What People have to Say about Waist Training?

China is renowned for foot binding, Burma for neck rings and here, at America you will find corsets. Waist training has returned to what it was years ago that is if you wear it for a very long time then your body will still maintain the slim and curvy figure to which it was trained even in the absence of the corset. If you are getting intrested, it's worth reading the before and after results of wasit training to get a more visualized view. 

What is corset

Corsets are basically spectacular garments for women to enhance their seductive form and or to create a fashion statement for the fans of “game of thrones”. This is popular as the strategy in which you will be able to lose weight and attain the attractive hourglass figure.

It was openly accepted by kim Kardashian that she was obsessed with waist training. It was also said that Jessica Alba started wearing double corset for the whole day for various months so that she could lose weight after her delivery.

How exactly corset training works

Now we are going to discuss why we should believe that confining your torso into ideal size proportions can really increase your weight loss speed and alter your body shape permanently. According to Andrew Miller who is a surgeon in Plastic Surgery in New York and New Jersey, corset training doesn’t help in elimination of fat cells. Now, don’t just get disappointed now, he also added that even though it is clear that these medieval clothing won’t alter your body size, they do help you to get slim. When you wear a corset for the whole day, you prevent your stomach from growing bigger as when you eat food, you feel full quickly and thus the amount you will eat gets limited. So, indirectly you follow a corset diet which will make you lose weight. But we can get the same effect from various other ways like practicing self control on the amount of food you want to eat.

Dr. Caroline Apovian who is the professor of medicine at the university School of medicine and a spokesperson for the obesity society which is a professional society formed by the researchers on obesity has also given the same views. She has also supported the fact that there is not even a single reason to believe that the body shape which you will get after you wear the corset will be the same even when you take off your corset. It is just temporary and you can even think of wearing just a spanx. There is no research done on the positive effect of corset for weight loss so far. In one study, it was found out that if you wear a corset regularly for 12 to 16 hours a day for some months then it will help you to lose weight because of the low-calorie diet. The people who were part of the study shared their experiences how uncomfortable the corsets were and a large number of them stopped wearing them so that no visible changes could be detected by the researchers.

Side effects of waist training

Waist training can also have a lot of negative effects. According to Apovian, if you are wearing the corset and eat too much then there are high chances that you will be forced to throw up. The blogger for yahoo shine also tried the corset for a week and even she had to say something similar that she felt like she will vomit soon after she ate Thai noodle for lunch.

Apovian says that her main concern is that this could lead to bulimia in people who are following corset training. So far she doesn’t know any patient who developed it after waist training.

Dr. Amy Elizabeth Rothberg who is the assistant professor of internal medicine at university of Michigan has said that “Waist training can also lead to heart burn as the extreme pressure that occurs over the abdomen can lead to the rise in the diaphragm and pressure on the esophageal sphincter which may result in acid reflux.” She also said that the people who have excess fat in their stomach area are more prone to heartburn because of the pressure that they get on their abdomen.

Points to remember

Even after all these concerns, Miller said that if one wears corset in moderation then it won’t lead to any serious problem. All you need to remember is that you just don’t buy it from any store and get one that is as tight as possible; instead it should fit you properly.

You may take help from the salesperson present in the store as he or she has the experience of measuring size for undergarments.

According to Miller, you should take off your corset when you will start to feel that doing regular movements is difficult due to its restriction on your body. It should be firm but should be bearable enough. If you also suffer problems while taking breaths then you should loosen the corset as the problem as the prolonged problem of shallow breathing can lead to pneumonia or any other lung infections.

Is it unpleasant to wear the corset now or in the medieval times? To answer this Miller said that at that time it was more unpleasant as the material was rougher which used to cut into your skin and they are comparatively snugger fitted now. There was no concern for things to be medically safe for people back then.

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