a check on your body and its weight but they obviously, won’t be letting you know what your routine should be. For that very purpose, you need to look out for the proper food by yourself.

When you feel your waist beads get tighter, it means you should change your diet. Thus consume foods that promote the digestion and avoid products that cause water retention, such as alcohol or carbonated drinks and salty snacks.

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Tips for Measuring Yourself for Waist Beads

  • Remove or roll up clothing that covers your waist.
  • Stand up straight, hold the tape up behind you and wrap it around your waist to meet at your navel.
  • The tape should be parallel to the floor and tightly around your torso without penetrating your skin.
  • Read the tape.
  • Double-check your measurement to make sure the accuracy of the original size.

Color and Meanings of Waist Beads

The color of the waist beads symbolizes different meanings in different cultures, and it also represents people ‘s different emotions and feelings. The following are the main color collations of the waist beads to help you choose the best color when purchasing the waist beads.

  • Red

Self-confidence, energy, power, love, vitality, desire.

  • Blue

Trust, harmony, wisdom, faith, intelligence, healing, peace, truth, devotion.

  • Green

Hope, mature, generous, freshness, fertility, growth, nature, abundance.

  • Gold

Wealth, prestige, high-quality, good health, power.

  • Purple

Wisdom, nobility, luxury, mystery, spirituality, royalty, ambition, creativity.

  • Orange

Joy, courage, enthusiasm, sunshine, success, attraction, happiness.

  • Yellow

knowledge, clarity, awareness, joyful.

  • Pink

Romantic, feminine, love, friendship, care, kindness, beautiful.

  • White

Innocent, light, virginity, purity, goodness.

  • Brown

Stability, strength, honesty, earth, friendliness.

  • Black

Authority, protection, elegance.


Waist beads are easy to wear, but you need to make sure that they are comfortable. Once they start getting tight that is a valid symbol that you are out of your diet plan, so you need to start controlling. If the belly beads are losing on your belly, then that means your hard work is paying off, and you are surely losing weight. If you have decided once that you want to lose weight, then there is nothing that can stop you from it. Using your waist beads as your waist trainers are nothing better that you are going to find.

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