Advantages of Wearing Compression Girdles

After normal childbirth, a lot of mothers use girdles, but they are especially helpful for those women who have undergone a C-section. One of the main reasons why women use compression girdles after giving birth is to have the necessary support for their body; this is important so that the body can heal and get back to its active state. Wearing girdles help with the healing and restoration of the pre-baby bodies. Those women after a cesarean section like to wear compression belts for a safe feeling and prevent the incision wound from bursting open.

When women wear compression girdles, they are reassured that their incision in their C-section will not only remain secure but also heal correctly, it will not open up because the support is provided. You will feel tightness in your abdomen that will help keep everything in place including excess fat from your pregnancy.

The Relationship Between Cesarean Section and Compression Girdles

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There are cases in pregnancy when you have to succumb to C-section because it is your safest option. However, you do have to prepare for the physical demands of such a procedure. The incision will have scarring afterward, but if reliable and competent doctors do it, you are in good hands. It’s a bloody case having your tummy opened, and your uterus revealed, but you will have anesthesia, so that is a great relief.

Cesarean section is a kind of invasive surgery, including cut off your abdomen and uterus. In a standard C-section, the fascia layer will be cut through by a scalpel. The obstetrician will have to separate the muscles to show the fascia layer. During the procedure, the muscle fibers will be stretched, and you might encounter some muscle damage which will make it harder to get back into shape after your pregnancy. Even if the muscles are not cut, the surgery can also damage your body. A total of 6 or 7 such incisions were made in a typical cesarean section.

Postoperatively, you will undergo a recovery period wherein your fascia layers will heal and reconnect. Of course, you will have to endure stitches and occasional pain in this area during recovery because of the wound. Your abdominal organs may also be affected during the operation due to the invasiveness of the cesarean section, which is why there occurs leakage of intestines. It is also for these reasons that extra support through the postpartum belt is taken seriously. There are some features for picking the best compression girdle:

  • Provide comfort and support.
  • Fit enough and don’t slip off.
  • Easy to use.
  • Both front and back have reinforced panels to support your midsection pressure points.

Aside from the support given by compression girdles in your recovery stage after the pregnancy, there are still other worthwhile benefits that you will come to know in this article. We are sharing several advantages that can help you decide whether to continue with a compression girdle routine.

Apparent Benefits of Compression Girdles

When you wear girdles in normal circumstances or corsets and binders, you will feel and look thinner. It is the same after a C-section, you will feel more confident with your body because compression girdles make your waist thinner. Also, we mentioned that it provides support on your body; the primary purpose is to support your spine so that it will straighten up. It is difficult to carry a baby in your uterus because the weight can take its toll on your spine. The compression girdle corrects that dilemma.

You will also notice while wearing the compression girdles how much they can reduce the initial swelling of your body. You may be wondering why you still have excess weight after you have given birth already. Gaining weight is normal as you have gotten the excess that your baby didn’t consume during your pregnancy. You will still have loose skin especially if you were thinner before the pregnancy but this can be hidden by the girdles that you will use. The many benefits of wearing belts are added below:

  1. They prevent the sagging of your tummy area.
  2. Girdles provide additional support to your back.
  3. A girdle can maintain lumbar muscles’ warmth and prevent them from pulling.
  4. They help with mobility as you can navigate better when you have the flexibility to bend down and stretch. Remember not to overdo it.
  5. The compression girdle helps the skin around the wound to tighten appropriately.
  6. They keep sweat away from your cesarean section wound to prevent bruises and rashes.
  7. A substantial benefit is giving you the support you need when breastfeeding.
  8. When wearing girdles, the compression helps with the reduction of scarring.

Compression girdles serve multiple purposes and even helps make your dieting successful after your pregnancy. Even single women have trouble losing the extra inches. It is especially hard after you had a C-section. With a compression girdle, your body is somehow guided to go back into better shape. But you shouldn’t rush it because a C-section is a delicate procedure that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Give your abdomen area enough time to recover.

Compression Garments Work This Way

Encountering a C-section compression girdle after you have given birth may be entirely new to you and you might think it will hurt a lot but that’s a misconception. There are different designs for these girdles that your options are not limited which only means you can find one that’s suitable for your body. Find the one that is comfortable to wear, choose from wraps, binders, belts, and wraps. You have to study the features of these garments so that you will know which one will be perfect for you. Also, the combination of walking is more helpful for a c-section wound healing for the following reasons.

  • Walking can increase the circulation to the whole body.
  • It boosts your immune system.
  • It can relieve constipation.
  • It can prevent blood clots.
  • It helps prevent common post-cesarean potential diseases such as pneumonia.

Compression girdles ease the tension in your muscles and help support your back. It makes your spine do less work than required to return to its original form. Having a girdle wrapped around your tummy is comfortable because the loose skin is secured and you feel fit and ready to go about your day.

Will a Compression Girdle Hurt or Damage Your Incision?

You may think that the compression girdle will have a harmful effect on your incision, but it will not interfere with the incision as long as it is moderately used. Instead of compressing the wound, the belt will prevent the wound from opening, increase blood flow, reduce swelling, reduce the tension on newly formed scar tissue, which reduces the risk of excess scar tissue.

So what is moderate use? You ‘d better control your wear time based on your body sensations. It is also recommended to avoid tightening the binder, as causing injury may appear or making it hard for you to breathe.

Improved Mobility with Compression Girdles

Being mobile and having to do chores around the house and even go back to work comfortably is vital for new mothers today. With the help of compression girdles, they can go back to their lives with more purpose because of the birth of their new child and their capacity to work again. They feel more confident to move around because they feel secure in their girdles.

When you regularly move after your pregnancy, it becomes a form of exercise. Walking is more comfortable while wearing a compression girdle. It improves blood circulation and reduces stress for new mothers. When you incorporate the right diet and the proper lifestyle in your recovery period, you are more likely to bounce back better than ever after giving birth. You are more inclined to have energy and time to pursue your purpose in life, but it ‘s important to remember that it ‘s not healthy to rush off your postpartum weight. It’s a matter of having the right physical support to enhance your mental outlook as well.

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