Waist Training Before & After Examples

If you do waist training correctly, this is the best way to get an hourglass figure and shape your waist because this is safe as well as effective. You can take a look at the set of stories and pictures from women of all sizes and shapes that are using different corsets to train their waist.

You can refer to their waist training experience, but please note that not all of these results are typical-some may turn out faster and further than you ‘ll ever know -so to examine your circumstances is essential. Remember to talk to a trusted health professional before you implement corset training and monitor your health throughout the process.

Blair C.

1-year Waist Training

Blair says: Knowing how to twist more has undoubtedly been the most terrible element of waist training. Just after a few months of wearing my corset for more than 9 hours, I observed a change in the shape of my body. And after six months, I saw a shrink in my waist fat, or I could say that boost in my hourglass shape. Within ten months, I have perfect hourglass waist out of my fantastic corset.

Avoid overeating while wearing corset was a fantastic transform for me too as the pressure exerted by the waist trainer can limit the amount of food consumed. I changed my meals to many small foods throughout the day. I have reduced about 14lbs, and I am delighted now.

Jessica A.

5-months Waist Training

Jessica says: I used to wear my corset during the whole day as I want the perfect shape of my waist. I also wear it at my work, or I can say that approximately 45 hours of a week.

I know that ultimate results come from intense practice, and that right results come from gradual progress, so I make this tighter when I am able to snap this without enticing in so, around every further week.

Marisa G.

3-months Waist Training

Marisa says: I m pregnant at present, but my corset help maintain my shape well formerly when I stopped for pregnancy. Don’t you know you can continue waist training when you ‘re pregnant? Actually, not only the garment can make you look smooth and beautiful, but it also will not affect the freedom of belly expansion. However, it is advisable to ask your doctor again for a second opinion.

Usually, I did this for about three months also just for six hours a day and not above eight hours. I did only basic exercises such as leg lifts, squats, and planks, plus healthy eating habits. My outcomes were possibly the lowest but really perceptible and valued this.

Kendall S.

4-months Waist Training

Kendall says: I have worn my corset for a number of years, but I did not obtain severe results of waist training till around six months before. Perhaps it’s so-called “to rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength.”

I used to put my corset for eight to sixteen hours a day and also at the sleeping time in three nights a week. My aspiration is a 25-inch waist. If you believe persistence is victory, then train your waist size with me.

Britney B.

3.5-months Waist Training

Bree says: I ‘m still a rookie in waist training. I began wearing my corset for four hours of a day during the initial month of waist training. For the previous a few couples of months, I have also been started wearing my corset while sleeping.

This took approximately three months prior to I could genuinely observe some transformations in posture. I will keep on trying and hope that everything will come as I want it to be.

Vanness S.

6-months Waist Training

Jessica says: At first, I did not have a strong desire for hourglass waist but doing a sitting job my corset helped me maintain right pose during the day. I have genuinely put on about 15 pounds while I began and a lacing tighter as compared to I could prior to I started, and have kept the same measurements which I had earlier than I started.

But three months later, I saw the opposite effect, and it was a surprise for me. I’m confident of getting the hourglass waist. Now, I am quite hooked.

Eryn S.

2-years Waist Training

Eryn says: What suits you is the best. I have lost approximately 8” uncorseted and made use of 3 different sizes corsets. Today, I am 18” corset. I love to wear the corset and to watch my waist shrink, this actually works.

Agnes N.

8-months Waist Training

Agnes says: When I got my corset for the first time, I could hardly tighten up its strings. This is an 18” corset. After just a number of weeks, I was capable of tightening this more. I was weighed approximately 160 pounds. Today, my weight is between 147 and 152 pounds.

Now, I am capable of locking my corset but not reasonably. I wish I will obtain this very soon, but still, I cannot wait. My corset offers me with the confidence, encouragement to eat better, self-esteem and exercise! I really love this!

Carley J.

1-year Waist Training

Carley says: I used to wear my corset daily for some months. I had to obtain this adjusted. I saw that this facilitates with my figure because I suffer from Sciatica. In addition to this, I also experienced that I eat fewer as there is scope for my tummy to increase.

This has been about a year since I began my corset training. Now, I have noticed my corset slightly big as I reduced inches off my waist. Now, I just wear this daily and at home or when I am going to anywhere for an extensive time span. It’s very comfortable and convenient.

Anna E.

1-year Waist Training

Anna says: I began my corset training approximately a year ago. At that time, I was about 30″ waist, and I also had many issues with love handles. Occasionally I came to know about waist training from my classmate, and then a new life begins.

I use to wear my corset daily from morning till I go to sleep. I love the silhouette this provides me. I was capable of working and running around the school while wearing this, but this is not used while exercising as you will damage the corset. I can say that the more time you put on this, the better the outcomes you can get. You have to keep the dedication and patience as you know that actual results do not happen overnight. Until now I have reduced approximately 7 inches. I am at 23 inches waist and putting on a 20″ corset.

Siddeeqah S.

4-months Waist Training

Siddeeqah says: Four months ago, my waist training process begins with wearing an underslip, lacking this up and captivating images. Then I wore a corset for 20 hours a day. My outcomes came faster than I considered they would. Now, I’m happy that finally, I am starting to watch a waist on me.


2-months Waist Training

Ashley says: I am just at the starting of my waist training, but I am happy with the results showing on the second image, which is so excellent for two months of training. I will stick to it, and I look forward to watching where this takes me!

Nancy I.

1-year Waist Training

Nancy says: The waist trainer was born for me. In the starting days of my waist training, sleeping with wearing my corset was natural. Performing this alternate night by now made me feel same as I get an improved posture.

After some months wearing my corset daily, even for some hours and looking at my diet little bit, I noticed admirable outcomes. I speedily closed my corset! Today, I wear this every time for maintaining my hourglass shape, and it does have a fat-reducing effect.

Janet K.

2-years Waist Training

Jessica says: I use to put on my corset for 4 to 5 times a week as this becomes very hot in LA. I have experienced noteworthy transform in my back, I have reduced my weight, and I also have had reduced fat on my back part. Now, my waist has a perfect hourglass shape, and the waist trainer has become a part of my life.

Stephanie J.

2-years Waist Training

Stephanie says: I have reduced lots of my muffin top and tummy by my lovely waist trainer. But still, I use to eat right and exercise daily because I firmly believe that their union can produce excellent results.

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